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Monday, March 11, 2013

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One of the many things I'd love to seriously learn.

I started singing when I was probably... 5 years old? It wasn't a glam entrance into singing though, because I was a bathroom singer. Hehehe.

Moving on as I grow up, I became a car singer - singing in Papa Chan's car to all the Hokkien songs he played on his stereo. Then in poly, I became a KTV singer.

Sorry, not the kind where I was paid to sing, but rather, I pay to stay in a sound-proof room to sing lolol. Of course, singing in the KTV is easy for me. Limited audiences (not so paiseh), fantastic sound system (just increase echo and base lol) and most importantly, the lyrics are right there for me to refer to whenever I forget!

Subsequently, after I started doing freelance emcee, I had the opportunity to sing as well. For the first time ever, I was being paid to sing and didn't get thrown rotten eggs! That was when I know that I truly enjoy singing my lungs out because the exhileration when I hold the microphone, singing to the crowd and getting their applause after that... it is really pretty amazing.

Unlike many bloggers, I've never recorded any covers on YouTube because

1. I don't have a microphone that links to the computer. Heck, I don't even own a microphone wtf.
2. I think I don't look very nice singing into a videocam lolol.

Long story short, because I've never really expressed my ability (or interest) to sing on my blog, I am both surprised and humbled that Ocean Butterflies (海蝶音乐) approached me to be one of their Vocal Ambassadors.

If you don't already know, Ocean Butterflies is a really, really, really influential training school that teaches singing and dancing. They are the ones who nurtured singers such as Kit Chan, Ah-Du and Lin Jun Jie, just to name a few.... and they are willing to teach me to sing. Oh. My. God.

Apart from that, I'm also in the league with a couple of other famous bloggers like Henrey Low (I think people remember him better as the recruit who lost half of his gun from Ah Boys To Men 2), Rachell Tan (pxdkitty), Fenny, Mint and Silver (all of them sing extremely well)... I'm probably the only unknown blogger/singer there lol wtf.

So I think after such a lengthy explanation, you guys can understand my feelings now right or not!


After my butterflies (no pun intended) settled in my stomach, I am now ready to rock the lessons. I've always wanted to learn singing and now I've got it. Now it is up to me to grab the opportunity and werk it!

This is my instructor. Actually, he is supposed to be a very famous song writer but because I'm so not "in-the-scene", I didn't know who he is initially. :x

If you don't know him as well, don't worry! His name is Liu Zhi Wen and I call him by Zhi Wen Lao Shi (志文老师) cuz that's what everybody calls him lol. Some of the popular songs that he has written are:

1. 那英 - 一笑而过
2.  蔡依林 - 感觉你的存在
3. 孙燕姿 - 不是真的爱我
4. 容祖儿 - 等不及爱上你

Ever heard of all these songs? Actually... I haven't also HAHAHAHA. Now you know how out-of-the-scene I am! So as I'm typing my experience of my first vocal lesson with Zhi Wen Lao Shi, I'm listening to them one by one. :)

The first lesson
It was more of a get-to-know one another session... after asking several questions about our singing/music background, he then checked for our pitch accuracy, which involves a lot of singing do-re-mi-fa-so-so-so-fa-mi-re-do in different ways.

I also learned how to use various parts of my body to achieve the correct sound. Ok, this one is quite hard to explain but basically, singing involves the making of sounds from the:

- Pubes (wtf I know it sounds wrong but this is known as 丹田 - commonly mistaken as the diaphragm, but it is waaaaay lower than that)

- Throat (喉音; not recommended unless you're singing rock / hard metal songs)

- Chest (胸腔音;singers like Anita Mui uses the chest voice very often)

- Mouth (口腔音; usually for acoustics singing)

- Nose (鼻音; very common among amateur singers, which makes your voice very flat sounding)

- Head (头音; quite hard to explain this but you're supposed to push your voice past your nose such that you end off in a rounder tone lol)

I never knew I could make voices coming from all these parts of my body this way. I could even bring my voice up... and OUT. Like all of a sudden, I've got some supernatural voice power or something!

We also did an individual photo shoot!
I am super looking forward to the next lesson cuz Zhi Wen Lao Shi got us to prepare a song each to sing it to him. I'm not so excited about my own singing but I'd love to hear the rest of my classmates!

Talking about that, I still don't know what song to choose yet! I think I'll most likely go for something heartbreaking (sad songs easier to sing cuz slower right)... Like maybe Elva Hsiao's 最熟悉的陌生人 cuz it is super sad and emo and all. What do you think?

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  1. 最熟悉的陌生人 is my must-sing at ktv!! anyway looking greeeaaat in your photoshoot!! really great! sometimes i hope i blog like u guys n get some free lessons as well XD jiayou!

    1. Hehehe im sure you can one, just publicize your blog more!! As for the song, Elva has a really deep voice so it is quite hard for me to reach at the front part!

      Maybe i will sing something simple. 唱多错多 LOL

  2. Looking forward to hearing ur singing!


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