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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last November, E.T.C. introduced me to Banane Bags. In fact, my first Banane was from them (in hot pink!) back then. One year later, E.T.C has been doing so well, it does not only have its online store (helloetcstore.com), they are also having a space in Haji Lane now!

Located at the 2nd floor of unit 30A Haji Lane, E.T.C shares the space with a really cool salon - Headspace. Think about it: Shopping and getting styled at the same time, where else can you get a concept like this?

Initially, before I visited Headspace, I was wondering, "How do they do it? Won't the whole place be filled with hair?"

Well, let me show you some pictures and you'd be surprised!

Some E.T.C accessories on display. Love the cute little dolls adorning the E.T.C wordings!

And the dolls are for sale! (Check out the boxes on the right)

This is the hairstyling area - I like it that all hair styling are strictly by appointment only and there will not be more than 2 clients at one go - you don't even spot any stray hair here!

Apart from accessories and bags, you can also find unique vintage homeware for you to bring home

Sitting area for your other half while you get your hair done!

All these drawings on the wall were done by my stylist's sister. Very talented isn't it? I was just talking to Yah Nee (my stylist) about how to go about finding a great man to get married to.

One way is to see how long he can wait for you at a salon while you get your hair done.

In order for this to be a fair test, make sure that you have a lengthy process. Not something like a 10-minute haircut. Go for a 6-hour long haircut, hair dye, hair treatment / rebonding process. And see how your guy reacts to it.

If he can wait up the entire process and still show you a bright smile and say, "Wow, you look good babe!" He is of marriage quality. Seriously. LOL.

Nian did pretty well, my haircut / colour / treatment set us back about 4 hours. Apart from sitting in the cozy sofa area playing with his iPhone and taking care of Dylan for me, he also went around the shop space looking at interesting things E.T.C has.

I don't think he said I look good actually, more along the lines of "cool" and "funky". And he didn't complain why I took so long! So he scores a 90/100 for this. Not sure why he didn't score the last 10 marks - he even drove me down all the way.

Mmm. Maybe he gets 99/100. No full marks cuz nobody is perfect. #shitteacherssay

Little headspace raindrops <3

Some banane bags on the wall, Toms shoes in the corner and lots of interesting trinkets you should take a look yourself!
While soaking myself in the array of shopping loots waiting for me to bring home, here's my hair-changing process!

Sounds like 3 easy steps but Yah Nee trimmed off about 15cm of my hair! You know lah, every time I have long hair, I itch to have them short. And when I've short hair........ I wish I have them long.

The hair is always smoother on the other side wtf.

Initially, I wanted something safer, like dyeing my whole head the same colour - probably red or purple because my skintone takes them well. But Yah Nee had another idea altogether: She wanted to bring out the 'different' side of me. Of course, how can I say no to a creative stylist like her?

So some 4 hours later, here's my before and after look!

Flat, lifeless hair is magically transformed to shiny, bouncy hair - with a little pink wisp to top it off!

I love how my hair looks, especially with a panel colouring like what I have. It makes my black hair even darker... and I absolutely cannot resist jet black hair.

When I posted up my new hair in my Instagram, my friends were like... "OMG Yahnee took YEARSSS of you lah! You look so much younger now!"

Thanks hor friends. You all never told me I looked old before leh?

Another thing I really appreciate in Headspace is that Yahnee gives complimentary treatment to all her clients. No more pay extra $15 for ampoules or top up $20 for treatment. At $128 and above, your creative colouring has got treatment free of charge!

Yahnee used a clarifying shampoo and treatment on me. Both are made with macadamia and argan oil, so they smell extremely nice! Most importantly, my hair is silky smooth after that.

Yup. Is. Still is, after what, 1 week? Incredible!

Yah Nee is incredibly good with creative colouring and styling. If you're looking for a new look this coming festive season, maybe you should check her out! (And then you can also take the opportunity to check E.T.C out too - kill 2 birds with 1 stone!)

Most E.T.C items are also available on their online shop, but I'd highly recommend you to head down to Haji Lane if you'd like to have a feel of the items. :) 

E.T.C @ Headspace
30A Haji Lane, 2nd floor
6298 2336
E.T.C Facebook Page
Headspace Facebook Page

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  1. I love how your hair looks! Roughly how much would it cost? I'm so tempted to dye mine pink /purple but I'm such a wuss =p now it seems possible with your look! :)

    1. For mine, it costs about $128. What colour are u gonna do!!

      I can't wait to go back to add more colours!


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