Dylan turns 3 months old!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Doesn't time simply pass too fast? Just in a blink of an eye, my little bubs is 3 months old already! We are officially into the 13th week of my maternity leave, which leaves me with 3 more weeks before I get back to work.

Baby Dy has been nothing short of amazing in his 2nd month. He is such a happy baby, all I look forward to every single day is him waking up and flashing me his killer smile. The thing is, he smiles at Nian and I at any time of the day. All we need to do is to talk/sing to him and hold his hands!

Just thinking about how glowy his gummy smile is makes me wanna tear. :)

His milestones this month:

- He learned how to hold his own pacifier in his mouth, although he is still not very accurate in putting it into his mouth himself, I say it's a good effort boy! Mummy's soooo proud of you! ^^

- He can sleep for 5 hours straight before waking up for milk at night. Bad thing is that he still sleeps really early at 7PM. That means he will wake up for his milk at 1AM or so, and then subsequently every 2-3 hours. So that means I'm still waking up a lot in the night. Let's hope as he grows older, he will shift his sleeping hours such that he will sleep from 9PM to 7AM, with only 1 feed in between. :)

- Apart from recognizing the "milk milk" word since last month, Dy knows how to ask for milk by yelling "NEH". Actually, it's one of the 5 words babies use based on their reflexes, so it's not really him learning how to say it, but more of me finally catching it after he NEHs for 2 months LOL.

- He coos a lot more this month and we can get his attention much easily these days. However, this situation will be quite different when we bring him out because he gets so distracted with so many things happening at one go!

Ending off, here's a little video of him and Nian mingling. Tell me, how can I live without these two wonderful boys? :)

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