Butter Cake with Nutella Frosting

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It was one quiet night, just slightly past 8PM. I had just put Dylan into bed, fast asleep, playing with the other babies in lalaland. Nian was in the living room, watching random TV programmes. I fell into the sofa seat beside him and we spent about five whole minutes, enjoying each other's presence but didn't utter a single word at all.

Then suddenly, the baking bug hit me. I felt like turning on my oven to bake something, yet I really wanted to spend the time hanging out with the husband. So... we ended up baking together. :)

I didn't know what I want to bake because I don't often leave a lot of supplies at home. So with the remaining flour, sugar, butter and vanilla essence, we decided to make a simple butter cake - maybe for breakfast the next day?

So we got around beating up and mixing the ingredients. It was really a joy baking with Nian for the first time because I think he really has a hidden talent for baking. Somehow, without much instructions from my end, he could whip up a dozen of very pretty looking cuppies!

I thought cupcakes aren't cupcakes if they don't have pretty icing on them so again, we dug out whatever we had and I settled for Nutella frosting because we've got quite a bit of Nutella left and we never really got around eating those chocolatey goodness up.

This is the first batch of icing we did - and unsurpringly, it looked terrible, haha.

But after that, the next few batches turned out to be pretty passable! I mean, I don't have high standards for frostings so as long as they don't melt into a pulp and I can still see distinctive swirls, I'd say it's a pass. Hehe.

My kind of OCD - cupcakes fit perfectly into the little squares of my storage box. The frostings also look much better than the above because they've somewhat settled down and therefore don't look so... wet anymore. And these became our breakfasts and tea for the next two days.

When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary with your other half? :)

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