Sending Dylan to Infant Care

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dylan and mummy (Daddy's the photographer) on the way to his infant care in Day 1.
So, Dylan started his first session at the infant care this week.

I don't know what to say, really. No, actually, to be more accurate, I have hell lots of things going through my head but I don't know how to put it into words.

I'm not sure. All I know was... I had this heartwrenching feeling when I left him there on the first day. The exact same feeling when I left him at the hospital when he had jaundice in his first month.

Like wtf right. It's not like I was going to send him to the slaughterhouse or something... but I just felt so empty with him being away from me. Suddenly, I don't know what to do with all the spare time I have. Should I head back home and sleep? Should Nian and I go somewhere?

Where should we go? What should we do?

I had no idea. All I thought was "Is he napping now? Is he ok? Does he miss me? Does he need a cuddle? Did he drink his milk well? Did the infant care teacher rock him on his bouncer? Is the center too noisy for him to nap?"

I was also a little apprehensive because Nian told me that one of the infants dropped his pacifier... and the teacher picked it up and stuffed it back into his mouth. Without washing. O.O

Hello, hygieneeeee excuse meeee?

Then some more I stuck little stickers of notes on his items, like the Ru Yi Oil, I told the teachers to just use 2 drops (actually 3 also ok lah, just not too much cuz it will be burning on his skin), warm it between their palms and apply it on Dy after shower.

The Desitin diaper rash cream, just apply sparingly cuz it is super thick and the zinc oxide is like 40% leh hello! Normal rash creams are like only 10% so this is already super strong, no need to apply so much. Just thinly will do.

But the teacher all never read one. SPAM LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS.

Sent him in for 6 hours, used 3 diapers wtf. Like that one mountain of diapers also can wipe out in a week can.


Now that he is done with his first week, Daddy and Mummy Tan also grew smarter. We changed his diaper cream to the normal Pureen one that has only 10% zinc oxide - cheaper also, so the teacher can spam la nvm. The Pureen cream is also quite watery as compared to Desitin, so it doesn't form this white sticky paste on Dylan's bottom after application - very hard to wash away u know. -__-

As for the diapers, we went JB to buy some cheaper ones... since they change him so often I don't even need to worry whether it is super-absorbent or not.

Ok. Enough of these baby products talk for the moment!

On the first day we sent Dylan in, I was kinda dysfunctional... so Nian took control of the whole situation and brought me out. First, he brought me to eat very delicious prata for breakfast, tells me funny stuff while I tear silently.

I know.. I'm SUPER emotional. Doesn't help that I'm very attached to my baby wtf. He hasn't been away from my side for anything more than 3 hours ever since he was born ok! Apart from the time he had jaundice, of course.

Anyway, after a filling breakfast, we went swimming. What a combo. Heng didn't vomit.

Haven't worn this swimsuit for like 9 months? SEXY OR NOT HAHAHAHA.

Then we went to Marsiling for brunch with Papa and Mama Chan. Mama Chan read from i-weekly that there's this Taiwanese restaurant that sells delicious Taiwan cuisine (think 卤肉饭,盐酥鸡,红烧牛肉面,蚝仔面线 etc) so off we went.

Clockwise from top left: 红烧牛肉面 (Braised Beef Noodles), 卤肉饭 (Braised Pork Rice), 盐酥鸡 (Deep Fried Chicken Bits), 香炸蚝仔 (Deep Fried Oysters),泰式鱼片 (Thai-syle fried fish slice)
When we asked the waitress if the serving of the dishes are huge or not, she said it is just nice for 1 person per dish (as in the braised beef noodles and braised pork rice). WTF when it came, the serving was so huge, it was too much even for me.

And you know how much Godzilla of an eater I am.

The main dishes were not very good. Expensive too. The braised beef noodles costs $9 and the braised pork rice costs $8 each. The side dishes are not bad, with my favourite being the Thai-style fish slice (bottom left) and the deep fried oysters (bottom right).

Also ordered this canned Pearl Milk Tea (never tried before canned bubble tea wtf!) and it was very, very nice! Except that it is quite expensive at $2.20 per can. The pearls is white colour and quite chewy.... Does anyone know where to get this?

All in all, 5 of us ate about $84, which I personally think it's way TOO expensive. Especially when it is under some ulu Marsiling block.... $17/pax is unbelivable. So... I don't think we'll ever go back.

Heck. The chicken was priced at $8 - could have gotten an exact same thing from Shilin Taiwan Snacks at $4.50!

顶好台灣小厨 Wonderful Taiwan Delights
Blk 210 Marsiling Crescent

The second day, Nian brought me into JB while our bubs was in the child care centre... to buy groceries, of course. #auntiemode

Doesn't help that we stay so far up north, going into M'sia is much faster than going to town wtf. Took us like what? 10 minutes? Traffic was rather smooth la, that's why so fast also.

Took a stroll back home after we dropped off babyboo
I was still a little paranoid going into JB though.. especially the constant reading of scary news like "Woman got shot in supermarket carpark" or "Singaporean couple robbed in Johor" or how some Singaporeans are chased by bad people over there but managed to make an escape in a nick of time.

Logically, all these should scare me away from that somewhat no-government place, but at this point of time, getting cheap groceries kinda outweigh the scare factor.

-__- #cheapskate

Before the trip, we went to Hua Nam Restaurant along Upper Thomson to satisfy my dimsum craving. Each serving comes up to $2.20, which we also think it's a bit ex leh! Total bill came up to $16+.

I think next time we should just settle for eggs, toast and tea set lol.


Wore my new electric blue top out to JB so wanna do a #ootd picture. See, told you I have many different tops/dresses all in the same blue lol.


All in all, the trip was not too bad lah, honestly. We bought quite a bit of stuff, with the biggest savings in the diapers and Dylan's pjs:
  • Dylan's diapers (works out about a couple of dollars cheaper per pack)
  • Cutsie pyjamas (costs RM9, which in SG, each set costs SGD$9 so it's about $5.40 difference!)
Just wish that the Southcity shopping area is less dark. It's really kinda creepy looking, even in broad daylight. Looks like an ideal place for a robbery to take place, yikes.

Maybe we'll travel a bit further up next time and head to Jusco or something. But yes, we're still going back for the diapers! (Not so much for milk powder though, dunno if there's a difference in ingredients or not.)

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