That Evil Wishlist.

Monday, December 24, 2012

So, it's the season of giving. While I've been showered with gifts this Christmas, sigh, it seems like it is never enough for the greedy me!

And to add on, browsing magazines when I've nothing to do is really bad because I've got a whole list of wants now wtf.


Casio Sheen Watch. OMG cannot resist the rose gold and the watch face, even though I'm not very good at reading analogue watches wtf. ($369 and $389)


I think this Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo is forever on my wishlist. Just exactly when will I be able to buy this? ($7250)


Also another one forever on my wishlist - the Prada Saffiano tote. Sigh, so pretty. Absolutely pretty isn't she? ($3030)


This is on my wishlist because I think Dylan will have loads of fun with this! The Everyday Heroes Playset costs $319 wtf. Sorry Dy, think daddy will kill me if we break the piggy bank for this!


After a whole series of heartbreaking expensive items that I may not be able to afford for the next couple of years, here's something that I think I'd be able to pamper myself with. :p

I've always wanted to try the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex because I've read that it can actually smoothen fine lines in 10 minutes wtf! For $60, I think I am willing to pay this price for that everlasting youth. Hehe.


I think I can never have too much skincare lol. I think the Philosophy gift set will be a wonderful gift to give too! I personally like this Think Beautiful Thoughts set because the name's rather apt for me... and most importantly, I love all the products in this set omg! (USD$45)


I've always wanted a T & Co and Pandora bracelet. Looking at it now, I *think* I'd want a Pandora more because it is entirely customizable, something different from the usual T&Co I always lust for. Isn't this Champagne Double Leather absolutely charming? It costs £ 45.00 and I don't think I saw this in the Singapore outlets. :(


YES A CUPCAKE CARRIER PLEASE!!! *escatic baker mood on*

If anyone were to buy me this, I will return the carrier full with cupcakes. You can eat the cupcakes, I will keep this caddy. Hehehe.


Frozen flowers and self-blooming sakura tree wtf.

Being a sucker for plants, I am  totally blown away by these Japanese (?) innovation! The above are real flowers, preserved using the freezing method - they stay super colourful and I think there is no need to water them at all. How convenient is that! 

Then this Sakura tree right, all you have to do is to immerse the plant in a given solution. Then by some osmosis effect (as explained by the staff, I've no idea how the osmosis work wtf), the tree will start blooming sakura bits! SUPER COOL OR WHAT.

Sigh. How can I not want something so classic like this?

So... What are on your wishlist this festive season?

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  1. Hi Jac, happy new year to you! Could you share with us where to buy this self-blooming tree and frozen flowers?

    1. Happy New Year to you too!

      I saw it at one of the pushcarts at Orchard Central. :) Hope this helps!


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