Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Starting this post with a mega picture of me because I think I look kinda nice in this photo but I've no excuse to put it up anywhere in my blog wtf. Of course, I can always chuck it into one of my Foto Friday posts but... I don't know what to caption it either. -_-

How about.. "Took a really nice photo while I was hosting a show"? Purposely wore blue that day cuz it was the Punggol East SMC Polling Day and I wanted to lend my support mentally. I think no need to further explain which party I wanted to win, right?

I'm glad they did, because that would mean a bigger opposition voice in the parliament acting as a watchdog. And that will definitely mean a better future for us. I'm not against or for any particular parties, in fact, I am thankful for whatever that has been given to us so far BUT having an alternate voice is very important.

We need capable people in there to question these law-makers. Do we really need the ERP if we have a sky-high COE? Can there be a lee-way for people with children to be able to afford a car for convenience as compared to those rich families with 1001 cars parking in their garages?

And of course, the coffee-talk topic of the month: Should we really have 7 million people?

Let's take a look at Hong Kong. They have 7 million population. Just look how cramped they are. Know what is the scary thing? Hong Kong is 1104 metres square wide. Singapore is a mere 710. Can you imagine how much more cramped we will be?

Will Singapore be able to sustain this huuuuge influx of people? Will our infrastructure be able to take it? Is this the only option to fight against a shrinking population?

There are so many issues so many people are concerned about and there are so many angry people around. Yes, some of you will ask me to be thankful for the low crime rates in Singapore. To be thankful that I have a roof over my head while I'm sitting down comfortably in front of my laptop complaining about my government lol. To be thankful that we have a strong currency so that I can go over to JB and buy even more affordable groceries.

But I believe things can be better. Education system can be improved. Our public transport system can be improved. Our population increment can be controlled. Our HDB COE ERP CPF can be better managed. And that will only happen when we have another voice in the parliament, questioning and demanding proper explanations for all of us.

That is true democracy, in my opinion. And I honestly look forward to a Singapore who has a strong government and a powerful opposition party - then we will truly be a first class country benefitting its citizens.

Ok, enough of political talk! Moving on to our personal life, Nian and I have been sporting dark eye circles and several heartaches because our little boy has fallen sick since Thursday.

Uh. That is a Hello Kitty cooling pad. I'm not even joking around lol.

I picked Dylan up from his infant care on Thursday evening when I noticed he was significantly moodier as compared to his usual days. He fell asleep really early as well, and I thought something was weirdly amiss.

I was right. Little boy woke up at 10PM that night with a fever at 39 degree celsius and it caught me off-guard totally. Even though I've had experience of him running fever from his immunization, this was something different because I wasn't even expecting him to fall sick.

We gave him some paracetamol that was prescribed to him from the polyclinic and he went back to a restless sleep.

Then on Friday, he started to develop a blocked nose and a phlegmy cough... and that drove him mad. He couldn't sleep flat on the bed because his nose would be blocked and he wouldn't be able to breathe properly. He would be super sleepy but he cannot fall asleep.

Brought him to the doctor that very day and was prescribed some cough syrup and nose drops for him to clear his nose. Thing was, we can only use the nose drop every 12 hours (doc says will have a reversal effect if used in excess) and every time we cleared his nose, it gets clogged up within half-an-hour.

That leaves him with 30 minutes of peaceful sleep and another 11.5 hours breathing through his mouth, poor boy. :(

My Hello Kitty T-shirt very cute right? I KNOWWWWW!!! :D

Friday and Saturday passed with him having fever on and off. I was getting really worried because most of the time, Dy was able to fight off a fever within 24 hours. I also read that if a baby has fever for more than 3 days, it is a cause for concern.

Finally, on Monday 4AM, we brought him down to KKH because his fever refused to subside despite the paracetamol given to him.

Ok, let me praise my son a little bit. You can ignore this whole chunk if you cannot bear reading me praising my own kid lol. I was kinda worried that Dy will bawl his lungs out when he is in KKH because

1) it was 4AM, wtf.
2) Kids are usually terrified of nurses and doctors waving nonsensical instruments around them and
3) they needed him to take a blood test.

Blood test.

The word itself already made my hair stand on its ends. Wtf I can't even bear to go through a blood test myself, will Dy be able to do it? How the hell are they going to draw his blood? The last time they drew his blood to check for jaundice, he was crying really miserably.

But this time, to my surprise, Dy was really calm througout the entire consultation. He lets the nurse remove his sock, take his blood pressure, check the oxygen level on his toes... he was in fact amused and curious about what was going on.

Then when we proceeded to have his blood drawn, I had to pass him to Nian because I try not to see Dy getting pricked by a needle. It kills me through and through. Especially when he starts to cry.

I was busy singing and prancing slightly away from him, thinking that he would yell in pain when he was pricked, and I can distract him immediately, but he didn't even flinch at all wtf. O_O

He just winced a little when the nurse pricked his finger, then he watched in amusement as the little droplets of blood gets collected in the vial. He then tried to taste the plaster. -_-

After the whole night of frenzy, the only moment he cried helplessly was when the nurses had to hold him down to suck out the mucus from his nose.

It was my choice actually. We could have not done it but we thought Dy would probably sleep better with all the excess mucus removed.

So after some 5 minutes of screaming session that I thought lasted for eternity, Dy was able to breathe freely again.....

For an hour. Before it gets all blocked up again. Fuck all of our lives.

We were back to carrying him upright, dripping nose drops and giving him paracetamol to keep his fever down. He is somewhat better as compared to a few days back, of course, and I cannot wait for him to be completely well again.

I miss my bubbly happy boy. He is still bubbly and happy and his fever has already subsided, buuuuut whenever his nose gets blocked, we have a different story.

As for me, I am still the paranoid mother that everyone knows, as usual.

I worry about every single damn thing. I worry that the constant fever might burn his brains (wtf he is so responsive and fun, I cannot imagine if my incompetence as a mum cause him to fry his brains), I worry that he may be taking too much medication and overload his little liver. I worry that he may not recover well if he doesn't take enough medicine.

I worry about this, I worry about that. Worry, worry, worry.

You know, I think here's what every mom would say, but I am gonna say it again:

I would rather me be sick 10 times over than to ever have Dylan being sick once. True that his immune system will be much stronger after this episode, I absolutely cannot bear to see him feeling so uncomfortable and helpless.

Flu bug, we hate you.

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  1. for his flu, try rubbing some Vicks on his feet and then cover it with socks. it sure helps. that is if you have not try this method before. you're doing great, not to worry. just cut down on the cursing. i dont think you would want dylan growing up saying wt* all the time. but hey, just my 2 cents worth. your son, your life, your choice. may dylan gets better! :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! I tried that method after googling around; it does reduces his cough, but not so much for the runny nose, so I drip saline drops into his blocked nose cuz I read that it helps to clear it really quickly. :D

      Haha as for the cursing, I don't really curse out loud in real life. It's just a bad habit I got when I type wtf. Like when something unbelivable or incredible happened, I... cannot help it. *weak smile*


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