[KOSÉ Special] Whitening: It's more than a good sunscreen

Friday, March 29, 2013

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Hi everyone! It's TGI-FRIDAYYYY again! :)

This week, we are back to talking about whitening and brightening. Two weeks ago, I introduced all of you ladies KOSE's latest whitening product, the INFINITY KOSE.

There was also a giveaway up on KOSE Singapore's Facebook page. Have you redeemed your own miniature Deep Protection UV? If you haven't, quickly go redeem because there's really not much left since two weeks ago!

A fortnight ago, I also talked about Kojic Acid, the active ingredient in the INFINITY KOSE range. If you don't remember..... go read the post again!

Ok, ok. Here's a short recap: Kojic Acid is a natural ingredient produced by koji when used in making Japanese sake, soy sauce and miso paste. As compared to other whitening ingredients (like Vitamin C, for example), Kojic Acid is really tiny, so it is able to penetrate into a skin more easily and quickly - hence its efficacy.

Moving on, I'd like to talk about what the INFINITY KOSE can do, apart from whitening.

Do you know that moisturizing plays a very huge part in whitening? Most of us give the credit to a really efficient sunscreen but using a good moisturizer also helps!

You see, on the surface, dry skin itself will look significantly darker as compared to a well-moisturized skin. Don't believe me? Go moisturize your skin, you will see that it will become brighter and fairer almost instantaneously.

You're welcome. :p

Apart from that, dehydrated skin gets sunburnt (or get tanned) more easily. So if you're always out there in the sun, running errands, you'd be sure that a well moisturized skin will be more sun-proof!

The INFINITY KOSE Lotion XX contains this particular Cassis extract that contains a good balance of vitamins and minerals. It gives the Lotion XX an edge over other types of moisturizers exactly because of this wonderful extract.

How it works

Cassis has a superb ability to hold water. When it is compounded into the Lotion XX, it enhances the moisturizing effect and saturates the skin with all the needed moisture. With a good amount of hydration in the skin, Kojic Acid can also work at its prime, achieving the whitening effect we all want.

How to apply

After washing my face thoroughly (sometimes after a wonderful scrub!), I will pump about 2 times into my palm and then pat gently into my skin.

You can also choose to pump it on a piece of cotton pad, but do ensure that the cotton pads you use don't bleed little cotton strands or your whole face will turn furry, hahaha!

I think this Lotion XX smells really good - it is not a strong smell, but something very gentle and soothing and it makes me all ready to jump into bed after my skincare routine, hehe!

In my next entry, I will tell you more about the other amazing uses INFINITY KOSE also give. I'll be going into the Realizing White Serum XX more so do stay tuned!

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