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Monday, November 12, 2012

It's mid-November now and that means Christmas is just a corner away! I don't know about you, but Christmas is one of my favourite festivals even though I don't go to church or participate actively in gift exchanges.

However.... Christmas is almost always a very good excuse to start cooking, baking and asking your friends over for a jolly good season amidst the monsoon storm. (I like to think it as snowing Asian style wtf)

If you're too busy to bake, or not a very good baker like me, I think you should check out Obolo's Christmas collection.. especially if you're a Grand Marnier lover.

What is Grand Marnier? You may ask.

Well, Grand Marnier is one of the products of Moët Hennessy Diageo Singapore (LVMH). It is an orange-flavored brandy liqueur made from a blend of Cognac brandy and distilled essence of bitter orange and sugar.

This X'mas season, Chef-Owner Mac Woo and his team at Obolo will be releasing these delectable range of festive treats, after months of R&D!

All hand-crafted from scratch, you can expect signature cheesecake and entremets logs, to the
ever-popular Parisian-styled macarons. Some brand new flavours include the classic Red Velvet Cupcakes, Grand Marnier Cupcake, Grand Marnier macaron, Vin Rouge macaron and Carachoc.

Thanks to Obolo, my little family attended their degustation session at their Katong I12 outlet last week. Here are some of the delicious treats we had!

The first two 'dishes' we had were Grand Marnier cupcake ($4.81/pc) and Macaron Vin Rouge.

The Grand Marnier cupcake is made with dark chocolate cupcake with Grand Marnier frosting piped tastefully atop. In my opinion, the cupcake is dense and flavourful. While I am not a fan of dark chocolate because they are too bitter for my sweet tooth, the Grand Marnier topping balanced the bitterness and the taste came out perfectly - sweet, but definitely not gelat.

The Macaron Vin Rouge is a limited edition macaron made from dark chocolate ganache, infused with fine Shiraz red wine from Australia, sandwiched with perfectly crafted almond shells. You get to taste the subtle taste of the red wine, but I was surprised that it didn't come with the spicy after taste that a Shiraz has.

I think this is one of the more unique macarons I've tried - most of them are normal vanilla shells with various flavours of ganache. Who would have tried a Shiraz-infused macaron? I'd definitely recommend this if you're getting your sweet-tooth girlfriend/wife something. I think it will impress them a lot!

Next, we had the Grand Marnier Christmas fruitcake ($32/600g) and Red Velvet (Large $31.80/6-pcs; Mini $15.50/6-pcs $27.50/12-pcs).

The Grand Marnier Christmas fruitcake is the union of Obolo’s classic fruitcake and a generous douse of Grand Marnier, creating a bittersweet orange flavour profile that is perfect for this festive season. Personally, I like the huge amount of chocolate chip in the fruit cake. With a combination of the fruits and nuts, mmmm. I feel all Christmassy already!

The red velvet cake is my personal favourite among all the desserts we had. Topped with cream cheese and white chocolate shavings, oooh lah lah. I love love love loveeeee red velvet cakes with a slight twist like that!

Lastly, we tried out the Grand Marnier macaron ($2.51/pcs) and the Grand Marnier Chocolat Noir logcake ($59 each, feeds 9-12pax).

You will realize that Obolo's logcakes are in rectangular shape instead of the usual log shape. Interesting right? Made with crunchy praline feulletine, fluffy dark chocolate genoise brushed with Grand Marnier syrup and dark chocolate Valencia orange mousse infused with Grand Marnier, thie cake is then coated with dark chocolate shiny glaze. Absolutely decadent!

The Grand Marnier macaron, like the Macaron Vin Rouge, also contains a perfectly smooth dark chocolate ganache infused with Grand Marnier & Valencia orange, sandwiched between crisp chewy macaron almond shells.

To be honest, I cannot decide which one I like better - the Macaron Vin Rouge or this Grand Marnier macaron because both has its unique taste. Perhaps... You know what I'd suggest?

Get both.

Yup! In fact, Obolo sells them together under the Parisian Macaron Gift Box at:

If you'd like to know, these macarons are handmade and only 300 pieces are made per day so if it's sold out, it's sold out!

To impress your girlfriend's family, maybe you can buy the macaron towers too. There are only 100 made daily and they cost only $79! (approx. 21 macarons in 3 flavours. You can top up another $10 to customize the flavours.)

Apart from that, Obolo also offers a variety of food hampers as follow:


Impress hamper ($239) | Excite hamper ($139)


Thrill hamper ($199) | Tempt hamper ($79)

You can expect the following items in different quantities in these hampers:
Traditional fruitcake / Gourmet cookies / Wine / Sparkling juice / Gingerbread man / Chocolate pralines / Dark chocolate almonds / Christmas pudding / Christmas stolen (for Hamper Impress)

Obolo Outlets:

Obolo I12 Katong
112 East Coast Road,
I12 Katong Mall
Singapore 428802
Tel: 6636 1073

Obolo Galeria
35 Rochester Drive,
The Rochester Mall
Singapore 138639
Tel: 6570 0102

Merry Christmas to you in advance! :)

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