Foto Friday 10

Friday, January 25, 2013


Starting this week's Foto Friday with one of my #ootds! Been really into this two-piece coordination these days instead of sticking to my usual dress staples. Bought this top at only $10 but I'm so surprised that the material is so fab!

I love this shade of green too but somehow, I absent-mindedly paired it with a black bottom and the colour combination kinda reminded me of 梁细妹 wtf.

Next time I shall pair this top with some other colours. Maybe like white. I hope it won't look like some school uniform! (I had white-green combination for my uniform during my secondary school days lol)


Been craving for steak recently so I've been eating steak after steak this month! Special mention to Aston's ribeye steak. This is really pretty well done (er, as in it is delicious. This steak is medium rare lol) and I enjoyed the mac and cheese a lot.

Haven't eaten mac & cheese for a long time oready!


Missed Aiden baby's baby shower because I was down with a sore throat so we made it up by visiting them separately after I got better! It was Dy's first time meeting his fellow soccer team-mate so it was really quite fun to see the both of them mingle. Dylan even laid down in Aiden's little bed omg! #bff lol


Bought some Chinese New Year deco for the house! Yes, even though I'm not a fan of decorations lol. I do hope that I won't wait until CNY 2014 before I remove these deco... cuz that's what most families do right! LOL.

The big ingot is rather cute - it is hollow inside and the top acts as a lid so we plan to put all our mandarin oranges in there and place it in the middle of our coffee table. I also bought a Hello Kitty Fortune Cat as part of the decoration too. I know.... I really cannot resist anything kitty lah. :x Besides, a tricolour beckoning cat brings good luck so why not?!


Yes, I know I did promise my husband that the Hello Kitty switch stickers were the last of the kitties in the house... he didn't know that I had actually placed orders for all these before I promised him hahahahaha.

As you can see, now I think we're all set for the Chinese New Year - Hello Kitty tissue paper holder, Hello Kitty Fortune Cat (FAVOURITE IN THE LOOT), Hello Kitty bowls for the reunion steamboat... and a Hello Kitty clothes peg. Dunno why I bought the clothes pegs also when we already have one from Daiso.

Must be gone crazy from the buying anyhow click one. :x

I also bought a Hello Kitty keychain! It is 3 Hello Kitties stacked on top of one another. Walamak so cute. (Also another crazy buy)

Finally, bought 2 new casing for my phone cuz the Cath Kidson one that I am currently using is so wearing out until... it doesn't look like Cath Kidson anymore wtf. Not Hello Kitty because those that I saw all not nice one. D:


My babyboo ran a fever following his 5th immunization. I thought since this is like the 3rd dose of the 5-in-1 and 2nd dose of the pneumococcal vaccination, he would have skipped the fever part but nooooo.

So I had a cranky baby for almost 24 hours, that poor boy. :(

I've spoken to a few mommies regarding the possibilities of preventing an onset of fever after immunization. To me, I'm okay with Dy running fever - as long as it is of controlled temperature and does not exceed 24 hours because it is an indication to me that Dy's little strong body is fighting the infection and thereby gaining immunity.

However, I know some mummies hope to skip the entire fever episode altogether. So here's sharing what I've heard! Do note that I have not tried any of these methods on Dy, and I'm most likely planning not to because I want him to go through immunization the traditional way.

1. Take small amounts of panadol before immunization.
I do give Dy panadol prescribed by the doctors in the clinic but I only do so when he runs a fever about 37.5 celcius. Plus I follow the amount to be given to him very, very strictly. I do not give him anything more than what was prescribed.

Having said that, I'm not so sure if we should give a child panadol for 'no rhyme or reason'. Of course, the reason is because he is going to go through a round of immunization but his body won't know that. That means, we are actually giving a baby painkillers when he is not experiencing any pain or fever at all at that point of time.

Sounds a little like drug abuse to me lol. Kinda like... "Let's take some cough medicine so that I won't have a cough." :\

2. Take small amounts of ginseng water
I heard this from older parents. Personally, I don't know what is the efficacy of ginseng water, but I am personally more receptive to this idea than taking panadol.

3. Place a few drops of Peppermint or Camomile essential oil in his bath after injection
I think this is possibly the most make-sense method which I may use if Dy gets too cranky. Thing is, I usually don't bathe him after his immunization because according to Mama Chan, he may catch a cold during the shower because his immunity is weaker. (I'm not so sure if there's a direct link of weaker immunity to catching a cold)

What other methods have you mummies heard before?


This is one of my favourite pictures for Dylan. So cute to see him roll onto his tummy in one swift moment! Now that he is older, Nian and I love to throw (ok not literally) him on his play mat and he will roll over and start reaching out for his toys.

Super funny boy now! ^^


Yolanda surprised us by mailing Dylan a Chinese New Year costume! This girl ah... she's a really very sweet friend. Ever since I gave birth to Dy, she would come by our house with food during my confinement, play with Dy... when Dy turns one month old, she came by all the way again...

Even Dy's first children's day / X'mas / CNY gifts are from Yoyo 姨姨!

It is friends like that that I'm often thankful for. :)

You know, I always think that I don't have a lot of friends... but when I think about all the good I get from my friends, I am really super glad that I have them.

Like my polygangers, I have them who would come all the way to my place just to pass me a bottle of shampoo.

Like Yolanda and Raymond, who would always enthusiastically go to the end of Singapore to try out nonsense food that I read about online. They are also the ones who love Dylan as much as Nian and I love him.

Like Laien, whom we used to work as client-vendor and then became colleagues and now, she is one of the first few whom I turn to when I need advice.

Like Serene and Wendy, whom I hardly meet these days but yet they will always remember to drop me messages to catch up with me.

Like Lava, who has a newborn son to take care of, but would still go out and buy a blanket for Dylan because I mentioned that I wanna let Dy try different comfort item.

Like the Tuesdays Girls, Tiffany wanted to prepare an inflatable swimming pool in her home so that Dy can swim in there when we hang out lolwtf. Kelly who bought so much clothes for Dy even before he was born... and Kat, who handmade everything for us. And who can forget their major rainbow cupcake project that they had so painstakingly done for my family?

And of course, my XY. I cannot thank her enough for always being there for me. Advisor, pillar of strength, gossip partner... She does so much more for me than I can ever do for her.

Thank you friends. I am really, really lucky to have all of you in my life, doing so much for me and my family. I wish I can do as much for each and everyone of you as well. :)


Had Watami for dinner with my two boys over the weekend and I really like the food there even though the waiting time was kinda long. I wanna try the self-cook hot plate beef thingy in our next visit!


Sent this happy picture of Dylan to wish Leong a happy birthday. With a smile like that, I think no presents for him this year also ok right? :p


Ending off this week's Foto Friday with a sneak preview of our first Blogshop Shopping advert! Thanks to Blush With Love, I am wearing this pretty Earlene Lace Blouson in Gold. I cannot resist the intricate lace details, can you?

More on this coming up soon, have a good weekend!

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  1. ur baby is really cute!! his smile is so sweet :)

    1. Hehe thank you!

      I love his gummy smile too.. seeing him smile means more than anything else in the world. <3

  2. Hello! Can I ask where you bought your Hello Kitty fortune cat from? I wld love to buy one for my new home too!

    1. You can get it at Kiddy Palace! :)

    2. Ok thanks a lot, I will go hunt for it! (:


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