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Thursday, February 21, 2013

This post features my 'brothers': Melvin, Tony, Liuyi and CCH
Since Secondary School, I have a bunch of buddies whom we try to meet up for drinks/dinner/soccer. The thing is, we always don't know where to go cuz we try not to be in town, squeezing with the crowd.

Besides, all of us (apart from Tony) stay in the North. We would rather meet somewhere in the North so that it is more convenient for all of us. As you can see, we don't really care about Tony hahahaha.

Yes, they call me their "bro" lol. Ever since we started hanging out together when we were young, we hung out as the 4 guys and a girl. But they take me as a guy, anytime.

Whatever they do, I did it as well. Play Winning 11? No problemo.

I think the only thing I couldn't do with them was serving the army! But talking about serving the Army, I was there with them... mentally. 精神上的支持 lol.

I still remembered CCH, Melvin and I woke up super early to send Liuyi into Tekong when he was the first among us to be enlisted after our Junior College. Then every time we meet up, I will always listen to their chiong-sua* stories.

In fact, I think based on the amount of things they told me, I can be considered as a NSman also lor.

Don't believe? Come test me test me.

"What is a basha stick?"

I don't know if this is the correct spelling for it, but a basha stick is used to set up tents when you're outfield!

"Where do you buy Army necessities?"

Aiyah this one is super easy please - Beach Road, Army Market. Duh!

"Do you salute a sergeant?"

Oei you only salute an ocifer hor mai siao siao!

And yes... ocifer is another name for officers in the army lol.


So back to the difficult question CCH posed for me earlier on. We were planning to go for a round of KTV and then dinner somewhere in the North. After giving 5000 suggestions, I realized that these fellas actually don't wanna go shopping centres because Melvin wanna go for a swim first before meeting, and he doesn't wanna travel. -__-

This is honestly the best place I can think of for us already. With Party World KTV located just at the first floor, plus there are Eatzi Gourmet (Jack's Place!) and Pin Si chinese restaurant for us to choose from...

PLUS there is a swimming pool for Melvin to burn those calories before our indulgence, it's a one-stop place for us NSmen! (Yes, I told you I've considered myself having served NS with them already lol)

And as if the convenience was not good enough for us, the recent NS45 announcement made my brothers very happy.

As a one-off recognition initiative to thank Singapore National Servicemen for their dedicated service to the nation, all the guys who are serving/have served the Army will get vouchers! (Check details at the end of the post!)

Nian, CCH, Melvin, Liuyi and Tony will all get $80 each because they are currently serving their ORNS. I cannot qualify for the vouchers because I have never really worn that Number 4 and go chiong-sua with them lah....

BUT! Don't you agree that by being there for your other half and your good friends, we also stand to benefit from this? :D

So with the vouchers, off to sing we did...! We also had a great dinner after Melvin's swim, keeping us as close as we were 10 years ago.

That is not all, because we spotted barbeque pits, we made all of our buddies come by with their girlfriends and wives and we had a MASSIVE barbeque session a few weeks later!

Can you spot me with my terrible-looking fringe? LOLOL.

Thank you SAFRA, because of your staff working tirelessly, all of us NSmen and family can spend lots of wonderful time together. Thank you for bringing us closer and also forging so many memories for my NSmen friends. And most importantly, my husband and I!

Nian took part in the abs contest back in 2010. He rocked the stage cuz he said that he was training his body.... for his wife. You can read the post here!

Other memorable moments, thanks to SAFRA: Nian and I at the SAFRA Army Half Marathon, the Army Open House and the SAF Countdown Party at SAFRA back in 2010


*Chiong-sua means running mountains, literally. It also means doing the jungle warfare thingy army guys do most often.

*To get your absolutely-no-strings-attached SAFRA vouchers, just fill in your particulars via this link. SAFRA members don't need to do anything, vouchers will be sent to you automatically. :)

*There are five SAFRAs islandwide: Mount Faber, Tampines, Yishun, Jurong and Toa Payoh

*This is a contest post for SAFRA-Omy blogging challenge. If I win, I win an iPad Mini + be SAFRA's blogger for 12 months heh heh.

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