Babyboo Turns 5 Months!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

1 month, 2 months, 3 months... and now 4 months has passed? Time has certainly flew past us before I know it! Sometimes, I cannot wait for Dylan to grow up so that I can watch him crawl, walk, call me Mama... but on the other hand, I wish he will stay young so that I can always cuddle him in my arms.

Sometimes, when I'm alone, my mind tends to go into overdrive. Then I would feel very sad because there will come a time when my little baby will be too old to want me to hug, kiss and cuddle already. What am I gonna do then? :(

I know, sometimes I am too dramatic for my own good LOL. Here are some of his little milestones for his 4th month!

- He learned flipping to his tummy by himself

For the past month, he has been turning halfway through but his flip will never be a completed one. It was on 12-12-12 that I saw him completing his first successful tummy turn and boy was I excited!
Wanted to film him doing it again but he refuses to do it when I whip out my camera. 

- He can turn 180 degrees on his cot by himself omg

I will make him sleep in the same direction as us, but the next morning, he will be in a totally opposite direction! This is him, one fine morning, trying to adjust his body after turning 180 degrees lol.

- He eyes us as we leave him at the infant care

For the past few months, we had difficulties to get him to look at us when we stand at the window. He would always be distracted by the colourful hanging strips of paper from the ceiling, or the other kids' noises etc. But this month, he could actually respond to us calling his name and watch us as we wave him good bye.... and eye us as we leave. He will turn his head and follow our leaving bodies.

How was I able to turn my back and leave him while he watches me? I also don't know. It is almost one month since I went back to work and it still kills me to leave him there with someone else.

- Pronouncing -ba, -ma- and -ta

Sometimes, he makes my heart skip a beat when he looks at me and go "mamamama". Obviously that was just by some stroke of good luck. Little fella still can't associate mama to me yet... but it doesn't stop him from all the practicing anyway!

He also shouts a lot more often these days. Once, he did a "Wow wee!" accidentally and Nian and I were so surprised, we ended up imitating him, hoping that he would do it again. He didn't. -__-

- He is learning how to sit independently and pushing himself to crawl

Dy's back is getting stronger by the day and after being able to do some angry sit-ups when he was in his 3rd month, he can now prop himself up longer. The picture on the right shows him pushing himself away from his reclining bouncer.

As for learning how to crawl, he has been kicking and pushing really hard to try to make himself move. He can't move much as yet, but he loves it when we lend him our thighs as a 'wall' to propel himself forward lol.

- He developed his double eyelids on his left eye this month

Dunno how it happened, but suddenly, his double eyelid became so much more obvious after one night! He is born with double eyelids, but they are usually hidden and not visible, unless he just wakes up.
Now, his left eye has double eyelid. Permanently visible.

- He is sleeping through the night. YAY!

It happened only very recently, like the start of the year? Initially, I was still waking up at 1AM and 4AM to give him his night feeds, but suddenly... he was crying for milk at 10 - 11PM (about 4 hours after he sleeps) and then subsequently the next time I was waken up by his cries, it was already 5.30AM!

I feel more energetic now also because I have lesser interrupted sleep. Nian and I usually turn in at about 10, so I will wake up an hour later to feed him and I'd concuss all the way for about 6 hours straight - oh how long have I not slept this long stretch!?

- His head is gradually becoming rounder

To explain what I mean by this, please read through this lengthy story:

I'm sure I'm not alone when it comes to being an obsessive, paranoid mom. Having read all the horror stories of Sudden Infant Deaths, I am more paranoid than ever to ensure that I put Dy sleep on his back so that he can breathe properly. Moms who put their babies to sleep on their bellies when they are young, I salute you. I can never do it without freaking myself out.

I also ensure that there are no stray objects in his cot, so Dy doesn't sleep with a blanket at all. When he was younger at about 2 months plus, I would put his beanie bolster on his chest while he sleeps so that he would feel more secure and sleep better, but once, when he was about 3 months old, he learned how to fidget and the bolster ended up on his face!

It was in the middle of the night and I was super sound asleep then when suddenly Dy started screaming. It scared me cuz Dy never screams. He would usually make little noises to wake me up (I'm a very light sleeper so a slight fidget from him would wake me up) so when he screamed, I jumped out of my bed.

Then I saw him struggling to shake the bolster off his face. He couldn't use his hands cuz I swaddled him while he sleeps - so can you imagine if he hadn't screamed?

Feeling more freaked out than ever, Dylan slept without anything for the next month while I trained him to remove stuff from his face. I also stopped swaddling him so that he can use his hands if necessary. Now, Dy can remove his beanie pillow / hankies when I leave them on his face, so I'm back to giving him his beanie stuff and a baby pillow (the one with a small depression in the middle) to sleep on.

So talking about flat heads, because I always put him to sleep on his back, he has quite a flat head at the back. The front looks okay, but I was kinda worried about how he looked from the back because I've had (annoying) uncles and aunties coming up to me, telling me that my son has a flat head.

What, do you think I'm blind?

So in his 4th month where he has stronger neck strength and can push himself up if he rolls over, Nian and I began to put him to sleep on his sides. He is also gradually learning how to turn his head more often when he sleeps so the soft bones in his skull are slowly being pushed back to place.

Babycenter (a phone app that is btw my baby bible) says that a baby's head will only 'solidify' when he turns 6 months so we officially have the last month to work on the head shape. Jia you ah!

And yes. Turning 5 months marks another round of immunization... and fever. Oh no!

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  1. Hi! Little Dylan is cute! :D

    To solve the flat head problem, can I suggest the sarong hammock that babies sleep in (those can suspend from the ceiling or if you don't want to destroy your ceiling, Kiddy Palace has alternatives too)? My 2 kids sleep in those when they were babies and it does help quite a bit. However, once the baby is older (maybe close to a year), sarong may not be good cos they will learn to climb out of it. Still, it's a good way to 'round' the head for the first few months!

    1. Hello dear!

      Thanks a lot for your recommendations. My mum also advised us to let him sleep in sarong. The thing is, we already have a cot, I'm not sure if we have enough space for a cot AND a sarong! :(


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