[Review] VMV Hypoallergenics Part 1/3 - Moisturizers

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hey ho everyone! First review of the year!

Last Christmas, VMV Hypoallergenics has very generously sent me their My VMVery Favourite Things and I've been trying them out for the past two weeks.


I love how My VMVery Favourite Things is packaged - coming in a nice brown box with a pretty brown box sleeve, there is also a To and From box for you to fill up if you're giving it to a special someone.

When you slide the box sleeve away, the box reveals 7 intricate products in sample sizes, nested in a vintage brown VMV paper.

The ingredients and content of each sample product can also be found on the box sleeve.

Because there are 7 different products, I will be breaking down into three different reviews. The first 3 products that I've used and will be reviewing them today are:

1. Re-Everything Face-Hand-Body Lotion,
2. Know-It-Oil and
3. Creammmy Rich Intensive Moisture Milk for dry skin

These three products are basically moisturizers. 

I love that all the products in the My VMVery Favourite Things are all sealed to ensure that all products are not contaminated.

Re-Everything Face-Hand-Body Lotion
The interesting thing about this Re-Everything lotion is that it doesn't just moisturize your skin, it exfoliates them as well. When squeezed out, you can see that the lotion looks kinda 'rough'.

However, when I rub it over my hands, the lotion is very gentle and I can't feel the harsh microbeads at all. The lotion is not too heavy; it gets absorbed pretty well even though I have sweaty palms, which very often makes my hand creams all watery over my arms.

The microbeads in the lotion is useful for rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin, resulting in a smoother and fairer skin after usage.

I only wish that the sample size can be a little bigger! At 30ml, it is really not enough for me to use it on my legs. If you'd like, there is a full size at 185ml available for purchase.



The Know-It-Oil is made from 100% organic virgin coconut oil, hence it is a very moisturizing and repairs skin damages very well.

I'd recommend this oil to soothe painful zits and sunburnt skin because it is excellent in reducing inflammation. It is also very useful for extremely dry skin or medically-managed conditions, such as psoriasis.

Below is a before-and-after picture after I applied it on my eczema:

As you can see, the redness from the dry, eczema skin is soothed really quickly by Know-It-Oil. But personally, I think it is too heavy for me. Even though Know-It-Oil is supposed to be absorbed quickly with no sticky/oily residue, my arms felt oily even after rubbing and spreading for a couple of minutes.

Also, the mouth of the bottle is really huge. It makes it difficult to pour a small amount if I want to use it locally on certain parts of my body. I'd definitely appreciate it if it has a smaller opening.

Know-It-Oil has a very fragrant, delicious smell though - exactly like the coconut sweet that I love when I was young, hehe. It is also available in full size at 250ml.

Note: Pure virgin coconut oil naturally butters when it is exposed to temperatures below 24 degree celsius. You can scoop out the solidified coconut oil and lather on skin (will melt on skin contact) or put the entire bottle in a warm water bath until it reliquifies.


Creammmy Rich Intensive Moisture Milk

This Creammmy Rich Intensive Moisture Milk also contains virgin coconut oil, but with the addition of more ingredients, this moisturizer is probably one of my top favourites. When used in an air-conditioned room, I can see that my dry skin is pumped up with moisture almost immediately.

Even though it is rather heavy (like Know-It-Oil), this Creammmy Rich Moisture Milk places a layer of protection over my skin. It remained dewy for quite a couple of hours, which is really amazing!

Most of the time, I need to replenish my lotion on my skin every hour or two to keep it moisturized. But this one? It has been about 4 hours since I applied but it is still dewy now as I type. Impressive!


In my next review, I will cover the Grandma Minnie’s Mommycoddling All-Over Lotion and Id Sweat Acne and Overall Anti-bacterial Gel.

Stay tuned!

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