Saturday Brunch at Wild Honey

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekends are quite shiok for me because I self-declared it as "taking a break". So instead of doing laundry, vacuuming the floor and loads of cooking, I date my friends out / invite our friends over and/or eat out.

It is very fun! Although I'm usually not a fan of having many people at our house at one go, I like to play host to one or two friends over sometimes, where we will catch a rented movie, eat dinner and play Winning 11 on our Playstation.

Like yesterday, Nian and I caught the Expendables 2 and John Carter while waiting for Raymond to come by for Indian rojak dinner, followed by Playstation session while I put Dylan to bed.

I got bored of Expendables 2 halfway cuz I think the storyline is kinda bad? I don't even remember wtf they were fighting for wtf. -__- John Carter was good though. At least the storyline was engaging. I hope I can catch The Hunger Games and Total Recall soon too. Loads of movies missed this year man. :(


On Saturday, Nian spent the afternoon babysitting Dylan while I headed out for brunch with my polygangers at Wild Honey.

Clockwise from top left: Wingshan's some banana toast thingy | Sandra's Egyptian set | My Norweigian set | Tong's Melbourne Breakfast

Dining at Wild Honey gave me quite a couple of shocks actually. The first shock was the waiting time: when Huitong first arrived at Wild Honey to grab a seat for the four of us, she was asked to wait for 1 hour. O.O

Like seriously? And I think you can't actually do a reservation for the Mandarin Gallery outlet some more wtf.

So we were super kiasu, we went to Antoinette (which is 1 floor below Wild Honey) and asked for a seat too - the waiting time was about 45 mins. -__- In the end, we went around quite a couple of places to leave our name and contact number; whichever restaurant calls us first, we will dine there. Heh heh. Smart right. :p

Some 30 minutes later, the girls got their seats and me, being the 大姐大, got the benefit of reaching a bit later and can go in and sit down without waiting. (Ok, just kidding, I had the liberty to do that cuz I had to feed Dylan before I leave. I'm otherwise pretty on time most of the time.)

When the waitress came with their orders, I asked for a menu.

But wa lao, do you know that you have to walk to the counter, browse the menu at the counter, order there, pay money, before you get your food? Sounds like a bloody food court wtf, albeit they serve you the food.

So it was quite paiseh for me when after I asked for a menu, the waitress told me to place order at the cashier.... then Sandra exclaimed, "Wa lao auntie! Don't embarrass us leh!"

You see lah. Some 7-years good friends I have wtf.

So me, being the sua-ku tortoise, walked to the counter and attempted to order something for myself. I looked at the menu that were scribbled on blackboards mounted on their cupboards & was lost instantly.

(Image source)
Simi saiiii.......... I don't think this is very helpful in helping me make a decision as to what to eat lor.

But luckily, they've got an iPad at the counter also, and the iPad had all the pictures of all these dishes so I guess it is slightly more helpful than this chalkboard of text wtf.

The cashier was also quite helpful, looking at how lost I was, she attempted to recommend me some dishes. One of which was Huitong's Melbourne breakfast but I thought it was too heavy for me.

So after browsing for like 30 seconds on the iPad cuz I was paiseh to hog onto it to finally decide what I wanted, I ended up with Norweigian because the smoked salmon looked so good! 


Here comes the second shocker: the price.

You see, before I went over to the counter, my gangers were warning me already, "This place is very expensive! 3 of us ordered and it came up to about $120 LOL."

That works out to about $40/pax, inclusive of coffee.

I was kinda determined not to spend more than $30 because, hey, it's just breakfast yo. Budden I realized that they didn't put the prices on their menu WTF IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

So I just anyhow choose and settled for the Norweigian because it looks kinda simple (as compared to Tong's Melbourne breakfast, which I had assumed to be expensive because it had bacon strips, bread, scotch eggs, sun-dried tomatoes and a lump of mashed potatoes I think), so I thought it wouldn't be that expensive.

It was $30.60. -___- Huitong's was $20 over dollars fml.

To be fair, the Norweigian dish I ordered was really delicious lah. The home-made hollandiase sauce went very well with the smoked salmon. The bread was also very fragrant. The eggs were also very perfectly poached - not too raw, not too done. Runny yolk, just the way I like it. :)

I didn't like the asparagus cuz I think it's a little bitter? But that's okay, I could live with it.

If I were to go back again (maybe for dinner? I don't mind paying $30 for dinner as compared to breakfast - even though they are technically the same thing served at different timings of the day lol), I wanna try the Tunisian. I saw many people eating it at the restaurant, so I assumed, once again, that it could possibly be lip-smackingly good.

I just wonder how much it will cost wtf. And if you're visiting Wild Honey soon, I'll also suggest you to check out their [online menu] first. There's no price on it too, but hey, at least you can take your own sweet time to look through it again and again before deciding on something you like lol.

Outfit of the day + toilet shots with Tong & Wingshan
 Here's my outfit of the day. 

Super cute silicon bag
 Went for a brief shopping trip with the gangers after the meal and I ended up buying this yellow silicon sling bag cuz I think it's so cute lah! Purposely added blooming effect on my photo cuz it was too dark to see everything clearly. Heh!

There were a lot of neon colours and sizes available also, but I bought this big one cuz I can put everything (as in my phone, wallet, keys and ez-link card) together. The small ones are a bit redundant, in my opinion.

Goes pretty well with my dress too. Good thing is that I've probably like 4 different dresses in this same shade of blue, just different cuttings wtf. So I guess I can fully utilize this bag and bring out more often than not, lol.

Ok! That's all I have for you guys this beautiful Monday. Come back on Wednesday and I'll show you some pictures of the cake I baked for my mum and Grandma Chan ok?


Wild Honey
333 Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery 
Singapore 238897
6235 3900

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