[Ocean Butterflies Special] Singing, Lesson 2!

Monday, March 25, 2013

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My classmates and teacher say hiiiii!!~~~
This is actually a back-dated photo from our first lesson but I never got around posting it until I 'stole' it from Mint.

Moving forward from my first lesson, Zhi Wen Lao Shi got us all to go back and practice a song that we like - I wanted to sing 最熟悉的陌生人 one, but the starting part was too low for me and I don't think I can reach, so that was out.

Since I'm not super familiar with the recent Chinese songs, I have to rely a lot on the much older songs, and I ended up singing 刘若英's后来. Then after seriously sitting down and think very hard what songs I like, I got a bit regret la cuz now I really want to sing 张惠妹's 原来你什么都不想要 wtf. -__-

But that's okay, I will just master this song, and then move on to the next. We have 18 lessons so I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities to learn new songs!

Talking about classes and singing.... I've actually recorded a video for all of you. It consists of a typical singing lesson we all go through, which very much begins with some warm-up:

We have a mirror which we will all face to observe our mouth movements and then we will start singing various pitches. Then we will have a very short pitch test (which I didn't do well lol - watch the vid!) and then finally me singing.

It's my first time singing in front of a teacher so it was extremely terrifying! Some of my friends find it bewildered why I can sing in front of a crowd but sing in front of teacher I freak out -__-

Well.... that's cuz I usually don't look at the crowd and sing. I kinda transport myself into my toilet, since I started my singing career there.

Besides, Zhi Wen Lao Shi has very sharp ears so the moment I 'zao siah' (go out of tune), I know he confirm can catch me one, which makes me even MORE nervous, then I 'zao siah' even more fml.

Anyway, I don't say so much already. Leaving you with a video with my humble singing - first time ever on my blog I think!

Please don't die on me ok? I want to upload more singing videos as I get better. :)

If there are any songs you'd like me to learn...... you all can leave a comment, I will try ba! We will have opportunities to learn duets as well so if there are any you can recommend me, I'd be super grateful! ^^

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  1. love your singing dear <3 kinda sweet husky voice hehe :P


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