Favouritest X'mas Gift for the year

Friday, December 21, 2012

... finally came in the mail!

Can I say that it is a X'mas pressie for myself? I ordered this StickyGram on my own cuz it was totally irresistable... and I'm glad I got them.

Anybody's got any idea what this is?

Give it a guess!

Given the name "Stickygram", I won't be surprised if you think that these are stickers. Quite close, but they are more durable than stickers - they are magnets!

Love this simple concept by Stickygram - converting Instapictures into Instamagnets woop woop!

I had a hard time choosing just 9 photos out of my 560 over Instagram photos, but I end up choosing these 9 cuz they are one of the best memories of my life.

The little smiley Dylan right at the bottom with blue background and him all swaddled up? It was his first smile ever. I was so touched, yet amused that he could smile when he was only 3 days old!

And then the next smiley Dylan on the left where he was wearing blue was taken on the last Sunday of my maternity leave - I was scheduled to work the very next day! Bubs was still so happy cuz he didn't know he was to spend 12 full hours in the infant care omg.

The one that shows Nian and Dylan was our first anniversary celebration with our little bubs. It was our 4th anniversary getting together. :)

Of course, there's the one with me holding onto newborn Dylan - that is the first photo of Dylan and I, after me being in labour for 40 hours!

Every single photo in this collection brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye... and I'm so glad I got it made into magnets and now it is stuck on our fridge so that I can look at them every day!

Hahaha yes, I'm quite a sucker for photos because it spells so much memories you know? That's why you see heaps of photos on our fridge. I like to stand in front of it and examine them one by one sometimes.

Oh, this costs me $14.99USD for 9 pieces like that but if you key in the promo code FRIENDGKRX you get to have $2 off!

I think I'm gonna make the 2nd Stickygram very, very soon cuz I have more favourite photos accumulating in my Instagram. *happy*

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