Foto Friday 8

Friday, January 11, 2013

These are some overdue pictures from last year! (Heh actually it was just 2 weeks ago wtf.)


Snugged a deal on a playmat for Dylan. You know, I can never understand why playmats are so freaking expensive.

A lot of parents are using the Parklon Playmat for their babies... and the cheapest we've seen, of the same size, is like $130? The most expensive one costs $519. I KNOW RIGHT!?!??

So when I see this play mat on sale, I grabbed it almost immediately. Although it may not be a Parklon, but hey! It works perfectly well... and I honestly think this is better than Parklon.

One, this mat is foldable, which means it is space efficient. Of course, the Parklon can be rolled up and stored away, but am I the only one who finds curled up ends of a mat annoying?

Two, Parklon has these tiny grooves all over the mat, supposedly for increased friction or something. I see it as a potential place where all the dirt and germs can collect.

Three, the play mat we got works just like what a play mat should do - protect the baby. I've tried banging my head on the floor with it and nope. No pain at all. (What? It is important to test drive the mat myself... otherwise let Dy test meh! #choi)

And lastly, it costs just $100. Cheapest, equally functional and safe. I'd consider this a good buy!


Dy on activity mat, passed down from Amanda. He loves fiddling around with all those hanging what-nots. One day, I hung a carrot toy which he loves putting in his mouth up on one of those hooks. You know, to encourage him to aim and try to catch the carrot while it swings in the air.

It tickles me so much to watch him try to grab the carrot and as he was going to stuff it in his mouth, it got yanked out because he didn't grasp it hard enough.


But by Day 2, he had already learned the trick of catching it wtf. He stuffed it triumphantly in his mouth as I sat down there, dumbfounded.

How did he realize it so suddenly and so quickly!?


Bought a few Hello Kitty nonsense to stick on my wall. My husband is not very happy with all these little appearances of the cat liao cuz... they are starting to appear everywhere in the house.

I promise these will be the last batch of kitties ok? Although I'd loooove to change our table place mats into Hello Kitty ones as well... and our cutleries... I won't do it. I promise. Hehe.


Made Hotplate Tofu using my Happy Call Pan as the hotplate!

My friend, Tiffany, asked for the recipe but honestly... I never used any recipes. (Not haolian, but I just didn't bother la) I just chin chai anyhow mix and match one. :x

But if you guys are really interested, here goes:

1/4 carrots, sliced
2 Flower mushrooms, sliced
1 tube of egg tofu, sliced
A handful of minced pork, seasoned with pepper, sesame oil and light soy sauce
1 clove of garlic, chopped
2 eggs, beaten

1. Stir fry garlic until fragrant
2. Throw in carrots and fry until soft (carrots take a long time to turn soft don't you think so? Or is it because I don't have skills? Most of the time my carrots are only half-cooked if I don't throw them in the pan for at least 5 to 10 minutes wtf)
3. Throw in mushrooms
4. Throw in minced meat
5. Pour ketchup. Maybe like 3 tablespoons?
6. Add some sugar. Like maybe 1 teaspoon.
7. Taste and see if you like it. If not salty enough, then add salt lol. #CaptainObvious
8. Add water, dissolve everything. Don't add too much though, later very watery.
9. Take out sauce then pan fry the tofu until golden brown.
10. Pour the egg into the pan, throw in the carrot/mushroom/meat mixture.

Done. Quite easy right? If you don't like soaking those annoyingly thick mushrooms, you can use YIFON Bottled Mushrooms hahahahaha

The YIFON Bottled Mushrooms I was talking about. 7 different flavours, my favourite is the Nameko and the Tea Tree one. You can eat it immediately, but I prefer using it to cook. It tastes better lah in my opinion.


Mama Tan has brought cooking to the next level. After chilli crabs, she now amazes me with her handmade sushi. I had so much fun eating them!


First pictures of our little bubs in 2013. It is my wallpaper now because he looks so adorable! He was initially trying to grab his Sophie the giraffe (Nian bought it for him as his first X'mas present lol. Excuses for shopping for him la wtflol), but he got distracted by me calling him...

He was just giving me small smiles but eventually, he couldn't tahan anymore when I keep calling him, so he looked up at me. Then I made some funny noises and he started laughing!

He's trying to crawl these days. Very cute! I love watching how he spends so much energy trying to kick himself forward, then he will get so tired he would just give up and flop his head on the bed. Hehe.

P.S. New bedsheets from Papa Tan. Very comfy lor. $300 的 bedsheet 不是假的!


I'm very into colourful pencil skirts these days so I bought quite a lot of colours of the same thing LOL. Here are some #ootds, featuring my Aqua, Brown, Yellow and HAWT PINK skirts! hehehe


First bake of the year, Oreo Cheesecake!

I bought the cream cheese for like a good whole month without touching it cuz I wanted to save it for my sister. But because of work and travel, I haven't seen her for the entire month!

And since Yo and Ray are coming over to our place to play with Dylan, I decided to use up these cheese and make all of us some cheesecake. As usual, the cheesecake recipe never fails me! You can try it if you're free too. I got it done in less than 30 minutes wtf.


Ending off the post with my first winning of the year - a Philosophy Hands of Hope!! I was just talking about wanting the Philosophy's Think Beautiful Thoughts gift set in my Evil Wishlist post! Although the Hands of Hope isn't part of the gift set, I am still happy to have won my first Philosophy skincare.

I have been dyingggggg to try Philosophy's products out for the longest period!

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  1. Hello Jacq! :) Dylan is soooooo cute. He's growing up so fast. Hope you're well xx

    1. Hi Suan!! Thanks dear, when are we gonna start our baking!! :p

  2. Good question! I will have to visit you at some stage. School has just started (and work, and internship) so time is tight, but let's plan. x


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