Valentine's Day Giveaway Post, Part 2!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Febuary is such a lovely month; we've got the Chinese New Year, so I think everyone is at least a couple of hundred dollars richer as we are talking now... (Nian and I are the opposite. We are giving away angbaos like Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus, haha!) and then Valentine's Day is coming tomorrow!

Another round of opportunity for gift exchange and wonderful feasts. :)

Nian has gotten me another item off my wishlist, a Pandora bracelet! I think my husband has taken it to be his aim to fulfill as many items on my wishlist as possible lol.

Initially, I was looking at their Champagne Double Leather but after consulting the sales assistant, we gathered that getting their silver bracelet makes more sense because it is able to last wear and tear longer.

I'm so excited with my new bracelet because it is fully customizable and I am intending to add some wonderful charms that depict Nian, Dylan and myself. The first charm I'm gonna get is the Leo charm cuz all three of us are Leos, hehe.

But you know among all these, what is the most priceless gift that Nian has ever given me?

His appreciation. :)

Honestly, I'm really very happy and contented right now. I may have gone through a stormy phase in my love life previously, but I am thankful that I did not give up on love.

I am also thankful that Nian is always there for me. People call him 'crazy', they wonder why he sees so much good in me when to them, I'm just a really terrible (sometimes psychotic) girl. Some laugh at him and some gossiped behind his back. It is certainly not easy to be my husband, but he never once cared about what others say or feel about me.

Sometimes when I look at myself, I honestly wonder what is so good about me that landed me with him also. Thing is, I also don't know. Maybe I've saved a burning village from fire in my previous life? LOL.

I think this is how people describe as "走狗屎运" - some dog-shit luck. It has to be luck and a bit of fate. I don't know how else it works otherwise.

This 2013, we will be together for five years. I've never been with anyone for five years. Most of the guys I've dated leave me by the 3rd month so I think they are right. Maybe Nian is indeed crazy lolol.

I don't know if we will meet anymore storms in the next few decades of my life. Of course, I definitely hope not but who are we to determine what happens in the future? Whatever happens, I know I will always think about this period of time where we are truly happy and contented with whatever we have, and are very, very in love. :)

Ok, enough about my super emo love talk. It is time for another giveaway! Thank you for taking part in my previous giveaway; response was so-so but I think it is because it is the CNY period and everyone's busy. Regardless, those who have missed the previous giveaway, do take part in this current one because there are FOUR sets up for grabs this time! :D

Set 1 consists of three ranges of My Beauty Diary masks - Apple, Red Wine and Bulgarian Rose. All of them my favourite! Decided to hold a small giveaway because Mama Chan bought so many boxes for me from Taiwan, I don't think I'll ever be able to finish using it in this entire year wtf.

Then there is again, Watsons Bird Nest Mask, and a box of fine pore towel! The fibres of the towel is really fine so it is said that it can clean out the debris stuck in the pores really well. I'd suggest you use it when you wash your face, not when you're drying it.

Set 2 contains My Beauty Diary's Black Pearl Mask that is my top favourite, and then the Watsons Bird Nest Mask and Leaders N.M.F Aquaringer and Vita Whitebeam. You can read about these two masks from my last giveaway post.

There is also Bio-Essence's Aqua BB Cream in this set, which is really good if you are looking at moisturizing your face while giving it good coverage!

Set 3 - finally something that contains Hada Labo. Even though I have soooo many Hada Labo products at home, I find it difficult to part with any of my product range! Decided to let this make-up remover go because I have a spare one. I'm also giving away a bottle of Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid lotion with this set. Just because I love all of you, my readers!

Last set for this giveaway post and probably the most expensive set because I am giving away an Estee Lauder Full Spectrum Brightening Essence! I am currently using their Brightening Moisturizer and I love how well it moisturizes - I can last through the entire day without moisturizing my face again!

There is also Leader's Mediental Healing Mask that is very good for sensitive, inflammed skin and 3D masks from Love More that will not only moisturize your tired face, it also lifts your neck as well!

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