Brunch at Kombi Rocks

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I think I've officially found my food-hunting buddies.

Thanks to Yo and Raymond, we ventured to Kombi Rocks this time! I'm so happy I'm taking down food haunts, one cafe at a time.

It is quite easy to find Kombi Rocks even though it has quite an ulu-sounding address. Located right opposite Serangoon Stadium, I'd think it is pretty accessible if you were to have your own transport. (Actually, everywhere is accessible if you have your own transport wtf)

Raymond took a train to Serangoon station and walked... and regretted. It is actually quite far from the MRT station!

Kombi Rocks is well-known for their vintage get-up. There were loads of poster girls, guitars, Beatles posters and all on the wall... and loads of vintage scooters and of course, the Volkswagen Kombi Cars.

The area was also quite cooling to sit in, even though I didn't really spot any fans nor air-conditioners. Maybe cuz that day when we went, it was drizzling slightly.

This cafe is also quite different from the whole list of eateries I wanna try. Instead of serving breakfasts, they serve Thai-style tze char. So you can expect the minced pork with basil leaves, Thai fish cakes etc.

More vintage stuff. Bag and brolly sponsored by Yolanda lol.

Waiting for Raymond, the latecomer king. We were supposed to meet at 1.30PM, this man left home only at 1PM ok! And he doesn't stay anywhere near Serangoon lor.

Clockwise from top left: Fish Maw Soup, Fried Rice with prawn and char siew ($12), Minced Pork with Basil ($10) and Kombination platter ($30)

I think the food is pretty ordinary. For the fish maw soup, I was expecting it to be thicker in texture. I think it was too runny for me so I didn't especially like it even though it was one of their 'must-tries'.

The fried rice and minced pork with basil was also mediocre, nothing much to rave about.

As for the Kombination Platter, we felt like we were eating Chinese wedding appetizer hahaha!

Look like or not? This was our appetizer for our wedding dinner btw! (You can read about our food tasting here)

The Kombination Platter consists of Thai Fishcake, Prawn Roll, Lychee Pork, Thai-style vermicelli salad and Crabmeat omelette. The fishcake was miserable IMO, I didn't even realize I was eating a fishcake wtf.

The Lychee Pork was kinda too tough, but the sauce was not bad. The vermicelli salad was also quite nice, but it is made with the world's longest vermicelli. Toughest too, it was almost impossible to break it without using our teeth.

I think the nicest among the platter is the prawn roll and crabmeat omelette.

The ice-cream floats were very nice though! I had ice-cream soda float while Nian had the usual root beer float. I love the huge serving for the Godzilla eater me. 

The bill came up to about $88, which works out to about $22 per pax. Pretty standard restaurant price I'd say, but the quality of the food can be better. Service is very good though!


 Nian wanted to help me with the pepper to my soup, but the entire cap fell out. My soup was ruined, but the waiter tidied it up very quickly and gave me a new bowl. Ok lah. Luckily this was my 2nd bowl already otherwise I'll confirm kick my husband's backside wtf.

But then again, he was just trying to be helpful and nice to me. How can I kick him? It's not like he purposely made the cap loose.....

Ok lah nvm. Most important thing is that I got to drink the soup at the end of the day!

Kombi Rocks
66 Yio Chu Kang Road

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  1. i went there for a late dinner once and had a terrible experience. i ordered crispy noodle, which took thme at least 25 min to cook because they need to soak fish maw (n this is a chef recommendation dish lor) n when it came, there were loads of capsicum, even though we had requested it to be removed, n tt's not all. the crispy noodle is covered with SOOT... yes soot from the chao tar oil when they deep fried it... chef had admitted that the oil is "dirty" n later he mentioned that he burnt the oil cos he was deep frying a batch of hei zhou before that. n boss told us that chef was in NO mood to cook tt day.. i swear I m not gg to go back there anymore.. guess they are good at their retro bits (since boss is a designer) n renting of their VW collections for wedding... tehy shld juz concentrate on these instead ;)

  2. went there tonight. ordered the crab meat fried rice. It was oily and I could taste that the oil used was recycled. disappointed!


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