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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Happy 4 months old, babyboo!

Here are a couple of memorable happenings this month:

- Dylan learned chuckling

Dylan started chuckling when he was about 2 months old, but most of the time, I think he did it 'accidentally'. It was until recently that he was really chuckling because he finds it really funny.

It was really amusing, even though we don't really know what makes him laugh out loud sometimes. In this video, he seemed to be really amused with his daddy asking him what was his problem, hahaha!

- Dylan does situps!

Although he was kinda unwillingly in this video, he has been trying his best to sit himself up whenever we put him lying down on his back. OMG this boy, haven't learned how to roll over properly, wanna learn to sit up already wtf.

- Turning his head upwards to look at the TV, which he was not s'posed to watch until he's older!

Naughty naughty. His favourite cartoon now is probably Doraemon. He gets so amused he chuckles to the TV! So... I try to limit his TV time to 10 minutes per week. His little bonus, I guess?

By the way, he started peeping first, which was why I gave in and let him watch just a little bit. Not the other way round...

Just felt the need to clarify cuz I don't want people to think that I let him watch TV first, got him interested, that's why he started peeping.

- Did away with his mittens so that he can feel more things: The first day without his mittens, he was like... "WHOA. What's this?" (As you can see in the first picture above. He was examining his hands so hard, haha!)

- Sent him to infant care, which was really saddening for me but this little bubs is totally enjoying himself! He smiles and baby-talks to the teachers, watch his other little friends yell their lungs out, plays his little toys...

The only bad side is that the kids wail so much, poor lil Dy can't take his nap peacefully. So when he comes back home, he knocks out completely for 10 hours straight. 

- Ran his first fever

Dylan took his first jab of 5-in-1 and pneumoccocal immunization when he turned 3 months and a day after, he started running his first temperature. Poor boy was actually still very well-behaved, although all he wanted was me cuddling him all the time.

How could I say no to a adorable, sick little boy?

And so cuddled him I did. I cuddled him, put him to sleep, change his little hanky on his forehead, gave him meds, cuddle him some more, sing to him and put him back to sleep again.

Thank goodness the fever subsided in about 12 hours.

Dylan's going for his 2nd dose of the same immunization jabs tomorrow. Crossing my fingers he won't run any fever! :)

Mummy and Daddy loves you always, always, alwaysss.

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