Foto Friday 15

Friday, March 01, 2013

This is possibly the shortest Foto Friday I have since I started FF lol cuz we've been busy dealing with hives lah you see.. so that basically leaves us with not much time left to do anything else. But still, we will do our best and make every moment count! :D


Ever prepared a two-person lou hei? Well...... I did this year. This is my first and only lou hei for the year and it was done one day after CNY is officially over wtf. Regardless! It was still pretty fun to be tossing stuff all over our table between Nian and I. :)


Have been keeping a suspense from Nian regarding his Valentine's Day present because it came so awfully late. -__- I ordered on the 5th of Feb and was expecting it to be mailed out in about 10 days (so that I will only be one day late), the parcel was only sent out on 20th Feb fml.

Thank goodness he didn't complain about why only he bought me a present but I didn't reciprocate. :p And I'm glad that he likes this little gift for him too! If you don't already know what is this.... it is an iPhone 5 cover, customized with photos of Nian and Dylan (and a little bit of me).

Since he loves Dylan so much, having a handphone cover filled with these happy memories must be very nice lah, I think. ^^

Besides, I've been quite into such customization thingy recently cuz that way, you can truly have something unique as a gift! Which was why I wanted a Pandora also... 5000 people can have Pandora bracelets, but mine will always be unique (& probably the prettiest in my eyes lol).


Have been sharing the story on my Instagram but I will share here again! So it goes....

One day, I wanted to buy Nian something for no reason. I just had this urge to buy him something to thank him for being so nice to me so right after work, I wandered around the shopping centre, wondering what I should get him.

I remembered he wanted a Luminox watch, so I strolled to the nearest watch shop and asked to see a couple of Luminox-es. Turns out, the one that I thought was really nice costs $540 wtf. I know right, I want to buy him something but when I heard the price I was really shocked leh!

So I put the Luminox back and looked at some other brands. Looked at Citizen and Soviet et Titus but nothing really caught my eyes (or they were out of my budget) so I decided on our faithful Casio.

The one on the left that I wanted to get for Nian costs $200, but suddenly, I caught something nice that I wanted to get for myself too (the watch on the right), and it costs $60.

It came up to $260, which was okay, within my budget but I thought it probably won't do me any harm if I were to bargain... right? #auntiemode

So bargained I did. "Any discounts ah?" I asked the salesgirl.

She took out her calculator, pressed pressed pressed, looked up and told me, "$240 for you :)"

Then I did a really long "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....."

And I ended with a "$200 can or not? :D"

She continued pressed pressed pressed again, looked up and said, "Ok lah. $200 can. Just for you ya!"

Swee lah, I love girls like these. So I took out my card and wanted to pay for it immediately. She was also very happy that I went for the deal after bargaining. Both of us were happy girls until after she packed everything for me already, I asked her....

"You do know that you're technically giving me the 2nd watch free right?"

*cricket sounds*


Wanna share with all of you about my experience in ordering cupcakes online. You see, I was introduced to Goobycakes recently and after browsing through her pictures, I must say I loooooove all her works, especially the Hello Kitty ones!

Not only that, I think she is incredibly talented to be able to make different fondant art involving Running Man, One Piece, The Avengers and many other stuff among these. After browsing through her facebook page and falling in love with her fondant art, I started following her on Instagram.

One day, she posted this:

So I was like "OMG FLASH SALES. Good chance to try out Goobycakes!" So even though it was some 40 minutes after she posted this that I saw the update, I was the first to clinch the deal. $12 for half a dozen. Okay, not too expensive I guess.

Besides, she is staying just beside my place (or so I thought, it turned out to be an awfully long detour even though it was just right beside my place) so I thought I didn't mind the walk over to pick it up. But the walk is still okay, I didn't mind at all.

I was quite happy to bring the cuppies home but when I opened it...

It looked like this.... after re-arranging the cakes and Photoshop. It kinda looks better with brighter lights and more contrast I guess, but I was so disappointed! :(

No honestly, tell me, am I being too demanding to be expecting a better packaging than something like this? Surely there can be a smaller box for a smaller quantity so that the cakes don't slide about right? Or how about those cardboard with little rings on it to hold the cupcakes?

Wa lao, business do so big surely such things are a necessity right? Wouldn't she not want her cakes to be demolished during travelling and delivery?

Sent the picture to some of my friends to be sure that I was not condemning the cakes unfairly and...

From the screenshots you can also see the cakes without photoshop. Uglier than Shrek lah seriously.

If you compare these cakes that I got with those above that I took from her Facebook, you won't believe they are made by the same person lor. :((((

Showed it to yet another friend who ordered from her before and is her returning customer.

WHY. Why issit that everyone else's cupcakes are so pretty but mine looks like crap! *cries*

After getting over how ugly my cupcakes are, I took one out and tried it. I dunno if it's my mood that has been ruined or what, but the cakes are not as "divine" as she has described in her Instagram lah. It was okay, and if you were to allow me, I think I can bake something like this too, including the ugly factor.

All I can say is that I think I've wasted 12 bucks on these cakes lah. Just like Twelve Cupcakes, I honestly wished I didn't order it. Another one that totally failed is Shiberty's cakes but I wouldn't wanna go into it because I don't have a picture to show all of you how ugly those cakes were and I can't justify how bad tasting those cakes are, until you order them yourself.

I paid $25 for those 6 cakes and I cried (yes, really teared) my way home from Simei after I opened the box. It was like... "WTF HAVE I BOUGHT."

Bottomline, I think I just have bad luck with cupcake orders lah. Like for Shiberty, so many people rave about her (I also know a lot of people complain lah but the gist is, there ARE people who like her work) and Goobycakes. All of those that I saw online were so pretty but how would I know mine will end up looking and tasting terrible, it is almost unfair!

I'm not sure if this will stop me from venturing out and try cupcakes by other bakeries but I do know that if I have an important occasion to have cakes for, I will stick to my usuals - Pine Garden, Chevy's cakes and Swirls. Sigh.


Moving off from a sad note, I'm ending today's FF with photos of yet another gym session. Having gym buddies are really useful to get you started with getting fit again, I think!

After a 16-month hiatus, I'm really working hard to get back to the gym and be fit! This is like my third session so I'm crossing my fingers that my schedule will allow me to continue on and achieve (hopefully) a sexy body hahahahaha :p

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