Lunch at Au Chocolat

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The foodies went food hunting again! This time, the 5 of us (yes, of course Dylan is included in the food hunting team) ventured into town and we spent a lovely Saturday at Marina Bay Sands, drowning ourselves in chocolate. *bliss*

I've always wanted to try Au Chocolat because I'm a big fan of anything chocolate and I really, really, really wanted to try their chocolate-infused Hollandaise sauce on the egg benedict. I wonder how something so savoury mixed with something so sweet will taste like?

Nian went for the Duck Confit while Yolanda went for the Smoked Salmon Crepe and Latecomer Raymond went for the Beef Stew. Of course, since I want to try their chocolate-infused Hollandaise sauce, I went for their Ultimate Benedict. (sorry, wrong name in the picture!)

"Hot, fluffy pancakes topped with sauteed spinach, tomatoes, crispy bacon, roasted ribeye steak, roasted chicken and two poached eggswith out very own red wine and dark chocolate-infused Hollandaise sauce" $22, chef's recommendation

I thought $22 is quite reasonable for a dish like that because apart from the usual bacon and poached eggs, this Egg Benedict set comes with pancakes (in place of the usual English muffins), spinach, ribeye steak AND roasted chicken. That's a whole lot of extra stuff from the usual egg benedicts!

However, I find that the Ultimate Benedict only tastes average. Somehow, the entire stack of goodies doesn't add up to anything drool-worthy. To be exact, there were no distinct taste from the sauteed spinach - one of my favourite veg because I love how spinach tastes. The chocolate-infused Hollandaise sauce is also pretty mediocre. I was expecting to taste some hint of chocolate, but nope. Nothing like that at all.

Pancakes are fluffy and soft and the roasted chicken was flavourful and delicious. However, the ribeye steak was too well done, it was almost too tough to bite into already. One of the poached eggs was not done well too, unfortunately.


Nian had the Duck Confit ($27), which I think fared better than my Ultimate Benedict. Despite not being a duck lover, I thought the meat was cured and roasted to a perfect crisp. There isn't any smelly duck smell, if you get what I mean lol. The mash was quite tasty too. Perfect, smooth mash. Yumz.


Latecomer Raymond ordered beef stew (known as Boeuf Bourguignon, $26. Wtf I don't know how to pronounce please). It came in a beautiful little pot of simmering goodness and paired with a slice of bread and salad. I think this is a simple but delectable dish I would probably try the next time.

The beef was also simmered very well, the meat crumbles into our mouths at the first bite, but it is not too soft, if you get what I mean. There is still some bite in it and the stew is very fragrant.


Truffle Fries, $15. I'm glad we ordered the fries because I think it trashes Arbite's, which is already pretty awesome on its own. If I were to visit Au Chocolat again, you bet this is one finger food I'd definitely order.

The generous truffle oil and the truffle sea salt, paired with mayonnaise, oh my god. I think I can have this all by myself!


Finally our last main. Yolanda went for the smoked salmon crepe. There are also sweet crepes available but Yo went for savoury ones cuz we were planning to attack a mega chocolate cake as dessert. Hehehe.

Personally, I think the crepe is a little too thick for my liking. I'm quite 随便 chin-chye when it comes to food actually, so if I think the crepe is too thick, hm. It must be really too crazy thick lol. It's something like prata, except that it is even tougher omg.

If I were to go for crepes, Marche is still my first choice. Didn't really like the smoked salmon too cuz it's really very salty lol.


I think this is the moment the five of us were waiting for - Savouring the Au Chocolat Tower Cake ($18)

Price wise, it is certainly not cheap for dessert. Wtf it costs as much as a main! However, given the portion, I think it is sufficient for 4 to share. 
With 6 layers of chocolate sponge cake and filled with milk chocolate chantilly and crunchy chocolate pearls... the whole cake is then enveloped with a layer of chocolate ganache and served with a scoop of vanilla gelato.... what was I talking about again?

Right. It is definitely enough for 4 to share so that you don't get sugar high from those chocolate overdose!

Will definitely come back for this too. Just thinking about it right now makes me drool.


Yeah, that's quite about it for the food. I'm serving up our fun pictures next!

Poor Dy boy can see cannot taste yet. Mummy can't wait for you to grow up then bring you to foodies sessions with us!

Au Chocolat has a bistro area and a retail area (also selling confectionary like sinful cupcakes and creamy gelato). Yah, as though I hadn't had enough chocolate! (I'm nursing a terrible sore throat as I'm writing this post lol)

And.... us.

Okay! That's all I have for you guys today. Have a great mid-week and... eat a lot for lunch! (Purposely scheduled this post before lunch time to make you all drool with me.)

Au Chocolat MBS
Bay Level L1-03, 
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

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