[KOSÉ Special] Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the fairest of them all?

Friday, March 15, 2013

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If you've been following my blog, you will realize that I've been talking a lot about anti-ageing recently. Well, moving on to our next topic (that is also closely related to defying age), I will be talking about achieving fair skin for this whole month.

There will also be 1,000 pieces of INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV miniatures to give away to all my readers! More details at the end of this post so read on, okie?

Why fair skin?

Since young, I've always been the girl with dark skin. Being tanned naturally has its advantages, of course. I look sportier than most of my female friends even though we play the same sports and being dark makes me look skinnier. Really.

However, with tanned skin comes something else - sun spots and freckles. These are areas where melanin, a pigmentation produced by our body, congregate and have a party.

Not to say, since three years ago, the quest to aquire fair skin was so popular, even celebrities like Nicola Roberts, ditched her usual fake tan to appear in her au naturale fair skin.

You see, being fair skin has its perks too. For one, having fair skin is the most ideal canvas for make up. Do you know that you can take almost any eye shadow / lip colours if you're fair skinned?

Krysten Ritter rocking coral lip colour and some gray hues for eyeshadows (picture source)

Krysten Ritter rockin' in a darker red lip colour

You can also take any hair colours if you're fair!

Hmm what else? How about that it is proven that men prefer lighter skin ladies?

"Researchers have found that men are subconsciously attracted to fairer skin due to its association with purity, innocence, modesty and goodness, while women feel that darker complexions are associated with sex, virility and danger."

Thank you. I am associated with danger, LOL.

With all these additional perks of being fair, you can safely wave your tanned skin goodbye. No more staying in the sun and getting all dark, because sun rays are definitely not helpful in keeping you young and wrinkle-free.

As for naturally dark-skinned people like us, I've already embraced the fact that I am dark and I will not go on extreme measures to be fair. Instead, I will aim to achieve a flawless, glowy tanned skin.

How? I'm gonna eradicate all the sun spots and freckles for a start!

Thanks to KOSÉ Singapore, I've been trying out their latest addition of their INFINITY KOSÉ range, the Realizing White Serum XX and Realizing White Lotion XX.

I've also labelled them 1, 2 and 3, indicating the sequence of usage. Realizing White XX is an existing product launched in 2011.

What's so special about the INFINITY KOSÉ range is that it makes use of the power of Kojic Acid. Kojic Acid is the acid found inside "koji", which is used when creating Japanese sake, soy sauce and miso paste.

The ladies who were working in these fermentation factories are often spotted with fair, young hands that do not reflect their actual age at all. After much investigation, they realized that it was because of their exposure to Kojic Acid day in and day out that they are blessed with such beautiful looking pair of hands! 

Retailing at $148 | Purchase this and enjoy any of the other INFINITY KOSÉ products at 15% off

As mentioned earlier, this INFINITY KOSÉ Realizing White XX was launched earlier in 2011. This product was a super sell-out because of its ability to target-lock dark spots and lighten them effectively.

They call this "Point" whitening, where the Kojic Acid works directly on the melanocytes to prevent them from generating any more melanin from the root - thoroughly stamping out dark spots!

Both White Lotion XX and White Serum XX retails at $99 (limited period 10% introductory discount, usual price $110)

In 2013, KOSÉ has launched the White Lotion XX and White Serum XX. Instead of Point Whitening, these two products are capable of SURFACE Whitening so that your skin will look more glowy and fair overall.

Both of these products contains Oleic acid derivative that will create a passage for the Kojic Acid to work on. Similarly, the Kojic Acid will inhibit the production of melanin, thoroughly stamping out the formation of any sun spots of freckles from deep within.

Apart from that, the White Lotion XX also acts as a moisturizer as it contains a cholestrol derivative that is excellent in holding and retaining moisture, therefore continuously saturating the inner epidemis with plenty of hydration.

Finally, seal off your skincare regime with the White Serum XX. With its ability to seal up the gaps between skin cells, you can be sure that moisture will be trapped in the skin without being dried out over time.

Finally, after erasing all the sun's damage, it is now for prevention.

Retailing at $49 (Introductory 10% discount, usual price $54)

In my previous posts about sunblock, I've mentioned before about the presence of three different UV rays: UVA, UVB and UVC.

UVC has the shortest wavelength, so it is very often blocked out by our ozone layer.

As for UVB, because of its medium wavelength, it is able to penetrate through to our epidermis layer. It is the culprit for sunburns and premature ageing.

Finally, for UVA, it has the strongest penetrative power and the most lethal because it can penetrate through the epidermis layer to deep within our dermis. This, is the culprit to skin cancer, ladies.

The INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV has a very high SPF50+, which is able to protect you for the entire day, and more.

(How to calculate: 20 minutes x SPF 50 = 1000 mins = 16 hours of sun exposure)

As for UVA, it largely depends on the number of + on the PA. With a 4 PA rating, I can safely tell you that this is the only sunscreen I have that has a 4 PA rating so it does not only protect you from UVB, it also protects you from the harmful UVA very, very well.


Now that you've read alllll the way (thank you!), here are the details of the giveaway:

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Only 1,000 pieces up for grabs so hurry as it starts today! (You will also automatically qualify for a lucky draw to win $250 KOSÉ hamper!)

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