Nando's Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sponsored review by Nandos Singapore

Hahaha yah lah sorry, I know right, 5 days past Valentine's liao then I happily come along with a V-Day special wtf. BUUUUUT, you must read on because if you're in love, every day is a Valentine's Day correct or not?! #lameattempt

Okok, I apologize for being so late, but the special promotion that I'm bringing to y'all is until 28 Feb so there's still a week more to go! So, read on. Confirm never waste your time I promise.

A fortnight ago, thanks to Nando's and Vibes for the invitation, Nian and I headed down to Nando's at Plaza Singapura for a Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal lunch.

So far, Nian and I have been to Nando's at Bugis, JCube, Tampines Mall and Plaza Singapura. I can't decide which outlet I like more, probably the PS one since it is more centralized but I'm impressed with all of their services these days!

For the month of February, you can enjoy a Couple's Affair with the following items:
  • 2 Butterfly Chicken Breast Meals (worth $16.90 each)
  • 2 Designer Drinks of your choice (worth $4.90 each) - I had Sparkling Apple while Nian had Crimson Cola. There are many more for you to choose from.
  • 2 Single scoops of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream (worth $4.90 each)
at only $42.


You can choose your favourite side dishes for your Chicken Breast Meals, but before that, check out what we had:

I went with a HOT Butterfly Chicken Breast with coleslaw and peri-wedges as my sides and Nian went for the Lemon and Herbs counterpart with peri-wedges and corn on a cob. If you look at Nian's plate closely enough, it says that he is not so brave hahahahaha

Personally, I enjoyed the Butterfly Chicken Breast very much. Although the first bite was kinda dry and tough, the meat tasted very juicy and succulent subsequently. So juicy that I forgot that I was having chicken breast and insisted that it was chicken thigh. O_O Nian was horribly confused by me after that lol.

I think the first bite was tough and dry because the particular edge that I ate could be a little too overcooked, hence the toughness.

I really appreciated that there were no bones at all in my meal because having to tear chicken meat away from the bones while I am eating annoys me a whole lot, especially when I am hungry! I will recommend you to go with the Hot peri-peri sauce that is on every table - it gives my chicken another kick that made me very, very pleased with what I was eating.

There were also not much skin surrounding the chicken so I think it is also a good choice for the health conscious. Nian has a habit of peeling out any skin on sight, so I was quite surprised when I see him turn and turn the chicken, but he didn't peel out anything much lol.

If you would allow me, let me recommend Nando's Wild Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread. Regardless of the meal you order in Nando's, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeease I beg you to give this humble looking soup a try. You won't be disappointed.

The soup costs $6.90 per serving, but with the generous amount of mushrooms in the soup plus the huuuuuuge garlic bread toasted to a nice crisp, it will be totally worth the money I swear.

We ended our delicious lunch date on a sweet note - Ben and Jerry's ice cream for the both of us, chocolate for me and vanilla for him.

Once again, thank you very much for the invitation, Nandos Singapore! The both of us really enjoyed our lunch very much. If you are dropping by Nando's for a meal with your friends, do take the chance to order their Butterfly Chicken Breast Meal just because we all love boneless, tender, delicious meat. YUM!

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