Dylan Turns 6 Months!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

As we are down to 4 more days to Chinese New Year, our little bubs is slowly getting older and older! Ever since he turned 3 months, he had been totally an awesome boy to play with. He smiles at everyone who would stop to talk to him, he gurgles and laughs out loud when I do a silly jiggly dance in front of him, he would lie in his daddy's chest and watch just a little bit of TV with him...

He's such a precious and a dear to be with... and even though I'm spending every free moment with him, I wish I am always free to be by his side. :)

This month, bubs has learned a lot of things too. Things that we didn't think he would do so quickly!

1. He learned how to turn 360 degrees on his tummy.

He can now reach for anything within the circumference of his tiny arms! Sometimes, when he gets lucky and does the kick action correctly,  he surges forward to his toys and he would squeal happily. He is also learning how to crawl... by moving backwards first lol.

2. He learned the art of toe-sucking

I dunno, but some friends told me that Dylan is expecting a baby brother because myth has it that if a baby is sucking his toes, a sibling is on the way. O_O

I uh... don't think so. *looks down on my tummy*

3. He learned how to make those farting noises!

Looks like somebody's getting really good at imitating Daddy!

4. He can sit independently...
For a while, before toppling over to his side.

5. He is exceptionally clingy
We're not sure if it is because he was not feeling well, hence being so clingy or he is experiencing the separation anxiety, already, but these days, he doesn't let Nian or I out of his sight. When I fold our laundry, he has to be beside me. When I cook, he has to be by the kitchen door. When I shower....

You guys get the drift lol.

Things are easier when the both of us are at home since either one of us can be with him while we take turns to do our things. The difficult ones are when either one of us are home alone with him... Thank goodness he hasn't demanded us to carry him wherever we go. That will be totally off limits ok, little boy!

6. He wakes up every 1.5h intervals at night
Initially, Dylan was capable of sleeping almost through the night, only waking up once or twice the most. But ever since he fell sick, he has been waking up every 1.5 to 2 hours needing to suckle/cuddle/whatever that made sure that I am right there, beside him.

Nian thinks it is the separation anxiety that is causing all these. I really don't know lor. I thought this won't come until he is about 8 months old wtf.

Anyway, we've decided to put him through some rough method - to finally leave him be and let him fall asleep by himself. I am trying to use the no-tear method as much as possible, but as per my experience from last night, it seems like we are inevitably going down the crying-it-out-super-loud route lol.

Well... that's about it for this month! I really wonder what other exciting milestones this little boy will achieve next. Motherhood is really spicing my life a hell lot for me. :)

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