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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just like to share a collection of photos over little happenings and events in our lives so far. :)

Can't remember if I've posted this before but heck. Baby Peyton's baby shower. Love the blue candy bar!

Quadcam with Daen's shades while having lunch in Arbite a few weeks ago lol.

Nephew's 1st birthday party.

OOTD for the party - love how the pink stools match my top lol

OOTD when I was hosting for an elderly event. I volunteer my services these days for meaningful event like these because it doesn't just benefit me by teaching me more things, seeing the elderlies enjoying with me makes it very worthwhile. :)
P.S. There's a full length mirror in the toilet!

My babyboo's mischevious little grin when he wakes up beside me in the morning.

Received a media kit from Crizal UV! Sending Nian to get his new glasses done... reviews will be up in no time.

Made Lao Ban style tau huey, which is basically soya milk pudding more like. (I got my recipe from misstamchiak.com. Slightly altered, but you can follow hers if you like!)


Ate like a Godzilla at Manhattan Fish Market. Got the dessert and drinks FOC but we forgot to let them chop our loyalty card this time round!

The crab bisque and the fish from the Flaming Platter was really super good. Dessert was so-so because it was so hard when it came!

My husband and my son, who is seemingly distracted by the bright lights to care about me lol.

Look of the day at yet another elderly brisk walking event. Bought this fake hair head band and have been dyinggggg to wear it at the right occasion.

Well then again, this seems like a wrong occasion to wear it also but I think nobody cared. :p

Nian's first unsupervised shower for Dylan. Both boys survived with no injuries.

Residual happy photo from my god-sis' camera, where we were at Ikoi and Dylan's sleeping so soundly amidst the sashimi

Won a set of Hello Kitty cookie cutters from a giveaway! Nian also bought me Hello Kitty cake moulds and more cookie cutters, so I officially can have a Hello Kitty themed baking day.

Ate like a Godzilla Part 2. A usual breakfast for me, if you'd like to know. Almost 85% of the food you see above are mine.

Went for a dinner at Capella with my sister... No wonder that is one of the dream hotels most girls wanna hold their wedding at. Service was kinda slow though, especially with the refilling of drinks. But the food was impeccable. Very delicious.

There was a lucky draw in the dinner and my sister and I won the 9th prize and the 1st prize!! It was crazy, I couldn't believe our winning ticket was called and I just screammmmmed like a mad woman. Sis #2 was like, "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGGGG!!! IT'S US!!!!! WE WON!!!!!!"

So we walked away with a MacBook Pro, which I kept, an iPad, which Sis #2 had, a Samsung Note 2 for Nian and a Samsung S-III for Mama Chan. It was unbelivable. I have a MacBook now *squeals*


Went Obolo for a food tasting after Dylan's immunization. Their X'mas selection are all very delicious! More updates up on this in a bit. :)

Also went to E.T.C @ Headspace at Haji Lane two days ago. The concept is very interesting! Basically, Headspace is a salon run by stylist Yah Nee. However, it is not an ordinary salon; in it, you can find lots of interesting trinkets for sale and E.T.C is there as well!

Show you my new haircut and a peep at the shop space in my next few posts too. ^^

The loves of my life. <3

A collection of my Hello Kitties / Miffy cookie cutters (the 4-piece cutter is the one that I won from above!) and wire coil from the hubs. Makes me very happy you know!

Won a breastfeeding book from Mount Alvernia too. I hope this will teach me more in breastfeeding and benefit bubba Dylan!

Baked chocolate chip cookies for my sisters and Hubba! Nian says it tastes like Famous Amos omg hubba you're so kind T____T

Wanted to use my new cookie cutters but the batter for this batch of cookies was too sticky already. Next time I will use a biscuit recipe and try. ^^

Signing off with my little rockstar. I love you babyboo! X

Life becomes harder for us when we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier.
- Albert Schweitzer

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