Waving goodbye to The Age Betrayers

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sponsored post by Enavose Cellogist Neck Lift Cream

So you've been putting a lot of skincare on your face, you've probably been through some laser treatments, some chemical peels, some fillers... anything to get rid of those impending aged sun spots, crow lines and wrinkly skin.

The thing is, you may have a 25-year-old face at 35 years old, yet people are able to tell that you're not as young as you look. So who is betraying you?

Here are some parts of your body that may be revealing your age.

1. Your Knees

Let's take a look at Demi Moore.

She is 50 years old but she sure as hell doesn't look a year older than 35! But... take a look at her knees.

Oh good lord. I can't believe she had such a terrible-looking pair of knees back in 2003! Can you imagine how it would have looked like now, ten years later?

Also, I can't seem to match her beautiful, young skin to this... grandma saggy knees. I would have thought she is 60 years old if I just look at her knees alone!

How to get rid: It looks like many with saggy knees are resorting to condensed ultrasound to break up the fatty tissue that causes the skin to droop. Others use methods such as liposuction, laser treatment or infrared lights.

2. Your arms

If you follow entertainment news closely, you will realize that Madonna is well-known for her muscular arms.... but also the hideous 80-year-old hands. I think it remains as a mystery as to why this diva is willing to spend so much money on every other part of her body, but decides to have wrinkly hands. -__-

Just. Look. At. Those. Veins.


How to get rid: Most people go for small injections of hyaluronic acid to pump up the skin, making it thicker, tricking the body into producing collagen and thereby acheiving smoother skin.

and finally, 3. Your neck

Those tell-tale signs are probably the clearest on your neck because it is right under your face, which makes it an excellent side-by-side (ok, top-and-bottom) comparison!

The neck, among all other places, is also the easiest to age because it has the thinnest skin, so it is less elastic and more vulnerable to damage by UV, stretching, creasing... and of course, fat deposits that results in a double chin.

Check out Lisa Kudrow's well-preserved face as compared to her neck. It is no surprises that a skin lift in the neck area is so popular among celebrities!

How to get rid: Radiofrequency or botox.

Of course, if you're only in your 20s or 30s, you wouldn't need to go to such extreme measures to restore your neck. The gist of age-proofing your skin is to start young, start young aaaaand.... start young.

I cannot emphasize this enough!

When you start young, you wouldn't need all these expensive, invasive procedures. For example, when it comes to taking care of your neck, you can start by using affordable yet effective neck lifting cream.

Now, how many of you actually own a bottle of neck lifting cream at home?

Truthfully, I don't. Despite having 3 drawers full of skincare products and having all sorts of anti-wrinkle creams, I don't own a single bottle of neck lifting cream, at all.

It just doesn't come to my mind to buy something for my neck while doing skincare shopping, lol. So while I introduce you the idea of having a bottle of neck lifting cream to specially target the thin, fragile skin of your neck, let me show you my very first bottle of neck lifting cream.

A very big thanks to Enavose for sponsoring me my very first bottle of Neck Lift Cream! This whole anti-ageing Science is really complicated by the way. If you'd like to know how much thought has gone into this little bottle of goodness, here goes:

We all have DNA and they are made up of these little curly wurly things known as chromosomes. Chromosomes holds the key to your overall build-up: for example, down syndrome is caused by additional chromosomes. There are also hell lots of genetic problems that are usually caused by problems in the chromosomes.

Now, at the end of these chromosomes, there is a protective cap known as Telomeres. Telomere will shorten itself as we age and until this certain point, it becomes so short it is no longer able to duplicate itself. So the DNA starts to age. And when DNA age, you age as well. (like duh right lol)

So! The essence of this neck lift cream is that it helps to prolong the lifespan of these Telomeres. With a longer lifespan, cells can then maintain their usual youthful metabolism for a longer period of time and hence slows down the ageing signs.

/end of terribly complicated Science

Thankfully, applying Enavose's Neck Lift Cream is not as complicated as the science behind it. All you need to do is to apply it twice, day and night after shower.

Urm.. pardon my red neck area. Nian and I walked 5km to and fro under the afternoon sun as we headed down to the Woodlands Industrial area for really cheap steamboat goodies. Despite applying sunblock, my skin turned red under the scorching sun anyway lol.

Alike to Enavose's Black Tea Quench Mask, the Neck Lift Cream also comes in this Airless Dispenser. All you need to do is to press downwards on the dispenser to get a fixed amount of cream. This amount dispensed is actually specially measured so that it is most efficient for your skin.

Other benefits of this Airless Dispenser are the ease of use - this pressing technique allows you to work with only one hand, and by eliminating repeated dippings into the pot, it also reduces bacteria contamination.

I've been trying it for the past week and here's a before and after shot:

I've marked out some points worth comparing. Notice how the lines lighten up? :D

The Cellogist Neck Lift Cream is retailing at a special price of $69 (U.P. $99.50) at their Suntec Concept Store or Enavose Online Store. With every Neck Lift Cream purchased, you get 20% off all regular-priced items from the Cellogist range.

Enavose Cellogist Range

If you'd let me recommend, I'd suggest you to go for their Cellogist Youth Guard Cream (3rd from left, right beside the Neck Lift Cream) if you are looking at eliminating those fine lines around your eyes, or those annoying laugh lines (wtf laugh all the time also have problem -_-) near your mouth. You can also read my review here. Promotion ends 28 Feb 2013.

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