[Review] New Biore Facial Foam and Scrub

Monday, January 14, 2013

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Today's post will be another sponsored review; many thanks to EK Media and Biore for sending me their brand new facial foam and scrub to try.

Just to share some background information:

The latest Biore series consists of three different facial foams and one facial scrub. Even though I belong to the normal to combination skin, I decided to go for the Extra Moist Biore Facial Foam instead of the Mild counterpart because most skincare products that are suitable for combination skin are a tad drying for me.

The Facial Scrub is suitable for all skin types. I'll share more as you read on!

When I first squeezed out the facial scrub, I was rather surprised as it looks almost identical to the old Biore Scrub Facial Foam that I used to use. However, the difference between these two is that the latest release consists of the Skin Purifying Technology (SPT).

The New Biore Facial Foam and Scrub is the first cleanser in the market that aims to rebalance the skin - that is to reduce oil at T-zone and increase moisture at the U-zone (the cheeks and chin). The SPT is also worth a mention because it is said to be able to cleanse the skin thoroughly without having harsh chemicals penetrating into it, thus irritating it.

Don't be scared by the visible microbeads because it is in fact very gentle on the skin. I didn't feel any harsh scrubbing my face, yet it removes dead skin cells rather efficiently on its own. I've read some reviews about users tried using it with a Clarisonic, it ended up being too harsh on the skin. Oops.

After wash, my skin felt significantly less clogged and definitely not as oily. Some whiteheads on my nose were also dislodged and the area felt smooth again.

It foams very well and only a small amount is required for the whole face. In fact, the amount that you see above was too much for me. I had to run it down with so much water!

It also removes light make up rather well, so it can be quite useful when you're feeling lazy from removing make up then cleansing your face.

As compared to the rest of my exfoliators, I would say Biore's Facial Scrub works relatively well for its price. It is also gentle enough for daily usage. Not bad!

More hydrated skin: 2 /5
Less clogged pores: 4 /5
Reduction in sebum: 3 / 5
Lightens marks and blemishes: 2 / 5
Value-for-money: 4 / 5

Overall Rating:

As for the Extra Moist Facial Foam, it foams up very well too. My face usually feels very dry and tight after normal drugstore wash but it was very minimal when I used this facial foam. My cheeks still feel slightly tight, but I think it will be suitable when my face is experiencing a surge in oiliness - especially after a rigorous workout!

This facial foam also removes light make up without any problems. You also don't need a huge amount to lather up to a good amount of foam, so I think this facial foam is very economical.

More hydrated skin: 2 /5
Less clogged pores: 2 /5
Reduction in sebum: 3.5 / 5
Lightens marks and blemishes: 2 / 5
Value-for-money: 4 / 5 
Overall Rating:

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