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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This is not a sponsored review.

When Dylan was younger, I am always in a dilemma as to what kind of diapers I should give the little boo. So far, 7 months into motherhood, Dylan has already went through a couple of brands but to be honest, it is really hard to find something that is cheap and good.

On average, Dylan uses about 6 diapers a day. If each diaper costs $0.30, he will use up $1.80/day. That works up to $54/mth. It is not too much, but we would try to cap at this amount to keep our expenditures within control lol.

Here are some brands that we have tried! Thought of sharing with my readers since many of us are already mummies, or mummies-to-be. :)

1. Huggies

We started using Huggies for Dylan because our hospital uses Huggies diapers for the newborn children. For the first month, Huggies worked pretty well for us - Dylan didn't develop any rashes on his bum, and there were no leaks as well. However, we dropped Huggies when he turned 2 months because the diapers were too short for Dy at the back, so Dylan always stained his clothes whenever he pooed.

Absorption is pretty average.

It costs about $7 per pack of 24 pieces, which works out to about $0.29 per piece. It is one of the few in the market that costs less than $0.30/pc.

Pros: No rashes, not too expensive
Cons: Too short at the back, absorption cannot last through the night.

2. Drypers

The one good thing I like about Drypers is that the sticky tape that holds the diapers are kinda different from the rest that we've tried. It is really quiet and therefore doesn't startle Dylan when I check his diapers when he is asleep. Dy has quite sturdy skin so thankfully, he doesn't develop rashes for this brand too. I've read that quite a bit of babies suffer from rashes when they use Drypers.

The only downside is that the sides can bite into a baby's bottom, and somehow doesn't really able to withstand huge movement. Dy experiences quite a bit of leak for this diaper.

Costing $17.65 for 80 pieces, it works out to about $0.22 per piece. It is definitely one of the cheapest in the market. Good to use it as a daytime diaper, so Nian and I may be swapping him back with this soon.

Pros: Cheap and quiet
Cons: Leaks frequently

3. Mamy Poko

Subesequently, we moved on to using Mamy Poko because most mummies gave very good reviews about this brand. They were right, of course! Mamy Poko absorbs very well and fits Dylan well too. But.... it costs $23.90 for 66 pieces. Works out to about $0.36 per piece. Most expensive in the market.

Pros: Very absorbent and very comfortable, no rashes
Cons: Very expensive

4. Babylove

Finally, we settled on Babylove. We chanced upon this brand when we were shopping in Tesco in JB. Nian happened to have read some reviews on this and some mummies actually said that Babylove is as good as Mamy Poko!

Thinking that it is a much cheaper alternative, we decided to give it a shot.

And.... we are buying our 8th bag of Babylove already. The absorption is really very good. I would have to change him in the middle of the night so that Dy's wee-wee will not leak out for most of the other brands (apart from Mamy Poko). With Babylove, I'm happy that he can last 12 hours of sleep without changing diapers! *clap clap*

Babylove costs RM54 for 66 pieces, which works out to about $0.32 per piece. Sometimes, there are also sales, which makes it cost below $0.30/pc. Omg happy!

Pros: Absorbent and affordable
Cons: Not easily available in Singapore. Have to travel into JB to buy. The only place I saw that retails in SG is the CK Department Store. If you don't travel to the North often, you can check that place out. :)


I hope this little review is helpful for mummies and mummies-to-be. Are there any other diaper brands that you think it is good and we should try?

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  1. can try Petpet. one of the cheapest one. as absorbent as huggies and bigger cutting than huggies. so far i think huggies has the smallest cut among all diapers. Goon is not bad too. can buy it at good price on gmarket.

  2. I tried Huggies and it's actually ok. Somehow I think BabyLove is more expensive than Mami Poko here but I love BabyLove after you told me to try it few months back. Try Diapex! Not bad, esp the premium ones.


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