Sunday Brunch at Everything With Fries

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello everyone! Did you manage to migrate successfully with me from to I hope you do! :)

Yesterday, I met up with Yolanda and Raymond for brunch at Everything with Fries (henceforth known as EwF. wtf full name very long to type). I've been intending to visit this place, especially so because my sister loooooves their Nutella Milkshake.

That means another to-eat place off my list!

Next week, I'll be going to Wild Honey with my polygangers - very excited too even though it was the second time that I'll be visiting. The last time I only had their desserts, so this time, I wanna try their breakfast menu! :D

We visited their flagship store at Holland Village.

It was really nice to be out at Holland V on a Sunday noon. It was quiet and not very crowded, so we got to have a really enjoyable brunch without feeling the hustle and bustle of lunch hour.

Really concentrating on deciding their orders lolwtf
 I think the selection is quite limited. Most of their mains were sandwiches and burgers... So Yo settled for breaded fish sandwich, Raymond on the pork chop and me, a typical cheeseburger.

Mrs Tan's Cheeseburger with Garlic & Herbs fries
Verdict: The cheeseburger was very delicious. The buns were generously buttered and grilled to a perfect crisp and the home-made beef patty very flavourful. (The patty is made by the restaurant themselves)

I didn't enjoy my fries though, I thought it was very mediocre and it didn't have a tinge of garlic. (Good for people who don't like the garlic smell but what's the point of eating garlic but no taste or smell?!)

In fact, I mistook it to be cheese toppings wtf. -__-

The side salad was also so-so, even though there was a generous topping of cheese. The croutons were very crunchy even though they looked so incredibly ginormous wtf.

Yo's Breaded Fish with Curry Fries
Verdict: I like the curry fries the most among the three toppings we ordered because it is the most flavourful and closest to what it was described. It has bits of curry leaves on it as well, so it makes it look really authentically curry, haha.

I didn't try the battered fish, but Yolanda wiped the plate clean. I'd suppose it's worth a try too.

Mr. Kwa's Pork Chops with Sour Cream and Onions fries
Verdict: Raymond didn't like the bones in the pork chop. Whatever has happened to the days where we get boneless pork chops like those Hainanese style? :(

His Sour Cream and Onion fries are mediocre too. Again, there were no taste of onions or sour cream. It was very salty instead omg.

Nutella Shake
Of course, since the Nutella Shake is my sis' favourite, I have to give it a go! It is not too bad, rather creamy and sweet. Something I'd love as a comfort drink.

But that said, I think I won't try it again next time. If I really want a milkshake, it will still be Billy Bombers. So far, no restaurants has beaten Billy Bombers' milkshake in my opinion. That is my absolute fave!

A variety of fries (shoestring or cut) and seasoning to choose from
Dylan and Mummy!
Of course, I can never leave home without my superstar these days. :)  Everyone had such a fun time with him even though he was a bit stony and sleepy hahahaha.

Let's have more of these weekend brunches okay? I had such a lovely time talking about ghosts stories and little embarrassing secrets lol.

Signing off with my outfit of the day!
Peter Pan collar cape top | Black midi skirt from hocuspocusing
Everything with Fries
40 Lorong Mambong 
Singapore 277695

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