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Monday, February 04, 2013

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So, Chinese New Year is round the corner! Have you gotten all your new apparels yet? If you haven't, fret not! I've surfed (and shopped!) around the net and compiled a list of fashion trend that is in the rage right now - wear these and I can guarantee all those aunties and uncles will tell you, "哇!真的是越来越美hor?"


Had a hard time photoshopping this photo back then cuz I was already 3-4 months pregnant and I had to make sure that I don't look prego / fat on my blog fml

You can never go wrong with a cheongsam. Afterall, it is the Chinese New Year and nothing spells more Chinese than a Chinese costume, right? I got this dress from some China website and only spent about $12 on it. I'm so gonna re-wear it this year!


 If a traditional Cheongsam is not what you're looking at wearing because it can be quite inconvenient, maybe you can settle for a cheongsam-derivative. I also have a cheongsam top that I usually pair with a pair of jeans. Very easy and convenient to sit down on the floor and gamble, but looking totally in the celebration mood!


Another design that will probably never go out of style is the mesh. Here's one of the mesh-dress I wore for Jay Chou back when he was here in Singapore for the Loud Festival. It is not very clear but I love how sheer and sexy this piece can be, yet not revealing too much of what's supposed to be kept inside. *eh-hem*

Here's another mesh piece that I saw online. I love how pretty the curved chestline is and of course, the mesh that covers the sternum area. Since peplum is still in the rage now, looks like we can see a lot of ladies wearing peplums this festive season, yes?


Floral prints are also blogshops best sellers this festive season as they not only spell festivity, they are also suitable for an ordinary day out.
Sorry, gotta make this picture ultra huge so that you can see the floral prints I am wearing lol

My favourite floral collection from Blush With Love has to be their Tricia Floral Blouse and their Aubrey Floral Dress. The unique blue-black-white combination with feminine rose blossoms adorning the colour borders somehow brings out a certain Peranakan feel in me. I think my Peranakan granny will definitely approve me wearing a casual blouse to her place!

If big, bold floral designs aren't your style, then you should check out the dainty floral designs on the Aubrey Floral Dress. 

Snake Print

Like what Ris Low will say, animal prints are the boomz. (I don't kow why I always associate animal prints to Ris, ever since I hear her pronounce zebra and zhee-bra lol).

These dangerous prints have always been a hit among Singaporean ladies. Somehow, they are able to bring out the wildness in us - something that we ladies want to exude sexily.. but subtly. (Having a leopard print bra will be totally off for me though!)

I am particularly attracted to Blush With Love's Embossed Clutch in Grey because those beautiful snake prints totally adds an edge to my otherwise plain, monotonous outfit. It also comes with a strap so it will be very useful for me to sling it over while I carry Dylan. Or for you, when your hands are full.

And of course, how apt it is since we are celebrating the year of the snake!

This Embossed Clutch is also available in Beige.

If you're looking for other wildlife prints, Blush With Love also has this beautiful Kyla Wildlife Peplum Top in our all-time favourite leopard preeeens.


Lace and crochet are probably my most favourite of the lot. If you were to look into my wardrobe, you can almost be sure that about 70% of my clothes have a certain lace/crochet element to it.

It is just very feminine and intricate and absolutely irresistable!

Had an #ootd wearing nothing but crochet from head to toe. Even crochetted shoes LOL

Green and white is probably not very suitable for the upcoming Chinese New Year but there are a lot of apparels these days with such details in many other beautiful colours. I think I may start looking out for yet another crochet top in yellow, my #2 favourite colour!


Ah... lace. Lace has been my all-time love even though it can be quite troublesome when it comes to the laundry part, yet I cannot resist the elegance it exudes; the contemporary charm that any woman will look good wearing - yes. Even with bright pink hair.

Somehow, lace and women are like diamonds and women. We are best friends forever.

I love lace so much, a majority of my dresses on my wedding day are made with them!

Who can forget my super bright happy yellow dress I wore for my ROM and tea ceremony? It is everything I look for in a dress - cheongsam collar, mesh, silk and lace. I love this to bits. Even until now, I will take my dress out and admire how beautiful the workmanship is.

And of course, my gown on my actual day. Beautiful french lace with a 1 metre long train and a mega gold sash to complete the look. Nothing but silk and lace. I loved it too.

Of course, on lesser formal days like the Chinese New Year, I also try to incorporate lace into my apparel. I'm exceptionally thankful to Blush With Love for sending me their Earlene Lace Blouson in Gold!

I wore this out on a date with Nian to JB (not really a date actually, more like grocery shopping LOL) and I absolutely love how flowy and cooling this top is on a hot, sultry day up in the north! It is also very versatile, apart from pairing it with jeans, you can also pair it with a pencil skirt and you're all ready for work.

Notice the pretty gold cuffs and the Beige Embossed Clutch the model is carrying?

Ahhhh... beautiful lace design. Such a pretty piece for the New Year, isn't it?


It seems like the biker-chic leather skirts are now back in the scene. Having seen a couple of blogshops beginning to sell these skin tight, ultra stretchy spandex faux leather skirts, I can somehow foresee ladies jazzing it up this Chinese New Year with something quite out of the ordinary red-and-bright-colours apparels.

I have the urge to land myself on a piece of these faux leather mini skirts too. I mean.. don't lace and leather be an exciting combination?


There! I hope this small insight to the on and upcoming fashion trend among local ladies can help you in making a good decision as to what to wear these few days of merry-making, gambling and feasting.

I hope you will receive loads of angbaos and eat loads of pineapple tarts and yusheng!

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