Foto Friday: 2

Friday, November 30, 2012

Our family went to support Nian for his Swissotel Vertical Marathon race last Sunday. It was Dylan's first time being a supporter for his Daddy Tan, and boy! He actually stayed up the entire time during the race, until when his dad came down, then he fell asleep.

So sweet.

Nian came in 5th this time round in the 20-29 category. In fact, the first 4 men all sounded like they have gurka names! Nian is probably the first Chinese and Singaporean in the category.

I have already missed two years of this vertical marathon.. thinking back, exactly this time last year, we were pregnant with Dylan and I was so scared of doing anything too strenuous lol.

I am hoping that I can attempt it again next year! Not sure who will be taking care of the 1-year-old Dylan then. Haha!

A close-up #ootd cuz I really love the crochet top that Nian got for me when we went JB. Such a beautiful piece in cyan colour. I also love the long bandage skirt that I bought - suitable for work and play. I usually wear shorter bandage skirts but these days, I think long ones look really chic.

Oh, check out the intricate design of the crochet top in the next picture:


I think I saw some form of roses!

Spent a splendid Saturday noon window shopping and stuffed ourselves silly on Ding Tai Fung. Long time since we had it and the prawn pancake is still very yummy! I think I'll forever eat the same stuff in DTF wtf.

There still had the festive pineapple tarts that they sold during Mid-Autumn Festival so I bought a box of it again! I don't think I'll ever grow tired of these delicious Taiwan pineapple tarts. Did I also mention that the giftbox comes with 2 boxes of Jasmine tea too?

Very fragrant and nice! Probably one of my favourite teas around.

Went Kombi Rocks with Nian, Dylan, Raymond and Yo. Here's me drinking their mega ice-cream floats! More on this in my next post!


Cooked curry for Nian and I. I think I'd need more improvements there - curry not spicy enough and it's a little too salty, but good enough for a first try I think!

Work is starting next week already, I don't even know if I'd have the time to cook/bake anymore.


Another hello kitty nonsense I bought - a Hello Kitty bath towel! This cat is slowly, but surely taking over the house. Poor hubba and Dylan lolol.


A couple of stuff for the babyboo - His first cloth book, bought it cuz it was on discount! It was less than $10, when the usual price was way more than that.O.O

Also bought Tag Along Chimes, which are little batons that will have little bell sounds. We hung it on his stroller to keep him busy boxing them while we move around. LOL.

And socks. Moreeee socks.


Yet another #ootd where I matched my current favourite skirt with another top. Really love it a lot cuz it goes with any tops!


My cousin gave birth recently so my family and I went over to her place to visit her and pass my niece a mega present! Everyone was like telling Grandma Chan that she is very 好命 (good life) cuz baby Lydia is Granny's 9th great-grandchild and she is like about 90 years old.

Btw, Grandma Chan is not like any other ordinary grandmas. She may be 90, but she is totally independent - she can run around and go out with her friends. Totally not the clingy kind of grandmother.

Recently, she even packed her bags and then told my dad and uncles that she wanna go USA with her friends. 说去就去,really packed and go!

And I think the most amazing thing about her is that... she doesn't have any gray hair.

I also dunno how she does it. It must be the genes cuz my dad is like mid-50 and he barely has any gray hair too! But ok, to be honest, my dad doesn't have much hair to begin with so it's not fair to say that lololol.

Anyway, I do hope I have this black-hair-forever gene also. Just this year alone, I plucked out like 4 strands of gray hair already. I never had to pluck gray hairs when I was younger.

Don't like that leh. I am only 27. Still too young to have gray hair!

I also dunno why I was talking about my grandma when the picture shows me carrying a Yorkshire Terrier wtf.

 Oh. So my cousin gave birth and we went to visit her... apart from playing with the beautiful baby girl, I also busied myself with these little dogs.

I'm not exactly an animal lover but both Meimei and Richie are like super cute and adorbz!  


Another #ootd - neon colour theme if you'd ask me! Love such bright colours like that. Makes me happy early in the morning.


Ending off this photo series with a Hello Kitty cake from Polar. It tastes as good as it looks!

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