Dylan and Hives

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hi! I'm glad to be back after almost a week. :D

You see, Dylan was recently down with hives and it kept me very busy ensuring that he is comfortable, not scratching.. and most importantly, find out what is causing all these angry little red dots.

It started last week, during our dinner at Sakae Sushi. I noticed he had several pimple-like thingy on his right temple and wonder what were those.

How it looked initially
At that time, it looked like a nasty insect bite so immediately when we got home, I washed the cushions in his pram and checked the rest of his body. Feeling satisfied that it is just a one-off incident, I then retired for the night.

The next day, the 'bites' got a little bit more. It spreaded to his scalp, forehead and tummy. So I suspected it to be chicken pox. I waited for another day and went to the Polyclinic immediately when i realized that these bites, boils, pox, whatever, were not subsiding.

I tell you, polyclinics are possibly one of the worst places you can bring a sick person to. Especially a baby who is unwell. Dylan ran a fever last month and they made him wait along with all other adults for a good whole 2 hours.

No baby consession if he is past 5 months old wtf. You should see how painfully we waited as his fever rages on.

But because polyclinics are more affordable than private doctors, people like us keep going back wtf. I brought him back to the Polyclinic and reported that Dylan was suspected having chicken pox. Immediately, we were placed in an isolated area. Met an uncle with shingles who were there as well.

Thank goodness shingles are not infectious cuz Dylan was not having chicken pox afterall.

Thing is, the doctor couldn't tell me what else could it be. I asked her if it could be an allergic reaction to his latest immunization jab, she gave me her Indian head-bob and told me it was possible.

I asked her if it could be milk powder allergy, she did the head-bob again and told me it was possible too.

Then i asked if it could be heat rash. No prizes for guessing correctly what she did.

Bottomline was, she didn't know what was causing Dylan's rash and she was not interested in helping us to find out. She didn't order for any tests, didn't prescribe any medicine. Just told us it was not chicken pox and left the screening room as quickly as she entered.

Oh. She did tell me to observe Dylan further but she didn't care that I told her I had been observing him for 3 days already and the reason I brought him to a clinic was cuz it got worse.

She called Dylan as Die-lahn btw. Pissed the hell out of me lol. Why would anyone not know how to pronounce such a common name!

Then, it was Friday. Dylan didnt get better over the weekend. In fact, it became like this:

His eyebrows were filled with little pimply thingy, his cheeks, omg. Here's how his cheeks look like:

It spreaded to his ears as well! And behind his ears, on his neck, his nape, his chest.. it was EVERYWHERE.
It was really very terrifying because every morning, before I switched on the lights, I will be silently praying that the rashes will miraculously disappear as suddenly as they appeared. Imagine my shock when all I saw were rashes, rashes and MOREEEE rashes.

The rashes have also spreaded and started appearing on his arms, which he didn't have previously.

Knowing that i will probably have to wait a bloody long time to probably see a sucky doctor (there are good ones too but highly depends on your luck) who will ask me to 'continue to observe', I chose to bite the bullet and brought him to a private GP.

Waited a grand total of 3 hours before we got to see the dr for a 5 mins consultation. Business very good lor that doctor wtf.

Turns out, doctor says that it is a case of acute food allergy and because he just started on solids and because this kiasu mom here exposed him to so many different food at one go, we don't know exactly what is he allergic to and will now have to backtrack and trace what is the triggering food.

I'm thinking it could be Dumex, since it is a new milk powder we are starting him with. Or it could be spinach cuz recently i started adding greens into his porridge and spinach was the first greens we tried.

Whatever it is, thanks to the GP and some $50 later, we were prescribed with topical and oral medication.

Took only one day for the medication to work and here is Dylan today, playing with his daddy!

I'm so glad that he is feeling better now. The hives are slowly receeding and he has since stopped screaming at me in discomfort.

Back to his little bubbly self again! And yes, blogger mummy can finally find time to sit down and blog lol.

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  1. Am glad he is better. Since he might be allergic to certain things, please stay to the 3 day thumb rule. Give him the same thing for 3 days and u would know whether the food is causing him an allergic.Milk can be an issue too. If it get worse, good to go for an allergic test to find out which ingredient he is actually allergic to.

    1. Hi Adeline,

      Thanks for the tip! I didn't know the 3 day rule but now that I know, I will repeat it for three days to find the culprit. Thanks again!! :D

  2. glad to know dylan's getting better. one of the suspects could be mushroom or funghi. did dylan had any of those recently? when dylan's older, you could perhaps bring him for an allergy skin prick test. i brought my son for this test when he was 8 months old after he developed rashes around his mouth. hths :)


    1. Hi nicole! I havent given dylan any mushrooms or fungi as yet so i dont think that is the culprit.

      I'm also hoping to let him go thru a skin prick test so that he knows what to avoid when he grows up too. Do u have any recommendations where we should go for the test? Or any GP can do?


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