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Monday, March 18, 2013

Last week, both Nian and I took some time off work to spend some time together. It was actually more for taking care of Dylan, who caught a flu from his classmate from the infant care (again).

Sigh. That's the thing about putting a little baby in infant care. When one of them falls sick, the others will soon catch it and everyone else is down.

These few months have been pretty tough for this little bundle of sunshine - first he fell sick in January with a raging fever and we had to send him to KKH in the middle of the night, then he had some food allergies and developed hives in February, and now the flu is back again in March -___-

Taking care of Dylan isn't really difficult. Even though he is unwell and whiny and wants a cuddle or two every other minute, I'm totally okay with it. What the hell, I LOVE cuddling him even when he is well.

The difficult part is seeing him uncomfortable but can't do anything to relieve him. Meh, that sucks.

Anyway, after Dy got slightly better, we decided to sneak away ourselves to catch a movie... cuz we had a pair of free movie tickets and it was expiring that very day. Thought we shouldn't waste it!

Second movie of the year after Jack Reacher. Nian thinks that the movie is really good but I think it kind of lack some depth. It's kinda like the viewers are supposed to already know what Oz is, even though it has no link to Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow nor the Cowardly Lion.

In the movie, Oz (short for Osborne) was blown by a hurricane from Kansas to Oz and bumped into Theodora, which reminded me of one of the chipmunks from Alvin and the Chipmunks wtf.

Theodora thinks that Oz is the greatest wizard ever, and after spending a romantic night with him, she became this crazy, psychotic "girlfriend" of Oz. Which of course, Oz, the womanizer, was completely shocked by her reaction.

After which, Oz is sent by Evanora (who pretended to be good) to kill off Glinda, the Good Witch.... only to have Oz realize that he almost killed the wrong person. Then by some smooth talking, Theodora got convinced by her evil sister, Evanora, that Glinda had successfully 'seduced' her man with her good looks.

Out of anger and wanted a revenge because she felt so cheated (over a one-day relationship wtf - this totally didn't make sense), she ate a green apple ala Snow White.

Except that instead of falling into a deep sleep, Theodora got transformed into an even more wicked witch lolol.

I didn't understand why Theodora had some weird magical powers which somehow gets triggered by her anger or heartache. Like when she was really upset and cried, the tears were acidic and it burned her cheeks wtf. Maybe she is truly evil in her but she tries to oppress it? Wish the movie had explained more here.

So... I'd say that the storyline is really kinda stupid lol. HOWEVER, I really love the characters in there! I think Theodora acted really well as a heartless green witch, so full of vengence. I also love the China Doll whom Oz saved.

Quite cute to see a porcelain girl able to walk and talk. Most dolls are just... plasticky, right?

There were also flying monkeys, particularly Finley (watch out for him if you're gonna catch this show!), because he is so damn funny. I also like Knuck, a grumpy city herald.

Our short 2-hour date is completed with my favourite piping hot bowl of Tom Yum Crispy Noodles + grass jelly longan.

This is really my kind of perfect, except Dylan being sick, which is quite a bummer. But well! It still makes me very happy and contented. And Dy has already recovered as you read so.. yay! :)

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