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Monday, February 11, 2013

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So today's the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year and you realized that... shit. Valentine's Day is only just three days away and you haven't really gotten any presents for your other half.

It's not your fault, of course. Afterall, we were so busy preparing for the Chinese New Year, we hardly have any time left after work for shopping already!

With that, let me introduce you a new kid on the block - TinyTiles.

What is TinyTiles?

Basically, TinyTiles are ceramic tiles with a twist - you get to print your favourite photographs on these ceramic tiles, and then they are mounted on a magnet. All of these tiles are lovingly handmade by the store owner, so you will definitely get the best because she won't send anything that looked horrendous out. :)

Remember my post on Stickygram a couple of months back? TinyTiles works just like Stickygram, except for these significant differences:

1. Apart from choosing photos from your Instagram, they also accept other photos that you wanna have it made into a magnet, but not on your Instagram.

2. They are waaaay cheaper than Stickygram!

3. Since TinyTiles is based in Singapore (unlike Stickygram, which is based in London), postage will also be much faster.

Which brings my point to it being a fabulous Valentine's Day gift because you can choose all the nice photos of you and your other half, without being restricted, plus it is affordable! And I think a customized gift definitely speaks more than a random present you buy, so to say.

Do you have a particular milestone in your life that you wish to eternalize?

For example, my set of TinyTiles revolves a whole lot around Dylan - from us being pregnant (thanks to Samson for the wonderful photo shoot!) to Dylan's first Christmas with us... and his first pictures taken in 2013.

I think my next set of TinyTiles will be revolving around our wedding - I've chosen some of our favourite photos from our ROM and Chinese wedding - absolutely cannot wait to have them converted into magnets!

I also think it is absolutely cool to give away TinyTiles as wedding favours cuz I always think magnets are a really fun gift to give away during weddings if you make it pretty and generic enough.

People can put it on their fridges to pin things up, which is very useful! But of course, if you were to print your photos on these magnets......................................

I wouldn't suggest that lah. Quite funny to give away your photos as wedding favours right!? (Unless you're Jay Chou and have many fans don't mind having your photos stuck on their walls/fridges lol)

Here's a close-up shot of one of my TinyTiles. Another thing I like about TinyTiles is the canvassy texture! This is an improved version by the way, the first batch of TinyTiles had more obvious brush lines of sealant whereas this version, the entire tile looks much more seamless.

Here's out it looks at the back - very simple magnet mounting but it is very sturdy!

The slight thickness of the tiles also creates this pop-up effect on the fridge that I really, really love.

Ok! I won't elaborate any further already because truthfully, I think you should order it for yourself to assess it. TinyTiles are available in quantities of 3, 6 or 9.

At 6 for $12 and 9 for $18, each piece works out to only $2 whereas 3 for $6.50 works out to about $2.20 per piece. Not much difference but if you were to really make it into a gift, I think giving a 6 or 9-piece set will make you look... less stingy lol.

Put them in a nice box and seal it with a ribbon (and a kiss!), and it is all ready as a gift for anyone who matters. :)

TinyTiles will be holding a mass meetup at 13 February in town for you to pick up your magnets so that you will be in time to hand these well-thought, lovingly handmade gifts to your other halves in time.

You can find out more information regarding this via TinyTile's Facebook Page. They are currently holding an Instagram contest and 8 lucky people will walk away with a TinyTile each. Despite already having 6 TinyTiles, I am officially taking part in this giveaway as well lol #gianpng

I hope this last minute V-Day post can help all of you secure an awesome gift! Have a very, very loving Valentine's Day with your other halves, friends and family. xoxo

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  1. Whoa! That's a really great idea. Great inspiration too! I'm now planning on printing family pictures onto ceramic tiles in Ottawa, then putting those tiles on my floor. I've got to say, it will definitely be a very colorful floor. Thanks for sharing!


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