Ben and Lydia's Wedding

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

How did you usher in your new year? For me, I was hosting a community countdown event organized by PA. Nian and Dy went to the event with me and it was Dy's first time watching his mummy speaking into the mike hehehe.

You know, as we reached the end of 2012, I felt a bit of reluctance. I dunno why, perhaps it's my personality or something. When I see something slowly inching away, I feel like holding on to it instead of watching it disappear lol. Everyone was looking forward to the new year and all the exciting things they're gonna do, I'm looking back at what I've done and reminisce.

So as we counted down, I felt like I was a driftwood, being pushed into the doors of 2013. I was not quite ready to leave 2012!
Anyway, before I know it, today's the 2nd day of a new year already. (Back to work! )

As this is the first post for the new year, I'd like to start off with a cheerful and happy post - Ben and Lydia's wedding!


I attended Ben and Lydia's wedding at Chijmes on 23 December. It was such a lovely affair... and I'm really very happy for the couple because they finally got married after dating for 12 years!


A very blurry picture of the ringbearer and flower girl. I was telling my friends next time I will rent Dylan out to be the ringbearer. Hahaha anyone interested or not! :p


Stuffed myself with all these delicious canapes while Ben and Lydia were going through the tea ceremony. People drink tea, I eat my fill. *eh-hem*


The entire hall was filled with roses and rose-scented candles omg. SO ROMANTIC.

I also cannot resist red roses! Such beautiful, intricate petal twists.


Everything was also very customized too. From our table place cards to our invitation cards, you can see that a lot of effort is put into this wedding.


I love, love, LOVE the chandeliers and the coloured glass. It's really such a beautiful place to get married in - except that Chijmes only rent this out as a venue. I heard from XY that you have to source for external vendors to decorate the place, set up tables and chairs and food.

So the cost surely very high. O.O

But if you've the budget, why not? Afterall, it's a once-in-a-lifetime affair. :)



Here comes the bride with her mum! Both her gowns were ab-solutely gorgeous btw. To add on to this 'whoa' element, it is sewed by Lydia's mom herself. So meaningful and such an interesting project to do together as mother and daughter isn't it?

Given my sewing skills..... I don't think I can ever do this for my daughter if I have one. :(


Behind the scene of a wedding photo shoot.

The thing about wedding gowns is that you look super gorgeous when you have long legs to carry it off. Lydia's like 1.7 over meters so you can guess how elegant she looked in both dresses. *ENVY*


Back in the good ol' netball days (Lydia still plays, I'm somewhat semi-retired liao wtf), she will be the GA and I'll be the GS. Good combination cuz she can jump for all the lobs, while the shorter me go for all the low passes.


They had three 'billboards' to talk about how they met, fell in love and finally the proposal. You know, when they talk about the 'perfect' relationship, I think Ben and Lydia come pretty close to this.

They met when they were 3 because both families are friends. Ben is always over at their house to play with Lydia's elder brother. Funny thing was, Lydia was always very shy, so Ben never really got to hang out much with her.

Sometimes she thought that she will never fall in love with her brother's friends, but other times, she will flip her brother's year book, look intently class by class, until she found Ben. And then she will tell herself, "Ah... that's Benjamin."

Subsequently, when they turn 16, Ben realized that he had fallen for Lydia. So one day, they were out.

Ben: "Are your parents thieves?"
Lydia: "What?" (somewhat offended)
Ben: "Because they stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes."

(At this point of time, all of us were roaring with laughter wtf. WHY SO CHEESY ONE.)

And finally, at their 10th year anniversary, Ben invited Lydia's close friends and relatives to St. Regis to celebrate their anniversary together. Little did Lydia know that Ben was going to propose to her.

Another 2 years later, we were sitting in a (defunct) church, in front of a pastor who really looks like Wolverine, watching them read their vows.

:) I'm truly very happy for this couple!


We had a 4-course fine dining meal but I skipped the dessert cuz Nian and Dy was already in town, loitering around waiting for me. The first 3 dishes were superbly done, but I love my entree dish the best. The white truffle oil in the prawn aglio olio was da bomb! Matched with a glass of Chardonnay to wash it down, the pairing can never be better.

I chose beef for my main. It was not too bad, but I prefer my meat medium rare. It came in medium, so it was kinda to tough for me already. The red wine pairing was Shiraz. Would very much prefer Merlot instead!


Can't believe that it was almost 5 years back that we first played together. You know what's the interesting thing?

All of us know one another from Flowerpod (FP)! To be honest, I know most of my close friends online lolwtf. Like Serene and Wendy, I got to know the both of them from FP as well... like almost 10 years ago O.O

Kelly, Kat and Tiff, I got to know them through blogging. I think apart from XY, all of them are from online omg #nolife LOL.

I no longer participate actively in these forums, but it's quite nice to read and troll random interesting threads I think. Hehehe.


There was a lizard 3D sculpture-like thing on one of the pillars and it freaked the hell out of me. WTF it does look like a real lizard if you just walk past using your peripheral vision ok!


Stay loving always, Lydia and Ben. Thank you for inviting me to such a cozy affair that is filled with love, friendship and amazing food.


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