Foto Friday 14

Friday, February 22, 2013


Starting today's Foto Friday with a table full of food!

We had a mini reunion dinner among ourselves this time round and Mama Tan brought all of us to Yishun Blk 925 for frog's legs and my favourite sambal stingray. The food and company were super good but can I bitch about the tze char stall there?

Number 1, I don't understand why this stupid tze char stall always hog up big tables in the coffee shop. They don't allow other customers to sit on those tables if they choose not to eat from their stall.

What is this ah? Do they even pay the coffeeshop to hog onto the tables like this? Isn't this considered touting, with an exceptional rudeness in it?

I've seen other tze char stalls doing that as well and it is ABSOLUTELY annoying because if you want tables specially for your customers, why not go open a restaurant instead?

The idea of a coffeeshop is similar to a hawker centre isn't it? Customers can go to a place and sit wherever they like and eat whatever they want. Who are they to shortchange us by limiting us to the remaining tables if we don't like their food and don't want to order from them?

What makes it worse is that the food at this tze char stall is not even nice wtf. And because we are having 8 pax out for dinner, we would definitely need those big tables that they have hogged and that means it is compulsory to order sucky food from the tze char stall. WTF is this logic I also don't know.

Number 2, since they are forcing us unwilling patrons to order their sucky food to keep their business going, I think the least they can do is to be a bit more service-oriented and courteous correct or not?

We ordered Spare Ribs in Tomato Sauce, Fu Rong Egg Omelette and stir-fried Four Season Beans from the tze char place - note: we could have just ordered one miserable dish from them but we didn't. We ordered enough to actually feed 4 people just from that stall alone... when we don't even like the food at all.

Stupid waitress of the tze char stall then asked how many plates of rice we needed. We said three.

Right in front of us, she kept ALL the fork and spoons, except for three miserable sets - for us to share among 8 people. WTF IS THIS LOGIC, AGAIN I DUNNO.

And you know lah, me having an extremely short fuse towards stupidity and bad service, looked at her, smiled and went, "Auntie, then do you expect the rest of us to eat with our hands?"


So, the logic is that we can use utensils from other stalls to eat her tze char food, but cannot use her tze char utensils to eat from other stalls? And since her dishes arrived first, are we all supposed to use our eye power to eye the food while we wait for other dishes from other stalls to arrive just so we can have a set of utensils to eat?

This auntie, I tell you. Makes me wanna poke my fork into her stupid face. Multiple times. Until she wakes up her idea. Chao turtle.



Thankfully we have 2 babies in the house to make us all happy again. I think this set of pictures are super cute cuz Noel is super animated hahaha! And if you're wondering why his hands were up in the air, you shouldn't.

Cuz kids do things for no reason lolol.

But if you'd really like to know, he is imitating me cuz I was holding my camera high up to take a photo of him haha!


Met up with Lava, Usof and Aiden for lunch at Swenson's. Told you all I am a sucker for Swenson's already heh heh.

Had a ginormous burger. Of course, this is completely no sweat at all for a godzilla-eater me LOL.

Nian had the Spicy Seafood Pasta, which is something new in their menu. It tastes pretty good too.

We topped up $10 from the pasta and we had a sundae and a side to go along. I love deals like this hahahaha.


Mr. Dylan Tan wanted milk and... just see how he drinks it #likeaboss. Legs propped on the table! We had to shove his leg down several times before he got it that he was supposed to keep his leg down. This boy ah....

Then we had Aiden and the fathers dressing in traffic light colours coincidentally lolol.


Went JB for grocery shopping again this week. CAN U SPOT MY MESSY HAIR AND EYEBAGS OR NOT. (And I think my face looks puffy too wtf)

Terrible #ootd because Nian is a bad photographer Dylan woke up at 3AM the night before looking for his mummy to play with him. =.=

And so, play we did.... until about 4.30AM where Mr. Dylan Tan fell asleep and his mom was totally zonked out lolol.

Or maybe it's plainly because I wasn't very hardworking in concealing it lol. And messy hair cuz wear helmet ma!

Well anyway, the objective ain't about how terrible I look, even though that may be a really huge distraction ahahahaa. It is actually to show my sissies who are reading this space that... I am wearing the clothes they bought for me from BKK!

My family just went for a trip (without us cuz Dy is too young) over the CNY period and they lugged back so many clothes for the three of us, I get excited to just even think about it wtf. Thank you for keeping us in your minds! We love you guys too *kiss kiss*


As if I don't look bad enough that day, my hair decides to be oily by 8PM for dinner. But it doesn't matter lah, what matters is the happiness that is oozing out from my face correct or not? :p

And then look at Dylan.... and his super full diapers hahahahaha.

Talking about dinner, I was craving for some sashimi, so we ended up in Sakae Sushi. Do you know that Sakae doesn't provide patrons anymore serviettes of any sorts anymore?

They say it is their initiative to save the world. -____-

I'm not looking down at their efforts, of course. Wanting to save the world is commendable but wtf how can you do it at the expense of your customers?

If it is a coffeeshop, I understand. We're on our own when it comes to coffeeshops but WTF THIS IS A RESTAURANT LEH.

Even Botak Jones and those Western Food stalls in coffeeshops provide one piece of serviette can?

You wanna save the world maybe you don't pay your dishwasher $3000 lah. You want to save the world maybe you put more sushis on a plate, charge us at the same price, then we will use lesser plates lor. You wanna save the world maybe you serve your tea from a flask and not give customers sachet by sachet la?

As a consumer, I would think that it is perfectly reasonable to give each customer a piece of serviette/wet wipe each. If we want anything extra, fine. Then charge us.

I just think it is not right to be in a restaurant who doesn't give out serviettes unless you ask for it and specifically agree to pay for the wet wipe.

It's just like iced water. I especially hate restaurants who charge for iced water. WTF all you do is to turn on the tap and add some tap water into my glass, how much cost price is that to charge me $0.30? Hmpf.


Urm. Finally took out my work-out gear after one year (actually more than that. It is 16 months to be exact) and went for a body toning class with Lava this week. Bottomline?

I died. Through and through.

We started the class with aerobics, which involved lots of leg lifts, jumping, turning, back kick and all those leg-killing stuff. I couldn't follow up by the 15th minute wtf.

Just as I thought maybe I may be able to make it through the class afterall... my instructor said that that was only warm-up.

Only warm-up, wtf.

So after warm up, we took the step boards, did lunges on the step board and WEIGHTS on our arms. Triceps, biceps, fast repetitions, slow repetitions. Lift the step board up and down to train our backs. Lift backside away from the step board to do dips.

Die until cannot die, but that is not all.

Instructor then got us to put back our step boards and take out our mats. Find a partner. Thankfully, I've Lava as a partner cuz the only girl who didn't have a partner partnered with the instructor. O_O

So... that was the finale. Where our instructor describes as... "You'll feel fire on your body."

He was right, you know. He got us to do crunches, hold, punch the air perpendicularly 6 times, lie down again (without shoulders touching the ground) and repeat like 16841 times. Then we had to do crunches, get up and give each other high-ten.


I think I'm at the most unfit stage of my life right now lol. Of course, I am never super fit to begin with, but this time... It is ridiculous.

I tried running to and fro my place to Dylan's infant care one weekend. Not a very long distance, probably 4KM max to and fro and I had sore legs for like 3 full days. What is this I also dunno.


Feeling super hungry after the crazy workout so we cancelled out the calories lost with our trusty McDonald's breakfast hahahahaha


Ending this week's Foto Friday with this new Black Box that I subscribed myself to, after reading beauty blogger dblchin's blog. I was skeptical with all these vanity boxes cuz I was afraid that they may give me things that I won't use or may not be suitable for me.

However, after receiving Blackbox, I was actually excited about what was inside!

I think this time Blackbox was giving away these boxes for free as trial. I do hope they are forever free though hahahah just charge the advertisers more! :p

I like what I received this time cuz I use most of the things in the box. Like the Darlie Expert White, Dettol Natural Body Wash (which I reviewed it before), Dr. Jart V7 Vitalaser (which I've also reviewed before) and Nature Valley granola bar... in my favourite flavour some more!

I used to eat it when I was prego with Dy cuz Nian wouldn't let me eat unhealthy breakfast so he bought tonnes and tonnes of Nature Valley bars. I've since stopped buying it cuz... I also dunno why! But I'm glad I've 2 bars now to start off my granola bar breakfast again. Weee!

I'm also quite excited to try out the Loreal Youth Code (even though I think a small sachet like this won't be enough for any significant differences lol) and the hair mask. Not so excited about the sunblock because I've a gazillion sunblocks at home so... I'll probably try this out when I'm feeling adventurous lol.

Ok! That will be all today! I actually wanted to show a picture of my Pandora bracelet but I decided not to cuz some of my charms are still not here yet butbutbutbut I'm like super excited for it to be completed (although I dunno how long that will take)!

Nian has gotten me five charms so far but greedy me are still looking at more. Too bad these charms are too expensive for me to buy too many at one shot.  Just 5 charms alone cost us about $500 liao leh wey. :( Think the next batch of charms will take some time liao.

Ok lah that's all. Bye!

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