Foto Friday 9

Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh my god, it is finally Friday. I don't know about you, but this week certainly felt super duper long!

My company was involved in a CSR programme I planned out since last year but suay or what, our launch on Wednesday actually fell on Nomination Day fml. -__- I was honestly expecting quite a bit of media RSVP for this event cuz it's quite large scale, had the mayor and MP for South East CDC and our ambassador Chef Eric Teo was doing something else more exciting and interesting than cooking but because of the Nomination Day coverage, we only had one RSVP omgfml.


Feeling a little sad cuz of the lack of RSVPs BUT I think what is more important and meaningful is that we are actually doing a part for the needy! You see, for every 100 skips we do, my company will donate 1 food product.

As of today, I think we've reached over 100,000 skips, engaging over hundreds of people over east Singapore. We've prepared $60,000 worth of food products (trust me, with each canned food costing only about $1.50, it's HELL LOTS of products enough to feed many, many families!) for this CSR event and I really hope we can hit 1 million skips to redeem them all.

Looking at the bright side, despite the sole RSVP, I'm glad that it was from Straits Times Life so I am still crossing my fingers tightly that we can be the cover story. #lifeofaPR Otherwise, I do hope that my tiny little blog space can also do some part to help.

I was very happy to be skipping for the South East district even though that meant I had to make a journey to the east as early as 7AM and skipping without a full breakfast lol. I take this as fulfilling one of my resolutions this year (which I didn't get around to talk about it during my previous posts) which is to do at least 3 different charity work. I hope this little effort counts!

Moving forward, here are some back-dated photos that couldn't really fit into anywhere in a blogpost on its own so Imma chugging it to this week's Foto Friday. Hehe.


Attended Alvin and Andrea's wedding a fortnight ago and they had somewhat a Hello Kitty themed wedding. Somewhat because it isn't exactly very Hello Kitty themed, as in the table cloths, napkins, dishes and everything else was still the usual Chinese wedding style but the area was decorated with a couple of Hello Kitty balloons.

Obviously I was quite happy to see so many kitties loitering around the hall, so I got my boys to take a polaroid with me. Dy was happily asleep by then!

I was a little disappointed that the wedding favours were not kitty-themed though. I'd have totally taken all 10 back home. *coughs coughs*


Taking pictures with Hello Kitty balloons that lined the red carpet. Left Dylan to the hubs to mingle with the rest of the SAF people - like what the boys do. The girls go around taking photos with kitties lol.


Talking about Hello Kitty, I've also bought this year's ang baos for CNY! Bought a Hello Kitty and a Rilakuma one - Kitty for girls (mental calculation: the 2 sisters, cousin's kids x 5 & Amanda) and Rilakuma for boys (that will be Dy, nephew, cousin's kids x 2). The rest of those strangers kids will get random angbao packets that I got from banks and Popular bookshop hahahaha!


STILL on the topic on Hello Kitties, Nian finally managed to borrow Leong's car to get to Ikea to get us these glass display cabinets and fixed them up so my kitties have a new home now!

This was a week ago when I've only got the first cubicle occupied, the 2nd and 3rd still looks bare cuz we haven't opened my other Pandora Box of kitties. Now as you're reading, I've officially filled up the cabinets + took over the last two cubicle from Nian's display cabinet hehehe.

The last cubicle displays a single display - my shoes worn on our wedding day. :)

Show you guys and girls a closer look on the kitties!



You know, whenever people ask me when did I first get so... attracted (I wanted to say obsessed but I don't think I'm that extent yet lah... as compared to Asako Kanda, that is!) to this mouthless feline, I wouldn't know because it was so bloody long ago!

Then when I was putting these kitty babies into their new homes, I looked at some of the years (some kitties have years engraved on them) that I have and the earliest kitty I've gotten was in 1997. Primary-freaking-six. 16 years ago thankyouverymuch.

In case you're wondering, the 16-years-old kitties are those on the top two rows. They are gifts from Mama Chan. :)


Caught Jack Reacher with Nian one fine day - our first movie for 2013 and the 2nd movie ever since we gave birth to Dy!

I am glad I caught this movie - the plot was good and I love how clever Jack Reacher is! Here are some of my favourite conversations between Tom Cruise and the other characters in the movie:

On a man who died with a bouquet of roses beside him -

Helen: He (the dead man) had a quarrel with his wife that day when he died. His wife couldn't remember what was the last word she had said to him, but he was found dead with a bouquet of roses beside him so his wife took comfort that at the last moments of his life, he thought about her.

Reacher: You wouldn't buy roses for your wife on your way to work. You buy them on your way back.

(I never knew that!)

On a woman who died after buying an expensive watch:-

Helen: Nancy told her husband that she would be bringing her car to the service, instead, she went to town to buy him a watch for their anniversary coming weekend. She was afraid the bill may show up and spoil the surprise, so she paid for in cash.

Reacher: You wouldn't need to worry about a bill showing up if her anniversary is the coming weekend. You only pay for in cash if you don't want the bill to ever show up.

Reacher: Which is why, when (the man) got shot, she walked towards him when everyone else ran.

(A sudden realization that two of the 6 victims actually know one another and it was not a random shoot out)

I'd love to share more but that would totally be throwing spoilers at you all already. I think this is a good show to catch, go watch it if you have the time! :)


Been suffering from the post-natal hair loss for the past month. The thing is, apart from XY, who shares a lot a lot a lot of pregnancy / childcare experience and tips with me, I've never heard of anyone else having post natal hairfall wtf.

Then when my hair starts to fall, I think XY and I are the only few people in the world who drops hair like nobody's business cuz we have a head full of hair like that.

I was quite worried about it because what I read was that people usually lose about 130 strands of hair per day.. but what you see above is only what I dropped after a night of sleep. Repeat this after I shower, comb hair and tie my hair...


Can imagine how much hair or not!!

When I saw Christine's post about her postpartum hair loss, I realized, "Hey! That's another friend!"

THEN when I posted this very photo up on my instagram....


Almost all my mummy friends are having postnatal hairfall! Poor ladies. I feel all of you.


Failed one of my resolutions by the 1st week of January already wtf. And I was just saying that I was only sick twice for 2012! *faints*

Caught a virus from I-dunno-where. After a trip to Au Chocolat and a whole lot of chocolate, I first went down with a slight sore throat.
Then the sore throat got worse. And then the cough came. And then I lost my voice.

I also sport a very retarded-looking bangs right now cuz my hairdresser (a random one near my place, not Yahnee) snipped them off too much fml x 2. Anyways, I think this should be the last time I'm gonna have bangs cuz my husband actually declared that I look nicer with side-swept fringe so whatever rocks his boat rocks mine too so GOODBYE BANGS.


Bought a new batch of wall decals and I had a fun time decorating our red wall in the living room! The idea of this wall decal is a puff of wind catching all the dandelions and frangipani flowers into the air and sprinkling across us.

Nice or not!


Went for another round of Jack's Place for dinner to use up the vouchers from Citibank. I always look forward to Nian's off day because he would come all the way to the west to pick me up from work, then together we will ride back home and pick up our son.

Sometimes, I will fix us some quick dinner while he plays with Dy... and other times like these, we dine out with the bubs in tow. Dinner with these 2 boys is something I look forward to every single day. It makes every shitty day less crappy, and every good day even better.


Ugly photos of my new shoes! Ok, the pictures may look terrible but they actually look very pretty and sparkly in real life! Remember I posted 2 pairs of new shoes I bought in the last week of Dec?

Well. The black one gave way in less than 3 weeks wtf. -__-

Either I honestly walk too much, or that pair of shoes is shit.

Ok! Ending off today's Foto Friday with my beloved Jay Chou

Happy 34th birthday, 周董. It has been 12 years since we first met and I haven't stopped loving your music since. Although I don't approve of your Wooyoung-look for your latest album, I must admit that your abs are looking ridiculously sexy. Thank you for all the hard work to try to look like 24 when you're already almost mid-30s lol.

Just one last request, please stop denying all your girlfriends. I really hope that you can finally get married to a nice girl because I will really be very happy for you.

生日快乐!(as if he's gonna read this lolwtf)

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  1. Oh God.. every time I see my hair strains on the floor (even when I just swept it) and the amount of hair on my hand when brushing my hair, I feel like crying.


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