Year-End Post - Goodbye 2012!

Monday, December 31, 2012

I think this year has been a really fruitful year for both Nian and I... but when I look back every year, i think every year is fruitful!

I'm thankful that we have the opportunities to fulfill the things that we want to do each year, just so that we can aim higher and further the next.

Here are our Top 10 happenings this year!

1. I gave birth to Dylan

This is yet another important year for me (apart from 2010, when I got married to Nian), because I become a mummy. This is also the year where I appreciate both my mom and mother-in-law exceptionally much because I finally understood how is it like to love someone unconditionally.

You know, I used to always tell Nian that he's my husband - no one will be more important than him. If he dies, I don't think I can live on much longer (LOL very drama, I know). But when Dy comes along, I realized something far greater than the love I have for Nian (sorry boss).

I can sit down for hours just to watch him sleep. Every single action of his just spells a-d-o-r-b-z to me. I can smell his tummy forever, if he lets me (and if he bathes). I can shower him a hundred kisses every day.

Most importantly, I think I can give up my life for him. Which... I don't think it's as easy for me to give up my life for Nian. Not that I don't love him, I do, and he will be the only man I'm gonna be with for the rest of my life....

Don't know if you guys get what I mean, but in short, Dylan is not only my life, he's my world and my universe. I can give up anything for him. Anything. Any-single-thing.

2. We got our first house!

It was kinda catastrophic with our contractor back then (you can read all the happenings here), but now that we've moved in for four months, everything is falling into place! :)

I really enjoy staying in this humble abode, baking, cooking, cleaning up the house, basically taking responsibility and decision over something significant like this.

3. We had our Babymoon in Bali

I was three months pregnant then and my gynae kept asking us to travel because we won't have a chance to for at least the next 1 year because I'd be too heavy to travel (last trimester) and Dylan will be too young.

This could potentially be the last holiday we are spending with just the two of us... until our kids grow up. So we really appreciate this last getaway!

4. My confinement auntie left halfway

I think this was probably the shittiest happening this year. My confinement auntie left me just 2 weeks into confinement because she sprained her back, so I was alone most of the time dealing with Dylan.

It was of course, very difficult at first because I'm a new mom! I didn't really know how to bathe Dylan properly and I can't touch water. Eventually, I decided to just f-it and just do whatever I can. I ended up touching so much water from cooking, washing clothes and bathing Dy lol.

Not to mention, stupid builders actually punctured a hole in my water pipe, so I had to clean up almost 10 pails of water seeping from a wall for 4 days before help came. -__-

5. Nian got into an accident [link]

Ever since he got his bike licence like 3-4 years ago, Nian has never met an accident before. Sure, we do have silly moments where we were careless and I fell off the bike when it was stationary, where we broke our bike's mirror cuz it wasn't parked properly... getting into an accident was the first.

And it freaked the hell out of me.

I certainly pray that this will be the first and last accident he will ever get into. Ever. Ever. EVERRRRR.

6. I won a hell loads of stuff this year!

Won Kérastase haircare in May from Cosmopolitant magazine, XBOX Kinect from a trade event in July, Hello Kitty cookie cutters, Successful Breastfeeding book from Mount Alvernia, Samsung S-III, Samsung Note 2, iPad and MacBook Pro in November and Sharetea vouchers in December!

Won 1st prize in my company's D&D this year, in Januray!
Hello Kitty cookie cutters that I won
Won a Canon Ixus camera in July
Biggest winning ever for the year!

Certainly hope that my good luck can last through next year too. ^^

7. Started using Samsung

Yes, this is considered as one of the Top 10 happenings this year because friends who know me will know that I don't use Samsung-anything. No Samsung TV at home, no Samsung fridge, no Samsung washing machine.. no Samsung.

It's not because I don't like the brand, but I don't like it that they are sponsoring Chelsea, which btw I don't like. Sooooo I kinda deduced that if I were to buy Samsung products, some of my money will be used for Chelsea to buy players. Wtf like that won't I be like sabo-ing my own Manchester United?

So... I don't use Samsung. As to why I end up using Samsung now, was because I won 2 phones (as above) ma! And my iPhone 4S is seriously pissing the shit out of me by turning itself off automatically. When that happens, my alarm doesn't work and sometimes I over sleep.

Other times, I missed phone calls and SMSes, which is really annoying.

Initially when I started using Samsung, I really wanted to die cuz I was so not used to it. I had all sorts of funny contacts coming up in my list (they show whatsapp, google and sim card contacts separately wtf) and out of nowhere, ALLLLLL the pictures in my blog got synced to my phone!

Took me so long to learn how to undo all those things! But now, I'd say I really like the camera. Hehe. And the wide screen makes it easy for me to watch Running Man. ^^

8. Went for my first outdoor movie session!

This was our first time that Nian and I went picnic, just the two of us lol. Our last picnic was an awfully long time with Lava and Usof at the Keppel Bay..? Too long to even remember wtf.

To make the picnic even more interesting, we even had a outdoor movie screening by WWF, featuring a documentary about endangered fishes caused by overfishing and pollution. I left the place feeling super inspired to help play a part to conserve our marine life.

9. Made my first customized pair of Havaianas!

Anyone can own a pair of Havaianas, but how many can own a customized pair?

I absolutely cannot wait for the 2013 collection to be released. OMG Havaianas addict reporting!

10. We celebrated our fourth anniversary with Dylan!

Even though I see every anniversary as a milestone Nian and I have acheived together as one, this year's anniversary is even more meaningful because we have our little one to spend it with us!

It's kinda like... a brand new chapter altogether. Thank you for being with us, Dy! ^^

As usual, let's take a look at my resolutions last year:

- Be very enthusiastic about housework
Well.... I won't say I'm very enthusiastic about housework but I'm doing quite a bit these days! It's kinda like repaying my housework debt that I've accumulated while staying with my parents and in-laws wtf.

In the past, I never needed to vacuum the floor / mop the floor / do laundry / cook / iron / anything housework lah. But nowwwwwww. I wash everybody's clothes - the washing machine and dryer are my best friend. I cook almost every day. I vacuum the floor every day... So I'd say, mission accomplished.

- Pick up netball again
Nope, didn't happen at all because I was pregnant for a good 8 months of the year... and then confinement for 1 month, which leaves me to these last 3 months. I didn't make it happen lol.

- Work on a better fashion sense
I've to say that I tried my best on this because for 6 months, I had to wear loose clothings. My last 3 months of pregnancy had me wearing maternity clothings so....

This was the best I could do with a enormous belly lol.

Then post-preggy most of my outfit choices were breast-feeding friendly, unless I am out without Dylan. But I try my best to not look too cui also la!


I think I've some sort of improvements from last year lah, right?

- Be thankful for everyday
I've never been more thankful, to be honest. Every time something shitty happens, I can now tell myself that at least shittier things didn't happen!

Like for example, when Nian got into the accident, I was that it was the bike that went koyak and not him.

When I had to go through a 40-hour labour, amidst the pain and the discomfort, I am thankful that my husband was there with me and both Dylan and I are safe from the delivery.

When I had a burst pipe and had to move out for two weeks while the repair took place, I was thankful that we noticed it early and not like 1 year later, where the builders leave the place.

When we had to bribe a traffic police in JB, I was thankful I was paying RM50 to a police, and not RM5000 to a gangster.

So yes! I'm thankful for everything, the good and the bad. :)

My resolution for this coming year will be:

1. Avoid social comparison
I think this is really not easy - avoiding social comparison means to be completely at peace with whatever I have - totally not my character lol. But I shall start simple, first, I shall stop thinking about wanting things cuz people have them. I should want to have things because I love it, or it will improve our lives.

Having Dylan also means another hurdle to cross because everyone is always comparing him to their own kids.

"Can he turn to his tummy already?"

"Can he put his pacifier into his mouth by himself?"

"Can he talk already?"

If I don't manage this social comparison now, it will just get worse over the years. Now you know why some mothers find joy in comparing their kids' grades. -__-

2. Learn to let go
There are many things that I hold too hard in life and as I grow older, I understand that there are simply too many things in life for me to hold on to every single one of them. Worse is, no matter how hard I try, there's really nothing I can do to change the difficult situation(s)!

That is why, I wanna learn how to let go when necessary. Don't be too hard on myself. Don't force things to go another way if they are meant to be. As long as I've tried and done my best, the rest doesn't matter.

3. Take care of my body
Eat well, sleep early, do exercise regularly. I don't need to be able to run long distance quickly, I just need to be fit. Probably pick up netball again? Who knows. :)

All in all, I wanna fall sick as little as possible. This year has been really good because I've only fallen sick twice! Gimme a hi-five yo.

4. Buy a car
Buying a car has always been the last agenda on our list but now, having Dylan, it looks like we need to buy one soon so that it will be more convenient for us. We're aiming to get one by August 2013, in time for our birthday for the three of us!

Only 4 resolutions that are convenient to share with everyone. I still have a secret stash of resolutions pinned up on my fridge. Time to work very hard this 2013! Fighting!

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