Foto Friday: Chinese New Year series!

Friday, February 08, 2013


As you can see, we are terribly behind schedule for our spring cleaning project lol. I did this check list some time last week but sorry, we only still managed to do all these. I'm not even sure if I'll ever get a chance to dye my hair at all lolol.

I know that spring cleaning is always a bitch - I watched how both my mom and MIL slog their share through year after year but this time having to do everything on our own, I consider it #AchievementUnlocked


Talking about manicures, it has been a grand total of 13 months since I did anything to my nails (apart from cutting, of course). I was telling my manicurist that the last set of nails I had was last year's January... which was also for Chinese New Year also lolwtf.

This year, I am going pastel! Actually, I wanted the vibrant colours one but my manicurist doesn't have vibrant gelish colours so we settled for pastel. And since I absolutely cannot resist rainbows, I got my manicurist to give me 10 rainbows on my fingertips. ^^

It is difficult to capture the actual colours on the camera but I love how subtle and pretty this set is!


Haaaaaaaaaaa I bet no one has EVER came so close to my toes before wtf hehehe. (I don't think you've even come this close to your own toes, do you!?)

Chose red (I think I can never resist red for CNY. I have some sort of red every single year) with hell lots of glitter for the toes. My manicurist says that I won't be able to find the exact type of glitter that I have on my toes cuz she mixed them herself.

Whoa. Being a manicurist who mixes your own polish is just another level altogether lol.

To be honest, I didn't like those black glitter when she pulled it out to show me. It was like... ew. But when she painted it on, I think it kinda look like paint splatter. Quite interesting!


Received a surprise greeting card from Michelle which really made my day also. I think I have really nice friends who would send me greeting cards. I mean... who the hell spends effort to send greeting cards these days anymore?


On other not-so-Chinese-New-Year happenings, Nian and I bought cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes in IMM to try. The last time I had a Twelve Cupcake was one from XY and that was not too bad. However..... I beg to defer for this batch of cakes.

Looks nice, yes. But it tastes so ordinary (to the point of almost tasteless), I think I could've baked it better myself.

Can you imagine how disappointing it is when I can compare a cake shop's cakes to my nonsense kitchen bakes or not!??

These half a dozen of cakes is totally not worth the $16 lah. The Strawberry Champagne (far right) was like uh... strawberry flavour lor. Not even a hint of champagne flavour at all.

Then for the chocolate vanilla cake, I taste the bitterness of the chocolate more than anything else. Maybe that's the way it should taste? I know some people looooove the bitterness of chocolates lolol. But sorry, not me. All chocolates in my life must taste sweet hahahaa

As for their best-seller, the red velvet cakes... omg I don't even know where to begin. The cream cheese (are those even cream cheese!?) were... I don't know. The whole cake tasted so mediocre it felt like I was just eating some sort of random, tasteless cake. I didn't even finish it despite the small size.
Luckily we bought it past 8PM so they were having the Buy 4 Get 2 Free promotion. So we paid $12 for it. Still too expensive for a bunch of mediocre tasting cakes.


Durex sent all of their bloggers $100 worth of condoms and other funky stuff. I'm inclined to say it is a one-year supply of condoms but I think that very much depends on how often you.... *coughs*

This could potentially be a lifetime supply for some others, correct or not!

Anyway, since Nian and I are trying to aim for the revised baby bonus (wtf $5000 difference u know! - ok, technically it is only $2000 - the $3000 is in their CPF which we can never use anyway wtf), I'm going to do my part and give aalllll of these condoms away!

I'm still keeping all the vibrating ring, orgasmic gel and lube though. Hehehe. Am I disclosing too much information already? :x


Went to Swensons one day to celebrate Sissy #2's belated birthday. My friends cannot understand why I love to go Swensons but but but am I the only one who thinks their fries rocks socks????

I had so much terrible experiences from Swensons - ate half of a frozen baby cockroach in my Thin Mint ice cream once in their Causeway Point outlet cuz I thought it was chocolate chip wtf. Then scully when I inspect it closer... I saw baby hairy legs sticking out from that weird looking chocolate chip fml.

They say, the worst thing that can happen to you is to find half of an insect in your food. Not the full insect. I'm not gonna say more, just think about this sentence and let it settle in your minds lolol.

Then I had a second experience in Vivocity where I also almost ate some metal wiring thing stuck in my fish & chips. O_O

Despite all these horrifying incidents (they don't give vouchers to apologize to you btw! They just give you a smile and go.. "oops sorry, we will investigate.") I kept going back cuz I really love their fries a lot. I used to loooove their Yam Ice Cream also but they have decided to discontinue it. -__-



Ending off today's Foto Friday with something festive again. CP sent me a bag of frozen goodies cuz I was complaining on Twitter that I was drooling at every one else's Instagram when they updated their CP products heh. #shameless

I was so excited to receive the products cuz they have new products in it! I'm gonna use all these for the Chinese New Year steamboat and I'm especially looking out for the Korean mandu (right at the back with funky Korean words on it) and their mussels, woop woop!


Ok, I really need to get going to clean the house up. Everyone's like asking me, "Why do you need to clean your house so much? It is practically NEW leh."

I think it is very hard to answer this question because our house is really very dusty and I dunno why! It is so dusty until sometimes I see balls of dust rolling together bouncing all over the corner of the house when the fan blows you know???????????////

Is it because some other flats are still doing renovation? Ours is quite a high floor (I think I've said this a million times) and not facing any roads at all so I really kenot explain where does the dust come from, I'm serious. -__-

Right, ciaos! Happy Chinese New Year yah! 

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