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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Yup, that's right! I'm starting a series of February Special 2013 because of the upcoming CNY and Valentine's Day - which other times can I show that I love every single one of my readers? :)

For this week, I will be giving away loads of freebies (because I'm supposed to give angbaos but where the hell do I find so much money!), shopping tips and house cleaning reminders for the CNY, haha! And subsequently, I will also share some useful insights for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

To start things off on a blasting note, I have prepared 10 sets of skincare products (worth AT LEAST $10 per set) to giveaway to 10 lucky winners, but we will start off with 3 sets first so that I won't confuse any of you with soooo many different products, heh.

All of these products are on my favourite list, by the way! :)

Left: Leader's Mediental Healing Mask, Love More Alps Spring & Phytoncide Moisturizing mask, Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Energy Sleeping Mask, Love More Rose Crystal & Tourmaline Mask, Watsons Bird Nest Mask

Let me give you a short run-through for the each of them okie?

Leader's Mediental Healing Mask: Retails at Sephora / Guardian / BHG at $59 for a box of 10 pieces

If you have acne skin, this healing mask is for you. Made with 12 different medicinal herbs, it not only helps to soothe and calm those angry pimples, it also helps to reduce redness. For example, I used to have very bad sinusitis, so I blow my nose a lot.

This resulted in very dried out and inflammed skin just under my nose and it hurts. like. hell. This healing mask calms the inflammed area and moisturizes it such that the skin became less painful after application.

Leader's masks are also well-known to be extremely thin - so thin that it clings perfectly on your skin without sagging, ensuring that all the goodness are completely absorbed.

Love More's Alps Spring and Rose Crystal Masks (green and pink)

These are 3D masks, meaning apart from placing it on your face, the mask also reaches out to your neck and holds it upwards! This is definitely a very useful mask to have if you're looking at not only firming your face, but your neck as well. Here are some useful links that you may wanna read:

- Xiaxue's advertorial on the masks
- My review on the masks

Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Sleeping Mask: Retailing at $33.80 at Watsons

I think this is a good alternative from Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack. At a more affordable price, Bio-Essence's Hydra Spa Sleeping Mask indeed lives up to my favourite drugstore brand.

Watsons Bird Nest Mask

I've been raving so much about it, I think the only thing I can say is to try it. Lol. You can read more reviews at makeupalley.com

Watsons Bird Nest Mask, Leader's Mediental Healing Mask, Leader's N. M. F Aquaringer Mask, Leader's Vita Whitebeam Mask and Banana Boat Sport SPF50
Leader's N.M.F Aquaringer and Vita Whitebeam

The Aquaringer is an ampoule mask provides intensive hydration, balancing the sebum production and tightening the pores whereas the Vita Whitebeam works to lighten up pigmentation.

I've written a review on these masks on 6 August 2011, exactly one year before I delivered Dylan! So amazing when I read back my archives.. I wonder how would I react if I had known then that I will be a mom in exactly 365 days wtf.

Banana Boat Sport Sunblock SPF50

One of the best sunblocks. 'Nuff said. :)

Neutrogena Wave Facial Cleanser (battery included but washing pads not included), Watsons Bird Nest Mask, Etude House Essence Mask, Love More French Lavender Whitening Mask

Neutrogena Wave Facial Cleanser

If you're going for deep cleansing, you might just be interested in this! It works really well in terms of removing make-up and debris collected in your pores, but the downside of this facial cleanser is that you have to keep replacing the cleansing pad, which can be quite troublesome. (which is also why I gave up using) This is a new piece btw, but it looks kinda old because I've stowed it away and never opened it until recently, when I moved house. You can read more reviews on makeupalley. :)

Love More French Provence Lavender Whitening Mask

Apart from whitening, this French Provence Lavender Mask also controls sebum production and moisturizes the skin. The gentle lavender smell makes it an excellent before-bed mask to use as it has a therapeutic effect, making user sleep better.

Etude House Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Well known for their collagen mask, the Etude House Hyaluronic Acid Mask is very good too! I've a couple of it stashed away in my beauty box and I think you girls should totally try this mask - hence it is included in this giveaway. :)

Okie! Now I've done giving you all a short rundown of the products I am giving away, here's all you need to do to qualify:

  • Share the post on your Facebook wall (please set visibility to public!) and leave a comment

Terms and Conditions
  • Singapore residents only
  • The first giveaway ends 4 February 2013 at 1159PM
  • Winners will be announced on hellomrstan's facebook page
  • 3 winners will be selected by random and will be allocated to sets #1, #2, #3 based on the order of draw. (i.e. if your name comes out first, you will win set #1)
  • Participants who do not win in the first round will automatically be included in the 2nd and 3rd round of giveaway, yay!

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