A Very Elmo Birthday Party

Friday, November 16, 2012

I've mixed feelings about parties actually. While I totally love the food and catching up with family & friends over such events, I get unconfortable because there are too many people (whom I probably don't know) around and those kids. My god. Somebody please leash them already.

Those kids who run around the place, knocking into anything and everything. Kids who cannot behave themselves. ARGHHHH.

At this party, there was this little girl who jumped off a bed when I was changing Dylan on the playmat on the floor. She almost stomped onto Dylan's head and she obviously scared the crap out of him.

I cannot. I kenot take it when my son was happily playing with his hands and looking around and then suddenly this monster of a girl decides to stomp right beside his head while I watch him jump and then start to cry.

I had to hold myself back from scolding her so as to avoid an awkward confrontation. Only gave her my deadliest death stare, but in my mind, I actually threw her down the staircase and have beaten the crap out of her already. Pfft.

I mean, don't their moms tell them never to jump off people's bed when you visit someone else's house? I will, that's for sure.

As a mum, I've a whole list of things that my kids HAVE to do when they visit other people. Like greeting the seniors, don't run around the house like wild animals on the loose, stop shouting at the top of their voice and NO. NO CLIMBING & JUMPING AT ALL. I do not even allow my son to venture into people's bedrooms, uninvited. You stay in the living room, where guests should be!

I also don't like organizing a party because there is simply too much work involved. For example, the decorations. I'm such a lazy person when it comes to deco! I always think, "What's the point? At the end of the day everything also will be torn down and thrown away wtf."

I cannot imagine hanging crepe papers from my ceiling one by one, blowing up balloons, sticking alphabets by alphabets to spell "Happy Birthday". Heck, I don't even wanna stick anything on the wall at all cuz scully the paint peel how!

Then some more the cleaning up after the party wtf.

That is why when I brought Dy to my cousin's baby's 1st birthday party, I was completely blown away.

It was in the theme of Sesame Street but I love how fuss-free the deco was. Just a nice banner and a backdrop for photoshoot, loads of cute plushies everywhere & then there were lots of food.

My kind of party! (except those badly behaved crazy kids running around and nosy aunties)

Talking about nosy aunties, AHHHH!!! They should be banned from gatherings, especially when they start to give unsolicited advice based on their "worldly knowledge". EH AUNTIES. PLEASE STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO. I NEVER ASKED FOR YOUR ADVICE KTHXBYE.

Then there's another auntie who tries so hard to carry Dylan when Grandma Chan was carrying him. Eh hello auntie, where are your manners? You don't need to ask the parents whether you can carry him one meh???? AND NO. YOU DO NOT POKE POKE MY SON'S CHEEKS I WILL POKE YOUR ASS.

As you can see, I'm not a fan of crowd and a whole lot of people in a confined area fighting for seats.

But other than that, here are some things I love about the party!

Red velvet cupcakes on free flow. I had to stop myself after eating 2 of them at one go. :x

Mingling with my extended family members

Cutesy plushies everywhere and OMG Purple Sage catering! *drools*

OOTD with the very well behaved birthday boy. He was passed on from one person to another, and another, and another. Like a baton in a relay wtf. Poor boy, but he never complained. Just looked very grumpy only. :(

Also why I don't think Dylan will have a bigass 1st birthday party. Cuz I really don't like him being passed around like baton.... And then some people will kiss him all over his face!!

Ok, maybe I'm super anal but I don't like people to kiss my son on his face (or worse, on his mouth) because I dunno if they are hygienic or not what! Actually, I am quite selective also lah. Like for his baby shower, they also passed him around like baton.

For an hour or so, I had no idea who was having my son wtf. I was just crossing my fingers then that he doesn't fall sick cuz of irresponsible people who went near to him when they are ill. Lucky never.

Besides, I think it's very uncomfortable for them to be passed around also right? Cuz when one person carries him already, he will slowly settle into the way he was being carried. Then suddenly he gets passed on to another person, wtf have to re-settle again.

Ok, don't get digressed.

Babyboo is probably staring at those delicious cupcakes. Yup baby, I hope you got them through your milk! ^^

Highlight of the day - A GIANT ELMO APPEARED WTF.

I think this was when Xavier, the birthday boy, started crying. LOL.

I'm sure he was thinking, "WTF I let you all carry me already, why did you bring this big red monster out?!! WAAAAAA!!!"

This Elmo mascot has got horns too btw. I don't know why so horny. #punny

But I think he enjoyed his birthday party la cuz he really likes Elmo! And on his special day, he's got so many Elmos everywhere. Must be like a dream come true. :)

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  1. Hi (: i just want to ask for the contact of the elmo mascot if it's okay ?
    Would really appreciate it !

    1. Hi Jean,

      Unfortunately, I don't have the contact of the mascot!


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