Foto Friday 13 - Chinese New Year Happenings

Friday, February 15, 2013

This year's Chinese New Year is probably one of the more memorable ones because we celebrated it as a little family! Nian and I have been talking about it ever since we found out that we were pregnant... and the day that we have been talking about was finally here. ^^

Celebrating CNY as a missus of a household also holds a very different experience for me. Last time, I didn't need to participate actively in the spring cleaning lol.

Ok, in my defence, I only had to spring clean my own room and that was it. Mama Chan and Papa Chan will then wash the toilets, vacuum the floor, tidy the living room, decorate the house, buy leek, stock up CNY items...

But this year, I had to do all of these with Nian. Thank goodness for a housework-capable husband, I only did all of our laundry and vacuumed the floor. Nian did everything else because he didn't want me to spoil my manicure. Hehehe.

Another memorable thing was that Dylan started his first solids on 大年初一!


This was him eating fish porridge happily on Day 3. The first day I actually didn't prepare any food for him, but while we were eating happily at Grandma Tan's place, Dy was just staring at my mouth filled with rice and kept munching on invisible food in his mouth.

Then when he starts to snatch my food, I know this was it. Little boy was ready for something more than just milk, so I took a couple of grains of rice, squashed it up and fed it to him. He was so excited, I don't even...!


So while everyone started off their first meals with fruit puree or porridge, the first solid he had was plain rice. #likeaboss

Thankfully, Mama Tan passed me some of her anchovies and I managed to brew some stock for porridge the next day. And so.... Dylan's solid food journey started. :)


Back to CNY, we started off Chinese New Year eve by packing all of our angbaos - the Hello Kitties and Rilakuma ones are for nieces and nephews while the second tier are for cousins and finally the top tier are for random kids that we bump into during the festive season.

Nian, being the youngest in the family, has its perks lol.


Poor Dylan who sleeps at 7PM hasn't gotten any early sleep this week since Chinese New Year eve cuz at 5PM, we brought him to Grandma Tan's place for some delicious dinner... and then at 8PM, we adjourned to Grandma Chan's place for MORE delicious dinner.

He knocked out immediately when we reached home at 9PM lol.

And as you can see, our little baby boo is Papa Chan and Sissy Chan's favourite boy!


Woke up at a ridiculous 5.30AM on Day 1 because Dy was awake for milk and refused to go back to sleep after that! O_O

I think he could foresee a whole day of fun and angbaos, lol.

Dressed him up in a Chinese 唐装 and it coincidentally matched with his cousin, Noel! Check out the two of them in similar clothes lol.


As for Nian and I, I skipped cheongsam this year because.......

I'm sure all of you know the reason lol.

Yeah, it was not breastfeeding friendly hahahaa a round of applause for yourself if you've gotten it right!

So instead of a traditional costume, I wore a simple red top with laced mandarin collar - not a new piece actually, I wore it only once last year for CNY and I never wore it again because I can't seem to find an occasion suitable for something so red and lacey wtf.

That's me last year! Looks like I haven't aged much hehehe. ;p
As for Nian, he was wearing a red Cotton On shirt that we got at a steal in Jusco, JB at only RM20 or something. #goodbuy


Wore blue for day two just because blue rhymes with two hahahaha wtf

I totally adore the blue stripes my two boys were wearing! We got Dy his first designer brand, a Ralph Lauren romper on a sale and it costs us just slightly past $20 from the States. Nian is wearing a Timberland shirt that was going on a discount too.


On the exact day last year, Nian and I actually lost $200 on mahjong can you believe it? This year, our luck was slightly better. We only lost $20 hehehe.


As for Day 3, the three of us stayed at home and we hosted some of our good friends over for a steamboat-cum-mahjong party! We bought a whole lot of food from Woodlands Terrace, after reading daddy blogger edunloaded's blog.

Basically, there are a lot of factory outlets there so there were many stuff that were going on wholesale prices. Nian and I went there and bought a whooooole lot of stuff: fishballs, fu zhou fishballs, prawn rolls, sukiyaki pork slices, crab meat balls, crab meat, cream of mushroom, lobster bisque soup, yu sheng, salmon sashimi... all for like $120.


Here are the spread! Not in picture are the yusheng (which we totally forgot to take it out to lou wtf) and almond jelly longan as dessert. You'd be surprised with such a small spread.....

All my friends left a mega huge amount of remainder in the end wtf!

They were supposed to still feel hungry after the dinner so that they can wipe out our tidbits for us leh!


One of my bunches of happy friends. ^^

All of them are dressed in blue or red, all except me wtflol.


Talking about my dress, can I post an #ootd to rave about how much I love it? :D

I totalllllyyyyy adore the heart-shaped cut-out at the back cuz it is so romantic! And the V-shaped neckline makes it all very sexy too. (I'm not saying that I'm sexy. I'm saying that the dress is sexy ok.)


Spent the fourth day of CNY, i.e. Valentine's Day, at Copthorne King's Princess Terrace for their Penang buffet spread with Nian, Dy and my colleagues!

The food is quite delicious, we had some popular Penang-Peranakan kinda dishes like Penang Char Kway Teow, Tofu with crabmeat, pan-fried prawns, rojak (we stirred it ourselves, so fun!) and some International stuff like... pasta and Caesar salad.


I love my Round 2 the most because the popiah and kueh pie ti were really pretty good and most importantly, they had Sharks Fin Soup with crab meat! Now before all those animal lovers start bashing me for eating sharks fin, I must honestly tell you all that I didn't see a single strand of fin in the broth at all.

Calling it Crab Meat broth would be more appropriate cuz they were really generous with those crab meat!
And the Penang laksa. Ohhhhhh the penang laksa.

It was SO DELICIOUS my God!


Ended the 2.5 hour long feast with more satay, which is quite good also, more Crab Meat Broth and freshly made Man Chiang Kueh. The otah-otah is not very nice though.

All in all, I would say that the food is pretty delicious but unfortunately the spread is quite mediocre. I also wished they served more drinks other than tea, coffee and water. Service was really prompt. TOO prompt, in fact!

They cleared off my food even before I could finish them wtf. O_O

Copthorne King's Singapore
403 Havelock Road
Singapore 169632
T:6318 3168


All the super ladies from my department! ^^


As the festivity is settling down, I took out all of Dylan's angbaos and wanted to accumulate them together. Fella has A LOT of angbaos, thanks to everyone who loves him!

Both Nian and I are very thankful because apart from married jiejies and korkors, Dylan also received angbaos from friends that are not married - they just give him an angbao simply cuz they love him. :)

We are going to deposit all into his account so that our kind government can match it dollar-for-dollar, it will be useful for him when he starts to go to school! :D


Ending the post with a whole lot of angbaos as an auspicious sign lolol.

Everyone, HUAT AH!

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