The Last Foto Friday of the year: Hello Christmas!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hey Ho, Merry belated Christmas everyone! (Do we have such thing as belated X'mas?)

I hope all my 5000 over readers had a splendid holiday. Did anyone got proposed? Surely have right...? Christmases are always nice time to propose cuz everyone's in such a cheery mood you probably won't get a bad answer. Hehe.

Nobody proposed to me, but I proposed to my husband!

Not to marry me wtf but I proposed to go town to look-see Christmas deco cuz it's Dylan's first festive season woop woop, so off to town we went.


I really don't wanna praise my husband (cuz it sounds like self-praise wtf), but Nian is a really capable daddy! You see, I was out early in the morning for Ben and Lydia's wedding, so the husband had to take care of our little man.

Thing is, he doesn't just make milk for him. He made him take his nap, shower him, changed his diaper, strapped him up and made a trip down town to meet me, all by himself! He even packed his nursing bag perfectly omg.

But.... After all the efforts in packing and going all the way down to town, we actually only covered Orchard Central cuz the boy fell asleep already LOL.

It is still a good start anyway! Maybe next year we will be able to stay up late to watch those X'mas lightings!


Talking about staying up, this was the little bubs still frolicking around at 8PM one night. It was waaaaay past his bed time btw! He usually knocks out at about 7PM. I dunno why he was so active that day lol.

Recently, he has learned how to flip and go onto his fours (to be exact, he did his first turnover on 12-12-12!) so he has been suuuuuper onz about flipping around his cot bed. We never had the bumper until recently when he started somersaulting everywhere in his bed. We were worried he might hit his head against the wooden cot frame la.


Favourite picture of the moment - Dy, myself, and a lamb with heart-shaped speckies! Dy was so distracted by all the people around him.. no mood for photos lol


Ugly self-shot featuring Mochi Sweets - some random stuff Nian and I came across while window shopping at Somerset 313. Bought their Green Tea and Yoghurt Mango (both best sellers) to try. I must say the Green Tea Mochi is really yumz!

Very expensive though, the Green Tea one costs $2.50 while the Yoghurt Mango costs $2.80. Veryyyy small only some more!


Spent X'mas eve with my god-sis, Mandy and Sophie. Yay!



Guess what did my XY bought me? I must say she really knows me very well cuz she actually manages to buy me a combination of 2 of my favourite stuff!


It's a Hello Kitty Tupperware! It's really a combination of both things I love! Ok, to be fair, only people who are very, very close to me knows that I have a certain penchant for these kinda storage boxes.

I. cannot. resist. them.

And now you all know lol.

I always tell my close friends my secret fantasy is when I open any cupboards / fridge at home, every single thing is stored and labelled nicely in identical storage boxes, all labelled and stacked perfectly.



Then it's Mandy's turn to open my present for her! Look how excited she is lolololol


Mummy and daughter ripping the wrapping paper apart. 早知道 I use newspaper wrap can liao lor LOL. (I've the same mindset about wrapping papers and party decorations. Read here if you don't know what I mean.)


My husband actually bought me the self-blooming sakura tree after he read my previous blog post wtf. It was a very pleasant surprise cuz I was waiting for him at home with home-cooked dinner, then he came home with a red plastic bag.

Me:"什么来的?" (What's that?)
Him:"公司送的." (Gift from company)
Me:"作莫这样好?" (Why so good?)

Then cuz I'm a very kpo wife right, I opened the plastic bag to see. I was thinking how come his company so good one, Christmas give their employees such a big bag of gift wtf.

Then I gasped cuz it was the exact Frozen Flowers I was looking at the day before but never buy, + the sakura tree that I was so amazed with what the hell!!!!!!!!!


Frozen flowers. Apparently the flowers will close when it is warm and wet and bloom when it is cold and dry. Can spray water on it somemore to see the flowers closing!

You know what is the significance of giving Frozen Flowers? It means everlasting love.

But greedy me being greedy me, I asked him why he didn't buy me the Chanel bag instead lololol.

It was a joke ok! I was sincerely very touched that he actually went all the way back to town on X'mas eve to get the plants for me. That plastic bag is really huge ok. I dunno how he actually carry it while riding a bike wtf.

Mystery I'll never solve.

Thank you Hubba. I always say that you never read my blog religiously, but you always surprise me with your little thoughts and actions. :')


Here's the half-bloomed sakura tree on X'mas morning. PRETTY!


Spent X'mas itself in Tiffany and KL's new crib eating delicious X'mas feast! Kelly made superbly yummy baked potatoes, while Kat and Weijie bought very delicious baked ham and stuffed turkey from Cold Storage.

I think Cold Storage has one of the best X'mas sets - they even have free storage bag lor wtf! #auntiemode

Nian and I bought extra large pizzas om nom nom.


After the sumptuous meal, it is present exchange time! Instead of drawing lots for present exchange, this year we used the Secret Santa method. Found an online site that can draw names for us and then email us privately who our santee was... amazing thing was that we can also list down our wishlist!

Show you my X'mas gifts from the girls afterwards!


Dylan wearing a paper crown from our Christmas crackers from Tiff hehehe.


And here's the both of us in matching colour top and paper crowns! (Dylan was annoyed with me cuz I was too engrossed with photo taking LOL)


#ootd - wearing all neon so that I can wear my neon shoes out heh heh heh.


These are presents from Kat - all handmade omg!

They are a hand-embroided onesie for Dylan and instamagnets as well, except that Kat actually printed our Instaphotos, mount it on a tile herself and then brushed it with some 'preservatives' such that it has a really glossy look and extremely durable.


Close up of my Instamagnet-tile on my fridge. 


Part one of my present from my secret santa - Tiffany. She got me this top which caught my eye while I was shopping online. HAPPY!


Part two is this Hello Kitty nano-block. It's OMG super cute one cuz I had to fix the kitty up myself like Lego! At the background is a close-up of Kat's embroidery.

Everything is so cute omgomgomgomg


Baked pandan cake over the festive season also! It's my first time trying out this recipe, but Nian says it's not bad. I think my crust is a tad too burnt already, become kinda crunchy LOL.

The inside is very fragrant though!


Bought half a dozen of Swirls cupcakes to indulge on when we went to Orchard Central. Delicious cupcakes are still delicious. Yum yum!


Ending off this post with happy Dy rolling on my parents' bed wtflol. (And he was looking up and smiling at Papa Chan)

They get amused by him till no end! :) 

I hope you'll have a great end to this year. Last post will be scheduled on 31 December and then we will see each other again in 2013! ^^

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  1. OMG! the first picture with Mandy is soooooooooooo cute!!!

  2. hii, may i know where to get the frozen flowers please? thanks!

    1. Hello!

      You can get it at Orchard Central, one of the pushcarts is selling!


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