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Monday, November 26, 2012

As many of you guys and girls should know, both Nian and I are fans of Crizal by Essilor. Having all our glasses fitted with the first generation Crizal to the Optifog and now to the Crizal UV, wearing glasses has never been so convenient and fuss-free.

Thanks to Crizal yet again, Nian and I went down to our nearest Capitol Optician to have him fitted with Crizal UV (I didn't take it this time because my Optifog is still serving me brilliantly!). Unfortunately, this time we had to spend a couple of hundreds on Nian's spectacle frames because only the lenses were sponsored.

Capitol also required us to pay for the frames in full, at one go, with no discounts.

If you were to purchase Crizal's prescribed lenses, you will get quite an attractive discount. I was walking around shopping and I saw some opticians actually give as high as 60% discount off their frames!

I wished Crizal had given us a pair of frames to go along too. The first time we had the glasses completely sponsored.. then for my Optifog, I had $150 waived off from my MBMJ frames, so I only topped up about $50. Now... we had to pay almost $300 T___T

Anyway, moving on, do let me share with you guys the benefits of Crizal UV!

While sunblock is very common amongst us, it is also very common that people neglect the eyes.

Do you know....?

1. That UV lights can affect eye health detrimentally? UV exposure accelerates the formation of cataracts. In Singapore, there is an approximately 63.6% of elderlies between 60 - 65 years old and 94.6% of elderlies age 75 and older get cataract - a very high number if you'd ask me. (Source)

2. 40% of UV lights can reach the eyes even when you're not in full sunlight.

Crizal UV is specially released by Essilor to combat these harmful UV rays. Apart from blocking the UV rays from the front, it also blocks the reflected UV rays from the back of the lens - the first in the market.

Actually, most of our glasses with sunblock properties can block the dangerous frontal UV transmission. However, it is the concave rear lens that is the culprit. Because of its shape, it becomes an excellent 'collector' of the UV rays, directing them straight into our eyes without us even knowing it. Hurhur. Sneaky, silent killer, isn't it?

With this latest Crizal UV, it provides a 360-degree protection for its wearer. Apart from that, the lenses are also equipped with Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) 25. That means you can get 25 times more protection against UV as compared to someone without any lenses.

The Crizal UV is still efficient in keeping out the usual five problems - dust, scratches, glare, smudge and water drops. But now, it comes with an additional ability to block out the harmful UV rays too. So useful for Nian, who rides his bike under the strong sun every day. :)

Guess which frame he went with in the end?

Oh yes. Crizal UV is also available in transition lens, which was what we got so that Nian is ensured maximum protection. With me being so myopic, it is very important we preserve his eyesight to take care of me when we grow old lol.

Once again, thank you Essilor!

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