Dylan is 7 Months Old!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

This month marks Dylan's most significant growth physically and mentally and I'm excited to share with everyone his milestones!

1. Dylan started on his first solids!

Dylan ate very well, surprisingly! I was expecting him to make a huge mess out of everything, but he is such a joy to feed most of the time cuz he opens his mouth really wide, engulfs the teaspoon in a mouthful and swipe the porridge clean.

He is also very adventurous in tasting different flavours. So far, we've given him a wide variety of food - tofu, bread, corn, potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, spinach, fish and pork in these past 4 weeks. However, also because of this wide variety, Dylan developed hives this month. Poor boy.

2. Dylan starts his first crawl

Nian says this isn't really considered as a crawl, but this little boy has somehow devised a little moving method to get him to move from one place to another... mainly to get his toys and towards Nian and I so that we will carry him.

It is very fun to watch him move, so we will place objects at different ends and encourage him to do a tummy crawl from one end to another.

3. He learns to stick his toungue out when he laughs

I dunno where he learned this from but it is super cheeky please! Nowadays, he starts by sticking his little tongue out and a small grin... before it erupts to a big laughter LOL.

4. He can sit by himself in his bath!

And playing with his rubber duckies while bathing is his super favourite time of the day. I kept wanting to grab hold of him, but little boy keeps waving my hands away, as if he was telling me, "Mom, chill! I can sit properly!"

长大了 hor? 翅膀硬了 hor?

5. We made him his passport!

I dunno what's up with the law these days lah, but I remembered being very happy sharing a passport with my mom cuz I won't need to worry that people will steal (or forge) my passport and kidnap me out of Singapore.

But now, all these babies have to have their own passport in order for them to travel so.... Dylan will have one too cuz WE ARE GOING OVERSEAS!

Feeling kinda stressful to bring a 7 month old baby out but I think it's gonna be mega exciting and a very, very huge milestone for Nian and I. Crossing fingers that everything is gonna be smooth and fun!

6. Dylan's teething!

Yes, after loads of false alarms, swollen gums, saliva waterfall, we finally spotted Dy's first white cap! I think he's gonna look ridiculously cute with just one little tooth at the bottom when he laughs out loud and we cannot wait to laugh at him when that happens. <3

Well, that's about it for this month.

Ending it with a little video I've compiled. We love you so much cheeky boy! (Must watch. Loads of contagious laughter inside there!)

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  1. his laughter is contagious! so cute and so loud~ and he laughs a lot! skyler doesn't laugh much, although she's very smiley. but when she laughs it's exactly like how dylan laughs when that elephant says good morning in the vid :D dylan is tummy-crawling and sitting up! good job little man! now i'm looking forward to skyler's turn ^^


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