Foto Friday: 3

Saturday, December 08, 2012

This week's photo-happenings!


We were going to Raymond and Jeannie's wedding dinner (we attended their ROM last year - my arms were so flabby then wtf), so we wanted to try out the sling that the gorgeous PR girls from Access Comms got me. Dylan looks really comfy in it, doesn't he!?

I personally love his expression in the photo on the right. LOL. He looks super bewildered! Hehehe.


The husband and I, with baby Dy sleeping in his sling. It was quite fun bringing him to the wedding dinner, even though the yam seng part was quite terrifying and I had to quickly make a quick escape so that Dy doesn't wake up. :p


Mr and Mrs Toh getting married in Park Royal, where we had our Chinese wedding dinner just a year ago too!


Domokon centerpieces. So cute!

Reminds me of our Forever Friends bears. Attending weddings always make me reminicise our wedding day.


I think this is our first Polaroid as a family! Gave this to Mama Tan cuz she always say that she doesn't see us enough. So here's a picture for her to keep and see when she misses us. :D


Our #ootd for the wedding dinner. Took me a really long time to find a dress like this - laced top (like!), waterfall dress hem (shorter at the front and longer at the back), metal-tipped collar and most importantly... front buttons for feeding the boy!

I think I must have done a small squeal of happiness when I saw this dress lol.

Dylan was wearing the I Love Daddy romper that we got in JB (remember that time when we bribed the traffic police?) and I love it cuz he looks really adorbz!


Another Polaroid of Dy. I remember that it was quite a bad day for me cuz I rushed like mad to pick him up, only to be 12 minutes late and was fined by the infant care. Paid $8 for a cab to reach the centre + $5 fine really is sibeh sian.

And then teacher told me that Dylan went on a 'hunger strike' and didn't drink milk from 2PM! That was like some 5 hours later that he saw me... and it was only then he was willing to drink his milk.

The only comforting part was that Dy kept himself awake so that he could play with his daddy and I. He only fell asleep at 9PM that night and was totally knocked out by then cuz he was so tired.

Really very heartpain then.


Received a very really beautiful DIY wedding invitation card from a fellow netball team member. So much effort gone into this little invite!


Spotted this little caterpillar while Nian and I were pushing Dylan in the park. Tried to show Dylan what a caterpillar is, but he is still too young lah hahahaha


My friend, Lava, gave birth to baby Aiden a few days ago so Nian and I went to visit their family. Both of us think that Aiden looks like Lava, but according to them, Usof, the daddy, is getting more votes lol.

Either way, those big eyes are mesmerizing la! (And see, so young already know how to look at pretty auntie. So clever. Hehehe.)


Probably not a very clear picture but these are packs of air fresheners I snugged from Watson's! It has a pack of pebbles with some scented oil at the top, and a bottle of scented oil with some rattan sticks. I split the two of them up and left the scented pebbles in the guest toilet (looks very pretty, like a brainless decoration!) and the bigger bottle one in our MBR.

Love how my whole house smells like Lavender now. 


New plant in the house! According to the florist, she said that this plant can keep cockroaches and mosquitoes away because of its scent. I don't know what is the name of this though, but it smells kinda minty.

Not bad!

Actually, we wanted to buy this plant to try to get rid of fruit flies that are lurking in our kitchen. The thing about having central rubbish chutes in modern HDB flats is that we can't practice cleanliness as much as we would love to.

I mean, we can't keep going out of our house to throw just one piece of rubbish right? So we end up accumulating them in plastic bags first, before throwing them out at the end of the day. We end up attracting loads of these annoying fruit flies.

So far, it doesn't seem useful against these fruit flies, but the florist told us to wait a couple of days and "see-how". Well, guess we will just wait and see. We're going back for some Venus Flytraps so I'm sure that will definitely work!


Polaroid of Dylan attempting to crawl! I try to make an effort to document all these things down in a photo album... and trust me. Polaroids are very useful for these! I get to decorate and stick little stickers around them too, so it makes me very happy. Hehehe.


Nian made dinner for us! He made wholemeal spaghetti in tomato herb sauce and we had a can of lychees in ice for dessert. I really appreciate and thrive on quiet dinners at home together after Dylan falls asleep.


Ending off the post with several #ootds of my week. It's my first week back after maternity leave... and the only thing that spurs me on these days is dressing up for work, even though it's a half-hearted thing.

Realized I only bothered to wear necklaces on the first and last day of the week? LOL.

And yes, I re-wore my floral dress on the first 2 days. Very good buy from pasar malam - $10 only leh! The last outfit also from pasar malam - reversible top that costs me $10 too. Hehehe #auntiemode

Ok, that's all for the photo-updates for this week. Till then, have a great weekend! :)

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