Foto Friday 16

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello! Two weeks without an FF, how are you guys? :D

Well, this week has been a little tough for both Dylan and myself because Nian has been posted overseas for work for the next few weeks and the both of us miss him so much. :'(

Good thing is that we will be visiting him at his last week, so it will be our first vacay as a family. Stressed cuz I'll be flying alone with Dy and Nian will be meeting us there. Dunno whether the little one will have ears blocked or what also... but fingers crossed tight that everything will be smooth-sailing and well!


Starting off this week's Foto Friday with another set of TinyTiles! It wasn't any special occasion but after receiving my set of TinyTiles and loving it so much, I decided that my god-sis should get a set as well so here it is! (I paid for this set of TinyTiles btw so this isn't an advertorial yeah.)

Loads of my readers have also bought their own sets and dropped me messages that they love their TinyTiles so if you haven't got yours, you should, because it makes such a splendid gift!


This was taken in my third week back in the gym. Body pumping class is slowly getting more manageable after 3 weeks of pure torture. I still stopped before my sets are completed but at least I didn't feel like dying like my first week back!

Haven't got down to running yet though.. looks like I have to really allocate some time to hit the roads. My husband just signed me up for my first race for this year wtf. He said last year I was prego so I was excused but this year, he said that we will take turns to take care of Dylan while we race together omg wtf.


Offset my exercises with some Raisin Muffins. Nian bought me this really huuuuge box of raisins to chomp on but no matter how much I eat, there is still so much left so I made some raisin muffins with it to share the love, hehe.

It wasn't too bad, but I think it is a little too dense in the middle, but since it is just for the two of us, I guess it doesn't really matter, does it? :D


Had lunch at Breeks when Nian was still in SG cuz I won $20 voucher from some contests lol. Unfortunately, the only food that I thought was not too bad was the brownie and ice-cream. The rest were just mediocre.


It was Dy's first time ever sitting on a baby seat since he learned how to sit properly a few weeks back. It was such a havoc, my god!

This little boy was basically stretching out to reach for anything that interests him, which includes the bright mango drink (uh-huh. Yellow, green and red? IRRESISTABLE!), the blue glass of iced water, sugar sachets and my stachel.

Did I also mention that he has learned how to ask for food recently too? Even though we try to speak proper adult language in front of him, he has developed saying "mum mum" for wanting food.

Dunno who he learned it from also, but every time he wants something off our plates, he would go, "Mamama MUM MUM AHHHHHHH MUUUUUM!!!!!"

Yes, screaming at the top of his lungs and waving his hands wildly about when I am one beat slower at giving him a piece of bread or some bits of rice.

Really 又好气又好笑 - dunno whether to laugh or be angry at him -__- He has also been calling both Nian and I Mama and Bababa but little boy uses it interchangeably.

It doesn't really bother him that I'm Mama and not Baba lol.


Dylan has his first white cap grown overnight as he turned 7 months 2 weeks ago and the second one on the left is following very swiftly! He used to swallow whatever solids that was given to him but now, he is mastering the art of chomping down his food.

And sometimes, breastfeeding him can be a war. I had to stop him, scold him and starve him a little whenever he gets overly enthusiastic and chomps down on my nipple. Too much info but it is seriously painful. Not funny!


Yes, these days, you see Dylan with me everywhere. We've been spending quite a bit of time together since Nian is away so the two of us are super-buddies now!

Thanks to KOSÉ, I am proud to be one of the eight bloggers for their latest INFINITY KOSÉ products and this is Dylan with me for his first ever bloggers' briefing! Kudos to the little man for being able to stay so quiet and well-behaved throughout the entire hour. Everyone was impressed with him, myself included.

I'm so, so proud of him. ^^

Oh yes, do check out the rest of the KOSÉ bloggers blog as well!

Smith says I'm the only auntie there lor! So sad.


So auntie got another set of pedicure recently. Hehehe.

You see, the last time I did my pedicure was end January, just in time for the CNY. But I also dunno why la, the pedicure didn't last as long as I was expecting it to be. By CNY itself some of my nail colours were already chipping off omg. T__T

So by March, you can imagine how terok my pedicure was already hahahaha.

Instead of going back to my usual manicurist, I decided to try a nail parlour near my place. I think their service quite good; I had a really pleasant time there chatting with the manicurists and one of the customers and it set me back about $35 (or was it $38?).

I dunno. Is it considered expensive? I think it costs about the same as my previous manicurist leh.


Ending off today's FF with a super what-the-hell picture. I dunno what's up lah these days but one shot let me see two people shitting in public wtf.

I've no comments about the man on the right because after reading the comments off EDMW, some of them said that he is mentally unsound, which was why he was shitting by the roadside.

And yes, he was really shitting. There were eye witnesses who said that he shit quite a bit some more wtf. -__- So since maybe he is not thinking clearly, I can't really fault him for this lah.

As for the little girl on the left.................

Please lah I beg you all adults please teach your kids the correct thing can or not? Which sound minded adult will teach their kids to pangsai on the grass patch like dogs like that one!

Wa lao eh.

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  1. It was nice meeting u that day and Dylan was really good at the briefing! :) And who said you are auntie again? Me think you are a young mommy! :)

    1. Hello Joanne dear!

      Nice to hear from you here! I always read your blog but too shy to comment hahahaha. See you soon okie! <3


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