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Friday, November 23, 2012

3rd day of sending Dylan to the infant care, Nian and I went for a quiet walk at the Woodlands Waterfront. Staying in the north for so long, this is the first time I was there!

Very peaceful and quiet on a weekday morning... and we can see JB so clearly! It's like... a swim away only lol.

And the sky was so nice! Zero edits btw.

Not a good picture but here's a glimpse of my pink hair after 2 weeks! It's starting to fade a little at the ends, but according to Yahnee, it was only supposed to last for about 2 weeks. I think my pink can go for another 2 more weeks.

Nian and I are starting a small library for the little bubs recently, so we got him a couple of books. This is one of the five he has and I think it's my favourite so far because it's so engaging!

It's called Pat the Bunny, Dylan gets to pat the bunny (wtf #punny) - a cut-out of a bunny and then filled with soft fur for him to touch omg!

Then he can smell the flowers... which I didn't really let him smell lah, just in case the smell is too sensitive to him. But the scent of the flowers is very distinct!

And he can also read a tiny book. A book within a book. Bookception wtf.

Brought Dylan to The Star Vista to look-see look-see and we went into this Japanese Food Market. Dunno it's good decision or bad decision, we emerged with so much Nihon products - bought 6 potato croquettes that costs $6.60 (!!!), my ABSOLUTE favourite Cream Crackers and this very interesting yoghurt + jelly dessert.

The Star Vista actually has a lot of yummy Japanese food - from Japanese curry to ramen to sushi... to everything else. We settled for Itacho Sushi eventually cuz I always hear my friends say it's very nice and the queue at Ion Orchard always sibeh long wtf.

I thought the range was quite unique - like the foie gras sushi for example. The foie gras melts in our mouths but to be honest, I think it was not done well because it was pretty tasteless. I was expecting a stronger taste... but it's unique regardless!

And then we had some boo-boo:

See the picture above, there were 3 pieces of Itacho Shrimp sushi right? In summary, we ordered multiples because they were allocated multiple code numbers wtf.

Initially, we wanted just 1 piece of the Itacho shrimp cuz I wasn't really keen on eating. So Nian wrote down the code 248* for 1 piece of the shrimp.

Then we flipped on some more, and saw this Itacho Sweet Shrimp on 50% discount... so I thought, "Why not? Ok lah buy 1 get 1 free. Try one lor."

So Nian wrote down the code 5207* for 2 pieces.

THEN, when it was served, we were thinking, "wtf how come so many shrimp sushi one?"

So we checked with the waitress, "Why are there 3 sushis when everything we ordered were only in quantities of 1 and 2?" The waitress said she dunno wtf. -__-

Then she called her manager. Her manager then said.... "Oh. They are the same thing."

Why same thing have different code numbers one!!!??

5207 = 248 and how come nobody told us that!

Then they don't let us return the sushi cuz it was made on demand. -_________________________-

I think the mood a bit spoil already so the food was average initially, it became meh after the incident.

Will I patronize Itacho again? Maybe not.

(* the code numbers are generated by myself cuz I don't remember the actual numbers)

Random #ootd. Baggy khaki pants are so convenient on a slack day out!

Went Daiso to get my weighing machine (those used in the kitchen one) after my blogger friend, Ellena, told me it is available again. Turns out, I was too slow again and the last one was bought off the shelf just *minutes* before I got there. -__-

Walked around and eventually left with some items..

1. Chair socks - we used to stick styrofoam stickers at the bottom of our chairs but it kept dropping out whenever we drag the chairs. So we changed into these socks and it works like a gem! ^^

2. Little Twin Stars giftbag - wanted to get a mega giftbox to store a whole load of items we are getting for our friend's baby who is arriving probably next week, but everything is in X'mas theme now so there was really nothing suitable everywhere. Ended up with this super cutsie bag big enough to store all our goodies for the baby!

3. Flower Toilet Stickers - apparently, all you need is to stick these stickers on your toilet bowl, it will remove all the toilet odour! So pretty, works like a wonderful deco and functional too. These Japanese are brilliant!

4. Coloured cards - To DIY a love letter to the very same baby we prepared the giftbag for. Now we can't wait for his arrival to pass it to him. :)

5. HELLO KITTY LAUNDRY BAG WTF - almost bought 2 at one go but had to pull myself back cuz I already have 3 laundry bags at home already. -__- and guess what is the first laundry that went into this bag?

Dylan's reusable diapers. Lol.

We wanted to buy washing machine cleaner also, but it was out of stock wtf. Next time, wanna go Daiso must go to the Vivocity outlet. The Sembawang outlet everything also sold out one! :(

Another #ootd. We went to Mount Alvernia to pick up my Successful Breastfeeding book which I won in their contest. It is a very good read! If I've a chance, I'll share with you mummies. :)

To be honest, when I first received this dress, I was a bit disappointed cuz it looked kinda flimsy and thin. Totally don't look like how the model wore it... until I took a picture myself and was surprised at how pretty it actually looks wtf.

Not say I look like a model, but the dress is definitely more photogenic than how it looks in real life.

Went into JB again to get Dylan's diapers cuz we wanna stock up since it is so much cheaper, but this time, we were stopped by a traffic police after we turned out from the money changer.

In summary, we had to bribe him with RM50 (wtf am I even allowed to say it here that we were openly bribing a policeman and he accepted bribes?) cuz he wanted to give us a RM600 fine. -__-

Actually I don't think the fine is so expensive lah but we didn't wanna be hauled to the police station for some pseudo crime and then scully one whole day also cannot go home how? Who is gonna go pick up our son if that happens?

So... pay some money to avoid trouble lor. :(

I was feeling kinda indignant over the entire incident, but okay lah. There's nothing shopping can't cure. So Nian brought me to Cotton On Babies and we left with these two rompers above... at RM50 also wtf.

P.S. The robot romper very cute right! ^^


Went to Havaianas' 2013 Media Preview and they had instant photo booth with loads of props! Just check out my lil bubs with a golden beard and a black moustache. Hahaha! I then edited to add a pair of specs + top hat for him. #likeasir

Some yummy food from the 2013 media preview. The prawn skewers and the chicken sausage was really super good. AND THEN THERE WERE SWIRLS CUPCAKES. Omg! I wolfed down the Lavender one, which was heavenly... and my favourite Mint Chocolate. My day was complete. *bliss*

I'll be sharing the designs with you guys in my next post - very, very beautiful prints for the 2013 collection so do look out for it!

Saw this Hello Kitty pasta in Tesco (JB) wtf. SO CUTE!

Went for an early movie date with the husband to catch the last installment of Twilight while Dy is in the infant care. 6 months since we caught a movie! Erm.. I think I like the ending of the movie more than what was in the book, which is really rare for most book-turned-movie series.

The sex scenes between Edward and Bella is still awkward for me though. :\ I dunno why! It makes my hair stand.

And just like a crazy fan girl (even though I'm not), I actually secretly wished that I am a vampire. Wtf forever takes on another meaning altogether - especially when I can spend it with Nian and Dylan wtf. I'll never have to grow old! No wrinkles! I can run superbly fast, jump incredibly far... and I have every reason to kill without feeling guilty lol.

I can deal with the lack of variety in my diet though. Seriously. And I'll look so bloody (no pun intended) good. Sigh.
Ending off with a super cute (I think lah) picture of Dylan looking so grumpy on Monday rainy morning. AHHHH I LOVE YOU BABYBOO! *kiss kiss kiss kiss*

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