Foto Friday: 4

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pictures of the week! This week was quite a hectic one because Baby Dy got his 2nd dose of immunization and he ran fever. Poor boy was feeling sleepy most of the time so we stayed at home... which is nice lah. No complains. Was just very worried about him cuz he only ran a 12-hour fever in the previous immunization, but this time, the fever persisted slightly longer.

Was supposed to meet XY for some pancakes over the weekend, but we scraped it off to keep Dylan at home and resting.

Mama Tan came over with home-cooked chilli crab by the way. It was so delicious omg! No pictures cuz both hands are needed to eat the crabs lolol.


Tried making 盐酥鸡 at home and it tasted absolutely fab! Now I don't wanna eat those from Shi Lin or pasar malam already. It's so much cheaper to make it on your own too.. and somewhat healthier. I used our air-fryer for this and it was still very crunchy and nice!


Had Jack's Place for lunch over the weekend cuz Nian redeemed some vouchers from Shitty-bank.

Hahaha our friends call it shitty-bank because apparently it's very easy for people to make unlawful transactions with your card. Like.. not very safe I think. But when it comes to dining perks, totally not shitty at all!

Oh, sorry, I've digressed. Back to the lunch! I've always enjoyed having my meals in the Jack's Place at Woodlands Civics Centre because their service is very good. Most of the time, their food is also not bad.. but this time, the Sirloin Steak I had was kinda unexpectedly bad. Oh my god.

The cut was terrible and there were so much muscle tendons, the whole meat was inedible. The saving grace was the pasta - it was quite good actually.

Anyhow, the next time I go, I won't save on that $4 - I'll go ahead and order a Rib Eye anytime.


This is Dylan at (almost) Week 18. As compared to 8 weeks ago where we had our last Jack's Place... he is so much more active now! He picked up the fork and spoon, wondered what those shiny objects on the table were, busy kpo-ing when his daddy flipped the menu... and he tried touching everything his hands could reach.

You know, a couple of weeks or even a a few months may seem kinda insignificant for adults like us.. but it is until when I have a baby, I realize how much difference 1 week can make.


Here! My little man and I. I can kiss his head/cheeks/nose/lips/tummy/fists/thighs forever man.


My #ootd to go dating with my husband and son. Notice I have a missing 2nd button? Well.. I kinda yanked it out accidentally while I was in a mad rush to feed Dylan. Heh.

The sewing for this dress was not very good to begin with anyway. When I first washed it, 2 of the 6 buttons dropped out! Then I sewed it back haphazardly cuz I'm really not very good with my needle-work, only to have another 2 dropping out and the 2 I sewed back on dangled miserably on a thin thread wtf.

In the end, Nian helped me to sew back all the buttons, except the 2nd one because I thought it was quite sturdy, so I didn't ask him to reinforce it.



But I must say that I love the mandarin collar and the cloth used. Not sure if you can see it, but it has floral swirls at the top and the dress has pockets! I really like dresses with pockets cuz I can stuff Dylan's hanky in while I carry him.

And that's my pink hair now, some 4 weeks later! It kinda faded at the ends but I think it still looks pretty damn good.


I think this picture for my #ootd sucks but since I wore this on Monday, it's kinda too late for me to take a better one already lol.

I wore my first peplum skirt to work, thanks to my sisters cuz they went BKK la!

Initially, I was kinda worried about wearing peplums cuz my hips aren't exactly small, so I don't want the extra frills at the sides to make my hips look even more ginormous. But it seems like my worries are quite unfounded. I love how peplums work!

Actually, I must thank my sisters a lot cuz I gave them a really long shopping list with specific clothings and measurements to buy - imagine 18" PTP and 35" length and whatever. Too long I don't want, too short I don't want also LOL - but they didn't complain! Instead, they really tried their best to help me buy something similar even when they can't find the exact stuff I wanted.

A round of applause for the two sisters! 


Here's another one, also from the sisters. The little hole at the chest area very sexy leh! Hehehe.


Here's a close up on it. The material is pretty fab too. Mama and Papa Chan are planning a holiday there on their own also.. Must write down another to-buy list for the folks... to help me buy, of course.

Can't wait for Dy to be slightly older, then it is time to satisfy the wanderlust again. Hehe.


Nian brought Dy and I to eat Manhattan Fish Market (I really like the food there, it's seriously pretty good) and this is our latest favourite deep fried mushrooms.

Last time we loved their Mussels, but recently I think their mussels quality dropped. The shellfish tastes kinda mushy and not very chewy. Their bread to go with the sauce is also always soft and cold these days.


My sunshine and I again! The 2 of them are my only reason to chiong off work on the dot every single day.


Won $20 of Sharetea vouchers from Daniel! Good luck good luck, loads of good luck. Now I'm gonna buy ALL the pudding milk tea!


Ending off this week's Foto Friday with my holey shoes. It seems like I'm very capable of wearing shoes out until like this. The last time in Bali also like that!

And.. they all wear out near the top cuz I always run after buses wtf.

Wellllll that just means shoe shopping! Just in time for the X'mas holidays anyway. :p

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